Dante and Virgil

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Blackie, 1905 - 99 strán (strany)
A comparison of the lives of Vergil and Dante.

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Strana 7 - Not mine own fears, nor the prophetic soul Of the wide world dreaming on things to come, Can yet the lease of my true love control, Supposed as forfeit to a confined doom.
Strana 42 - Mantua me genuit : Calabri rapuere : tenet nunc Parthenope : cecini pascua, rura, duces.
Strana 44 - In that Faery Queene I meane glory in my generall intention, but in my particular I conceive the most excellent and glorious person of our soveraine the Queene, and her kingdome in Faery Land.
Strana 24 - Fortunate senex ergo tua rura manebunt. et tibi magna satis quamvis lapis omnia nudus limosoque palus obducat pascua iunco.
Strana 3 - ... to posterity than other men are known to their contemporaries ! That kind of fame which is commonly the most transient, is, in his case, the most durable. The reputation of those writings, which he probably expected to be immortal, is every day fading ; while those peculiarities, of manner, and that careless table-talk, the memory of which, he probably thought, would die with him, are likely to be remembered as long as the English language is spoken in any quarter of the globe...
Strana 40 - Learn, by a mortal yearning, to ascend, Seeking a higher object. Love was given, Encouraged, sanctioned, chiefly for that end ; For this the passion to excess was driven, That self might be annulled : her bondage prove The fetters of a dream opposed to love.
Strana 86 - ... matres atque viri defunctaque corpora vita magnanimum heroum, pueri innuptaeque puellae, impositique rogis iuvenes ante ora parentum : quam multa in silvis autumni frigore primo lapsa cadunt folia, aut ad terram gurgite ab alto 310 quam multae glomerantur aves, ubi frigidus annus trans pontum fugat et terris immittit apricis.
Strana 2 - What a singular destiny has been that of this remarkable man! To be regarded in his own age as a classic, and in ours as a companion. To receive from his contemporaries that full homage which men of genius have in general received only from posterity 1 To be more intimately known to posterity than other men are known to their contemporaries!
Strana 18 - Per populos dat iura viamque adfectat Olympo. Illo Vergilium me tempore dulcis alebat Parthenope, studiis florentem ignobilis oti, Carmina qui lusi pastorum audaxque iuventa, 565 Tityre, te patulae cecini sub tegmine fagi.
Strana 88 - Come d' autunno si levan le foglie, L' una appresso dell' altra, infin che 'l ramo Rende alla terra tutte le sue spoglie, Similemente il mal seme d' Adamo : Gittansi di quel lito ad una ad una, Per cenni, com

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