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WHAT now remains is, that I make a grateful Acknow ledgment of your Favours, in countenancing and encou Paging my Defign, and affifting me in the Publication thereof by your generous and liberal Subfcriptions. The only (tho' unufual) Way that I can best testify this to moft of you is by an humble Offering of the Book itself, which I infcribe and dedicate to yourselves, and beg you'll vouchfafe it the honourable Patronage of your Names: Its Fate under your Protection muft needs, from firft to last, be aufpicious and fortunate: Your general Approbation and Commendation will ftrike Momus dumb, and put Envy itfelf upon the Rack. I fhall therefore be fecure and free from all Anxiety, if what I here offer be in any wife agreeable to your Expectation, or worthy your Acceptance. I am fure I have endeavour'd all I could to render it fo: On this account I have added Ten Sheets more than I propofed, which is no fmall Diminution of my Profit; and I hope you will have no Occafion to complain of the ungrateful and infamous Practice of felling the Book to Non-fubfcribers. - for less than the Subfcription- Price.

I DOUBT not, GENTLEMEN, but the fame Benevolence which appears in your Subfcription, will, on all proper Occafions, fhew itself in promoting the Sale of the Remainder of the Impreffion, by recommending the Book to fuch as have not had an Opportunity of fubfcribing: If it can on any account deferve your good Opinion and Charaeter, they will never fail of conciliating the Good-liking and Acceptance of others. I am not fo unacquainted with Human Nature, as to pretend to have perform'd without Faults; nor fo much a Stranger to your Goodnefs and Candor, as to think an Apology on that Score neceffary. It remains only, that, with the profoundest Refpect and Sentiments of Gratitude, I fubfcribe myself,

Honourable GENTLEMEN,

Your Moft Obliged Humble Servant,



LIST of Subfcribers.

R Richard Acton.

Μ M'The


The Reverend Mr Ady. Gloucester.
Mr Airey.

Anthony Allen, Efq; Guildford.

Rev. Mr Allen, Vicar of the Cathedral Church of Chichester,
Mr. Robert Alexander, of the Cuftom-Houfe, Portsmouth.
Mr Philip Alwood. Holywell.

Mr Stephen Atkins. Guildford.

Mr Salter Andrews.


Mr John Angel. Chichester.

Rev. Francis Annefley, D. D. Rector of Winwick.

Mr Ifaac Arnold, Merchant.

Mr John Arthur.

Charles Afhfeild, Gent. of Parfhore, Worcestershire.

John Aubery, Gent. Fareham.

Mr Matthew Auften. Chichester.

Mr John Auften.

Mr Henry Aylward, Town-Clerk, Chichester.


George Bailey, M. D. Chichester.

Mr Thomas Baker, Surgeon. London.

Mr John Baker, Attorney at Law of the Temple, London.
Mr Robert Baker, Limner. London.

Mr Jofeph Baker, Surgeon. London.

Mr Alexander Baker, Merchant.

Rev. Mr. Ball, A. M. Canon Refident, and Archd. of Chichester.

Mr Charles Ballard, Druggift. London.

James Banks, Efq; Store-keeper of his Majefly's Yard. Portsmouth. Mr Thomas Barker of Gadlis, Flintshire. Six Books.

Mr James Barlow.

John Barnfton, Efq; Portfmouth.

Mr Thomas Barrow. Portsmouth.

Mr Nathanael Bafnet. London. Six Books.

Mr John Batty.

Mr Samuel Battely of Christ-Church, Oxon.
Mr Jofeph Benbrick. Guildford.

r Thomas Bennet. Chichester.

r Richard Bennet. London.
r John Bicknol. Worplesdon.
Ir Jofeph Biddle, of Evisham.
Ir William Biffet.

Mr Richard

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