Anecdotes of Literature and Scarce Books, Zväzok 5

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F. C. and J. Rivington, No. 62, St. Pauls's Church Yard, 1811

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Strana 277 - If on my theme I rightly think, There are five reasons why men drink: Good wine, a friend, because I 'm dry, Or least I should be by and by, Or any other reason why.
Strana 382 - The times have been That, when the brains were out, the man would die, And there an end ; but now they rise again, With twenty mortal murders on their crowns, And push us from our stools.
Strana 412 - Askew col" lection, is the following note : — ' This book is so extremely " ' rare, that I never saw any other copy of it except that of " ' Mons. de Boze, who told me he gave 650 livres for it. " ' Mr. Smith, our consul at Venice, wrote word that he had pur" ' chased a copy, but that it was imperfect. Lord Oxford offered " ' Mr. Maittaire fifty guineas for this identical copy.
Strana 182 - Insignes: languet caetera Turba fame. Castigat Stephanus, sculpit Colinaeus, utrumque Gryphius edocta mente manuque facit.
Strana 438 - Vallière's sale, a copy, in blue morocco, sold for £4. 4s.; at the Pinelli, for £4.; at David's, in brown calf, £4. 10s. ; Rover's, £4. ; Firman Didot's, in blue morocco, £5. 5s. Brunet, Manuel, tip 19. There is a copy of this edition in the Bodleian Library. " This is one of the most beautiful, and one of the most rare of all the Aldine books. The mode in which the Latin and Greek are printed, which is like that of the Lascaris, and of the Carmina of Greg. Nazianzen, had occasioned some confusion...
Strana 248 - A prayer for married Persons,' and ' A Prayer generally for all Persons.' A Letter of Resolution concerning Origen and the chief of his Opinions. Written to the learned and most ingenious CL Esq.
Strana 111 - Chrysostont, certainly resemble those of Stephens, and the other Paris printers, as well as those of the Wechels at Frankfort, at a subsequent period. From the Wechels indeed they are said by some to have been procured, but this fact I have not been able to ascertain. It appears beyond a doubt, from a passage in one of the Epistles of Isaac Casaubon, that they were cast abroad. On the failure of the Eton press, they were purchased by the University of Oxford. I have; in a former volume, related the...
Strana 109 - Paris, where the work was reproduced verbatim by Fronton le Due, who only added a Latin translation. " Thus two editions of Saint Chrysostome did together run a race in the world, which should get the speed of the other in publique sale and acceptance. Sir Henry his edition started first by the advantage of some months. But the Parisian edition came up close to it, and advantaged with the Latine translation (though dearer of price) out-stript it in quickness of sale, but of late the Savilian Chrysostome...
Strana 143 - Hie liberorum plurimorum qui parens, Parens librorum plurimorum qui fuit Situs Jodocus Badius est Ascensius, Plures fuerunt liberis tamen libri Quod jam, senescens cccpitillos gignere, /Ktate florals ccepit bos quod edere.
Strana 97 - Whiche book is late translated out of Frenshe into englyssh. by the Noble and puissant Lord...

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