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Prehľad pre používateľa  - grammapat - Overstock.com

This is the book that started clean healthy eating for me! I work at a university and this book digs into the science behind the who what and why of healthy eating. I have changed my eating lifestyle ... Čítať celú recenziu


Prehľad pre používateľa  - MaryAnn M. - Overstock.com

The CHINA STUDY is a lifechanging book. Dr. Campbell is one of my nutritional heroes. In his book he shares his scientific testing that proved conclusively that cancer cells can be turned ON or turned ... Čítať celú recenziu

The Best Book Leading to Optimal Healt

Prehľad pre používateľa  - james s. - Overstock.com

This is a book for everyone. We need to know more about healthy nutrition and apply it to our lives in order to avoid all of the devastating illnesses of the 20th and 21rst centuries. This book ... Čítať celú recenziu

Prehľad pre používateľa  - iloveflowers - Overstock.com

Excellent book. Well researched. Has a Cookbook companion. Warning: you will become a vegan after reading it. Čítať celú recenziu

Prehľad pre používateľa  - trina - Overstock.com

Amazing study that will make you ditch dairy Čítať celú recenziu

Prehľad pre používateľa  - chiefwendy - Overstock.com

This book changed the way I look at food. Excellent read! Čítať celú recenziu

Prehľad pre používateľa  - Luci R. - Overstock.com

I have been vegan for many many years and found this book to be an essential accompaniment to one's library of health. Čítať celú recenziu

Prehľad pre používateľa  - clbmed13 - Overstock.com

As advertised was purchased on advise of doctor for diet and food choices Čítať celú recenziu

Great book

Prehľad pre používateľa  - shirley r. - Overstock.com

Im still reading this book but has so much good information makes you think twice about what you put in your mouth. Čítať celú recenziu

Good reference for a healthy diet

Prehľad pre používateľa  - vanl - Overstock.com

After reading this book it helped in adjusting my diet and it is helping me with eating right. Čítať celú recenziu

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