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Byron's copy of Burns's Works was knocked down at £8 155, and a volume made up of Burns's poems and poems selected from the works of Robert Fergusson, £27. The feature of the sale, as it turned out, was the Burnsmanuscripts. A letter from the poet from Auchtertyre to Mr William Nicol, of the High School, Edinburgh, signed in full Robert Burns, brought £36. Mr William Brown, Edinburgh, acquired at least four of the seven lots known as the Creech manuscripts. For a letter to Creech, the publisher and bookseller in Edinburgh, and the manuscript of "Willie's Awa'," he paid £132; for a letter to Creech, dated Dumfries, April, 1792, regarding the publication of 50 pages of new material, £68; for another letter, dated Dumfries, February, 1793, asking Creech to send him 20 copies of his (Burns's) book, as I mean to present them among a few great folks whom I respect, and a few little folks whom I love," £52; and for the memorandum of agreement with Creech respecting the sale of the property in Burns's poems, together with a promissory notefor 180 guineas, dated October, 1787, by Creech to Burns, endorsed by Burns, £31. The gem of the collection of manuscripts fell to Mr Denham, of London. It was a letter to Creech from Dumfries, dated 30th May (presumably in 1793), and the manuscripts of the 17 epigrams, and the song, “My Chloris, mark how green the grove," which the poet enclosed. The bidding was very keen, and the lot was ultimately knocked down to Mr Denham for £250. A letter by Sir Walter Scott, dated 1829, regarding a portrait of Burns to be inscribed to the great novelist, brought three guineas; and five letters by R. H. Cromek, dated in 1808, regarding the publication of the London edition of Burns's works, £4 15s. To the representative of the Transatlantic purchaser went the chief item in the Craibe Angus library. It was the presentation copy of the second edition, in two volumes, considerably enlarged, from the author to Patrick Miller of Dalswinton, with inscription by Burns. The books are in the original boards, blue with white backs. After keen bidding the lot was knocked down to Mr Dinwoody's representative for £250. Volume six of an edition of Laurence Stern's works originally issued in seven volumes, was the next item of interest. It had been the property of Burns, and its pages bear characteristic marginalia in the Ayrshire bard's handwriting. The little volume, after spirited competition, became the property of Mr Brown, Edinburgh, for £80. Part I (uncut) of the first edition of Fergusson's poems, in its original wrapper, and bearing the book-plate of the Earl of Glencairn, fetched £17; and one of the two copies known to exist-the other being in the Mitchell Library, Glasgow— of the editio princeps of Burns's "Jolly Beggars” brought £26. Uncut, and originally issued at twopence, the copy cost Mr Angus 20 guineas. An octavo volume of Lockhart's "Life of Burns," published in 1828, ontaining unpublished manuscript notes on Burns by a contemporary who was on terms of intimacy with him during the closing years of the poet's life, went to Mr John Grant, Edinburgh, for £42. The day's sales realised £1524, which, with £300 as the result of Monday's sale, makes a total of £1824 for the two days.-Glasgow Herald.

MAUCHLINE.-DEATH OF MRS A. HAMILTON.-In the death of Mrs Alexander Hamilton, The Castle, another of the links which connect us with the past, and more especially with the poet Burns, has been broken. The deceased lady was married to Alexander Hamilton, commonly called “The Bailie," who was son of Gavin Hamilton, Burns's first patron, of whom mention is frequently made in his works, and in whose house the Poet was married. Daughter of an English clergyman, Mrs Hamilton came to reside at Mauchline at her marriage, and was a widow for the long space of 45 years. At her death she was 84 years of age, and her memory being unimpaired she could relate many incidents and anecdotes of bygone times and associations with many who had known Burns well, but who are now all passed away.-[Glasgow Herald, 2rd February, 1885.]

HAMILTON.-At the Castle, Mauchline, on the 30th ult., in the 84th year of her age, Mary Jane Gilbanks, relict of Alexander Hamilton, Esq., writer.— Friends will please accept this intimation.—[Glasgow Herald, 3rd February, 1885.]

W. INNES ADDISON, Glasgow University.


The Burns Federation,


Hon. President.-The Right Hon. The EARL of Rosebery, K.G., K.T.


President.-Ex-Provost MACKAY, J.P., Kilmarnock.
Vice-Presidents-Sir JAMES SIVEWRIGHT, K.C.M.G.

WM. WALLACE, LL D., 36 Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow.
WM. FREELAND, 34 Garturk Street, Govanhill.

Dr WM. FINDLAY, 19 Westercraigs, Dennistoun.

DAVID MURRAY, M.A., B.Sc., Grammar School, Kilmarnock.
JAMES M'CULLOCH, 27 Rose Street, Garnethill, Glasgow.

J. B. MORISON, Burns Club, 36 Nicholson Street, Greenock.
ROBERT FORD, 142 Ingleby Drive, Dennistoun.

J. THOMSON FINDLAY, Findlayson House, Kilbowie Road, Clydebank.

GEO. MACKAY, Campsie.

J. S. JAMIESON, 344 Dumbarton Road, Partick.

Councillor HUGH ALEXANDER, Eastfield House, Rutherglen.

J. JEFFREY HUNTER, 139 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow.

A. M'CALLUM, Thornliebank.

T. B. MORRIS, Town Clerk, Stirling.

Hon. Secretary.-Captain D. SNEDDON, J.P., Kilmarnock.

Assistant Secretary.-THOS. Aмos, M.A., Kilmarnock.

Hon. Treasurer.-JOSEPH BROCKIE, J. P., Royal Bank, Kilmarnock.
Editor," Burns Chronicle."-D. M'NAUGHT, J.P., Benrig, Kilmaurs.
Auditors.-GEORGE DUNLOP, The "Standard" Office, Kilmarnock.
DAVID MURRAY, M.A., B.Sc., Kilmarnock.


I. The Federation shall consist of an Hon. President, Executive Council, and the affiliated members of each Club.

II. The Executive Council shall consist of a President, Vice-Presidents, IIon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Editor of Annual Burns Chronicle, and two Auditors-all of whom shall be elected annually and be eligible for reelection-also of the President, Vice-President, and Secretary of each affiliated club, and other gentlemen of eminence as Burnsites nominated by the Executive.

III. All Past Presidents of the Federation shall ex officio be members of the Executive Council.


1. To strengthen and consolidate the bond of fellowship existing amongst the members of Burns Clubs and kindred societies by universal affiliation. 2. To superintend the publication of works relating to Burns.

3. To acquire a fund for the purchase and preservation of Holograph Manuscripts and other Relics connected with the Life and Works of the Poet, and for other purposes of a like nature, as the Executive Council may determine.


1. The headquarters of the Federation shall be at Kilmarnock, the town in which the Federation was inaugurated and carried to a practical issue, and which contains the only properly organised Burns Library and Museum in the United Kingdom.

2. Properly organised Burns Clubs, St. Andrew's Societies, and kindred Associations may be admitted to the Federation by application in writing to the Hon. Secretary, enclosing copy of Constitution and Rules.

3. The Registration fee is 21s., on receipt of which the Diploma of the Federation shall be issued, after being numbered and signed by the President and Hon. Secretary.

4. Members of every Burns Club or Kindred Association registered by the Federation shall be entitled to receive a pocket Diploma on payment of IS. (These payments are final-not annual.)

5. The Funds of the Federation shall be vested in the Executive Council for the purposes before mentioned.

6. A meeting of the Executive Council shall be held annually during the Summer or Autumn months at such place as may be agreed upon by the Office-bearers, when reports ou the year's transactions shall be submitted by the Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer and Office-bearers elected for the ensuing year.

7. A meeting of the Office-bearers shall take place some time before the Annual Meeting of the Executive Council to make the necessary arrangements for the same.

8. That each Federated Club shall subscribe 10s 6d per annum towards the fund for the publication of the Burns Chronicle.

9. Notice of any amendment or alteration of the Constitution or Rules of the Federation, to be considered at the Annual Meeting, must be sent in writing to the Hon. Secretary not later than the 31st March.


1. Registered Clubs are supplied free with copies of newspapers containing accounts of meetings, demonstrations, &c., organised, conducted, or attended by the Executive Council of the Federation, and of the Annual Meeting of the Kilmarnock Burns Club.

2. Exchange of fraternal greetings on the anniversary of the Poet's natal day. 3. Members of Registered Clubs, who have provided themselves with pocket diplomas, are entitled to attend meetings of all Clubs on the Roll of the Federation, they being subject to the rules of the Club visited, but having no voice in its management unless admitted a member according to local form.

4. Members are entitled to be supplied, through the Secretaries of their respective Clubs, with copies of all works published by the Federation, at a discount of 333 per cent.


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A few copies of the back vols. may still be had on application to the Hon. Secretary. Increased prices are charged when the vols. are out of print.


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EDINBURGH, 5th September, 1903.

THE Annual Meeting of the Executive Council of the Burns Federation was held here to-day at 11.30 a.m. The following representatives from Federated Clubs were present :

No. o, Kilmarnock.-Ex-Provost Mackay, J.P., (presiding); Capt. D. Sneddon, J.P.; D. M‘Naught, J.P.; and T. Amos, M.A.

No. 1, London.-J. C. Brown, president.

No. 9, Glasgow Royalty.-Messrs M'Culloch and Hamilton.

No. 13, St. Andrews.-Messrs Brown and Duncan.

No. 21, Greenock.-Messrs Bruce, Anderson, Buchanan, and Nicol.

No. 22, Edinburgh.—Messrs Clunie, and Martin Hardie, R.S.A.

No. 30, Glasgow Rosebery.-Messrs Bayne and Armour.

No. 50, Stirling.-Councillor Ridley Sandeman.

No. 53, Govan Fairfield.-Messrs Maltman and Peacock.

No. 57, Thornliebank.-Messrs M'Callum, Neilson, and Marshall.
No. 66, Crossgates.-Messrs Dall, Ness, and Guthrie.

No. 67, Glasgow Carlton. -Messrs Cameron and Pearson.

No. 76, Brechin.—Mr W. G. M. Cameron.

No. 79, Corstorphine.-Messrs Murray, Darge, Smith, M'Gown, and Wallace.

No. 83, Glasgow Co-operative.-Mr J. Jeffrey Hunter.

No. 88, Glasgow Caledonian.-Messrs Muirhead and Dunn.

No. 89, Sunderland.-Mr. Turner.

No. 91, Shettleston. -Messrs Hogg and Gilmour.

No. 94, Uphall.-Messrs A. Cook, Gilchrist, and Mutter.

No. 96, Jedburgh.-Councillor Smail.

No. 100, Hamilton Mossgeil.—Messrs Brown and Lindsay.

No. 105, Rutherglen. - Messrs Stewart and M'Kie.

No. III, Edinburgh Southern. -Messrs Walker, Galt, and M'Laren..

No. 113, Vale of L.even, Glencairn.—Mr A. Campbell.

No. 115, Kippen and District.-Messrs Muirhead and Jackson.

No. 123, Auchinleck.-Mr W. Fleming.

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