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No. 124, Edinburgh Ninety.-Messrs Lawson Irvine, Clues, and Mackay. No. 125, Blackburn on Almond.-Messrs Middleton, Samson, and Smith.

No. 126, Falkirk.-Messrs Watson, Johnston, and White.

No. 128, Cowdenbeath Glencairn. -Messrs Thomson, Bonnar, James Wilson, and John Wilson.

Apologies for absence were intimated from Sir Robert Cranston, President of Edinburgh Club; Robert Ford, Dr William Findlay, and J. S. Jamieson, Vice-Presidents of the Federation; John Adam, V.P., No. 48; J. Edward Campbell, Secy., No. 48; Wm. M'Ilwraith, President, No. 60; Rev. Wm. Brownlie, V.P., No. 73 ; J. Orr Robertson, Secy. No. 87; Archd. Clark, jr., Secy., No. 100; Wm. Wilson, Secy., No. 121; and Mr Kennedy, Aberfoyle.

In his opening remarks, the Chairman, Ex-Provost Mackay, expressed his delight at seeing such a large gathering of delegates at the first meeting of the Federation in Edinburgh.

The Minutes of the last Annual Meeting were read and approved of.

The Treasurer's statement was also submitted and passed. The total income of the year was shown to be £35 7s 6d; total expendtture, £17 6s; and the credit balance in bank. £158 13s Id.

Mr D. M'Naught, Editor of the Chronicle, reported that the whole impression of the Chronicle was sold out last year. He also emphasised the fact that the subscription of half-a-guinea from the Clubs was not to be considered a subsidy to the Chronicle, but was expended in procuring as much original matter as possible on Burns subjects for publication in the Chronicle. Last year 10 had been spent in this way, and he desired that the grant this year should be continued, and, if possible, increased. He hoped the change of date of publication had suited the Clubs, and promised that the new volume would be published at the beginning of December. In reply to a delegate who asked if all the Clubs notified had responded to the call of half-a-guinea for the Chronicle, Captain Sneddon said that, while every Club had not yet subscribed, the Executive Council were satisfied with the results of the appeal made last year, and hoped to see an increase next year.

The following office-bearers were elected for the ensuing year :—

Ex-Provost Mackay, proposed by Mr C. Martin Hardie, R.S.A., was unanimously re-elected President. In the list of Vice-Presidents, Mr Thomas Brown, Hamilton; and Mr D. B. Morris, Town Clerk, Stirling, were substituted for Mr Thomas Clark, Hamilton; and Mr Hunter, Dumfries.

Capt. Sneddon, Hon. Secy.; Thomas Amos, Hon. Assistant Secretary; and D. M'Naught, Editor of the Chronicle, were unanimously re-elected; and Messrs Murray and Dunlop, Kilmarnock, were re-appointed Auditors.

Mr Maltman, Govan Fairfield Club, suggested that in the next publication of the Chrouicle, the place, day, and hour of meeting of the Clubs should be published. This was unanimously agreed to.

Mr. Turner, Sunderland, asked for advice and assistance in getting speakers to propose the toast of "The Immortal Memory of Burns on the

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25th of January. He thought that an interchange of speakers would be stimulating and helpful, especially to Clubs south of the Tweed.

The President held that this matter was outwith the sphere of the Federation.

Mr Hogg, Shettleston, asked why there was no report on the Burns Lectureship Scheme.

In reply, Capt. Sneddon said that Mr Freeland, Convener of the Committee, was laid aside by illness. The matter had been brought before the Trustees of the Carnegie Fund, and on the advice of several of these gentlemen, it was agreed not to press the subject at present, as the Trustees could not make the Lectureship a first charge on the Trust. He had no doubt that by keeping the subject under the notice of the Trustees, they would ultimately give it their favourable consideration.

Mr M'Culloch, Glasgow Royalty Club, proposed that the next Annual Meeting be held in Stirling on the first Saturday of September, 1904.-This was unanimously agreed to.

It was also agreed to grant the Editor of the Chronicle £10, to be extended to £15 if necessary, for the purpose of obtaining fresh contributions for the Chronicle. Messrs Nicol and Kerr Bruce, Greenock, suggested that neighbouring Burns Clubs should have joint friendly meetings, so as to bring members of Burns Clubs into closer touch with each other. Such meetings had proved

a great success in Greenock.

The suggestion met with approval.

Votes of thanks were tendered to Capt. Sneddon, Mr Amos, and Mr M'Naught, for their services; and the Chairman, Ex-Provost Mackay, had a similar compliment paid to him.

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The delegates, joined by their lady friends, lunched in the Balmoral Hotel immediately after the business meeting. The company numbered more than one hundred. Ex-Provost Mackay again presided. The Chairman, in a few eloquent words, proposed the toast of “The Edinburgh Clubs" who had made arrangements for their entertainment. Mr John Irvine, President of the Ninety Club, replied on behalf of the Edinburgh Burns Club, the Ninety Club, and the Edinburgh Southern Club. Mr Martin Hardie, R.S.A., proposed “The Prosperity of the Burns Federation," and spoke of the worthy way in which its aims were being carried out by its office-bearers. Capt. Sneddon briefly replied.

Through the generosity of the Edinburgh Cluhs, the delegates were entertained to a drive to Dalmeny House, the seat of the Earl of Rosebery, Hon. I'resident of the Federation. The day was fine, and the drive much appreeiated. After a visit to Dalmeny House and Barnbougle Castle, where a photograph of the party was taken, the delegates returned to Edinburgh.

THOMAS AMOS, Hon. Assist. Secretary.

Alphabetical List of Federated Clubs.

No. 40.-Aberdeen.

23. Adelaide.








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12. Barrow-in-Furness.

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125.-Blackburn on Almond.




29.-Bolton Juniors.



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Jolly Beggars.
St. David's.
St. Rollox.


St. Rollox Jolly

Mauchline Soc.



Caledonia. Southern.


59.-Gourock-Jolly Beggars.. 53.-Govan-Fairfield. 116.-Greenloaning.


100.- Hamilton-Mossgiel.

121.-Hamilton Junior.



o. Kilmarnock.

97.-Kilmarnock (Bellfield). 115.-Kippen.



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No. o.-KILMARNOCK Burns Club. Instituted 1808, Federated 1885. Place and date of meeting, George Hotel, 25th January, at 8 p.m. President, Matthew Robertson, J.P., Carthgale; Vice-President, Captain David Yuille, De Walden Terrace; Secretary, Thomas Amos, M.A., Sunnyside, Glebe Road; Committee, Ex-Provost Mackay, J.P., Captain Sneddon, J.P., D. M'Naught., J.P., Joseph Brockie, J.P., D. Murray, M.A., B.Sc., J. Julian Cameron, M.A.. John Kerr, B.L., G. A. Innes, F.E.I.S., George Dunlop, J.P., J. B. Wilson, J.P., W. M‘Menan, B.A., R. D. Tannahill, F.S.I., W. Heron, John Newlands, and R. Wylie.

No. 1-LONDON Robert Burns Club. Instituted 1868. Federated 1885. Place and date of meeting, Various. President, J. Clifford Brown, M.I.M.E., 6 and 8 Lime Street Square, E.C.; Vice-President, A. M'Killican, Esq., 15 Christchurch Avenue, Brondesbury, N.W.; Secretary, W. C. Daniels, Woodstock, 141 Osbaldeston Road, Stoke-Newington, N.; Committee, R. Gunn MacKay, R. W Murray, H. D. Colvill-Scott, F. W. Warren, C. J. Wilkinson Pimbury, A. Stephen, T. F. Myers, A. R. Molison, John Page James Fowler, E. J. Milner-Allen, Harold Clunn. 142 members No. 2.-ALEXANDRIA Burns Club. Instituted 1884. Federated 1885. Place and date of meeting. Village School, First Friday each month, 7.30 p.m. President, James M'Farlane, Linnbrane Terrace; Vice-President, Matthew Campbell, 29 Susannah Street, Alexandria; Treasurer, Donald Campbell, 116 Bank Street, Alexandria; Secretary, Duncan Carswell, Linnbrane Terrace; Committee, Walter Calder, Donald M'Vean. John M'Gown, Arch. Woderspoon, Thos. M'Nicol, and Arch. M'Farlane. 25 members. No. 3.-GLASGOW Tam o' Shanter Burns Club. Instituted 1880. Federated 1885. President, J. P. Thomson, 14 West End Park Street, Glasgow; Vice-President, A. Crawford, 118 Main Street, Rutherglen; Secretary, John Carmichael, 158 St. George's Road, Glasgow; Committee, J. K. Watson, John Smith, John Muir, Wm. Kelly, Rovert Milne, G. L. Cumming, Robert Lees, Peter Mathieson, and ex-President Charles Marshall.

No. 4.-CALLANDER Burns Club.

President, William Russell;

No. 5.-ERCILDOUNE Burns Club.

Instituted 1877. Federated 1885.
Secretary, James S. Anderson,

Instituted 24th January, 1885. Federated 26th November, 1885. President, William Kerr, Earlston; Vice-Presidents, T. Murdison and A. Nicol, Earlston; Secretary and Treasurer, Archibald Black, Aitchisons' Place, Earlston; Committee, Messrs Grieve, Wallace, Bone, Aitchison,

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