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Councillor Ridley Sandeman, 22 Forth Crescent, Stirling; Trea-
surer, J. F. Oswald, Randolph Crescent; Committee, Treasurer
Buchanan, Councillor Menzies, Messrs. R. Whyte, Ronald Walker,
R. B. Philip, Alexander Dun, Peter Hunter Cameron, J. E.
Thurman Weir, T. C. Darling, John Brown, Alexander Love,
T. D. M'Donald.

No. 51.-CHICAGO Caledonian Society. Instituted 1883. Federated 1892. Place of meeting, 185 E. Madison Street, Chicago, Ill.; Secretary, Charles T. Spence, 3002 Wabash Avenue, Chicago. 197 members. No. 52.-DUMFRIES Mechanics' Burns Club. Instituted 1884. Federated 1892. Secretary, James Anderson, 55 St. Michael Street, Dumfries. 40 members.

No. 53-GOVAN Fairfield Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1886. Federated 23rd September, 1892. Place and date of meeting, 4 Holm Street, Govan, 1st Wednesday of month September to March. President, William Peacock, 92 Hozier Street, Partick; Vice-President, James Lean, 4 Langlands Road, Govan ; Secretary, Charles Maltman, 6 Broomloan Road, Govan; Treasurer, Andrew Torrance, 5 Mathieson Street, Govan; Committee. Hugh Marr, William Boyle, and William Munro; Honorary Presidents, ExBailie Hugh Lymburn, and George Maclachlan. Honorary VicePresident, Thomas Black.

No. 54. PERTH St. Johnstone Burns Club. Instituted 1892. Federated 1892. Secretary, Thomas Macgregor, 15 Balhousie Street, Perth. No. 55.-DERBY Burns Club. Instituted 1891. Federated 1893. Secretary, George M'Lauchlan, 49 Molineaux Street, Derby. 100 members.

No. 56.-MUIRKIRK Lapraik Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1893. Place of meeting, Eglinton Arms Hotel. President, Andrew Pringle, Roxburgh Place, Muirkirk; Vice-President, Thomas Weir, 17 Victoria Buildings, Muirkirk; Secretary, Hugh Cameron, Victoria Buildings, Muirkirk; Treasurer, Andrew Pringle; Committee, Thomas B. Marshall, Sam Colville, Robert Colville, David Greenwood, Robert Morrison, Richard Bell, Alex. Donald Thos. Murray, John Armstrong, John Robertson. Special features of the Club, the observance of Hallowe'en and 25th January.

No. 57.-THORNLIEBANK Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1891. Federated 13th February, 1893. Place of meeting, Village Institute. President, Malcolm Jamieson, Franklin Terrace, Thornliebank; Vice-President, David Marshall, Campsie Terrace, Thornliebank; Secretary, John Neilson, Lochiel Terrace, Thornliebank; 15 members of Committee. Special feature of the Club, School Children's Competition for singing and reciting Burns's songs and poems.

No. 58.-KIRKCALDY Burns Club. Instituted 1891. Federated 1893. Secretary, John A. Miller, 12 Quality Street, Kirkcaldy.

No. 59.-GOUROCK Jolly Beggars' Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1894. President, James Adam, Parklea, Gourock; VicePresident, D. P. Brown, 19 Binnie Street, Gourock; Secretary, Alex. Duthie, 9 Binnie Street, Gourock; Treasurer, Jas. Wilson; Committee, Messrs Magrath, M'Cracken, Geddes, Wilson, and Wingate.

No. 60.-WOLVERHAMPTON Burns Club. Instituted 1891. Federated 1893. Secretary, James Killin, Beechgrove, Compton Road, Wolverhampton. 81 members.

No. 61. GLASGOW-GLENCAIRN Burns Club. Instituted 1890. Federated 1893. Place and date of meeting, 375 Paisley Road, Glasgow. Secretary, James Laing, 218 Watt Street, Glasgow. 46 members (limited to 60).

No. 62.-CUPAR Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1893. President, H. T. Anstruther ; Vice-Presidents, J. E. Grosset, M.A., L.L.B., and H. Hilton Brown; Secretary, Philip Sulley, F.S.A., Cupar; Treasurer, D. Soutar.

No. 63.-GLASGOW-MOSSGIEL Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1893. Secretary, J. M. Blair, 186 Cumberland Street, Glasgow, S.S. 50 members.

No. 64.-BEITH Burns Club. Instituted 1892.

Federated 1893. Secretary, 42 members.

James S. Anderson, Craigwell, Beith.
No. 65.-MUSSELBURGH Federated Burns Club. Instituted 1886.
Federated 1894. Place and date of meeting, M'Donald's
Hall, January 25th, 7.30 p.m. President, Robert C. Menzies,
St. Michael's, Inveresk, Musselburgh; Vice-President, Provost
Whitelaw, Eskhill, Inveresk, Musselburgh; Honorary Secretary,
William Constable, Inveresk Terrace, Musselburgh; Honorary
Treasurer, W. Stewart, Monktonhall, Musselburgh; Committee,
Rev. James Sharp, Dr Robertson, and Messrs W. Andrew, P.
M'Ewan, R. D. Blain, W. French, Alex. Mitchell, and James
Paul. 200 members.

No. 66.-CROSSGATES Burns Club. Instituted 1889. Federated 1894.
Secretary, Robert Dall, Addison's Buildings, Crossgates.
No. 67.-GLASGOW Carlton Burns Club. Instituted 1894.


1894. Place and date of meeting, M'Culloch's Restaurant, 109 Argyle Street, first Tuesday of the Month, at 8 p.m. President, Thomas Cameron, 212 St Vincent Street, Glasgow ; Vice-President, J. H. Pearson, 3 Cathkin Avenue, Rutherglen; Secretary, John Ballantine, 95 Bath Street, Glasgow ; Directors, Messrs JamesTudhope, James Learmouth, James M'Kelvie, William Thomson, James Ballantine, N. J. M'Culloch, John Anderson, Andrew M'Lure. Special features of the Club, the perpetuation of the memory of Burns, and the intellectual and social intercourse of itsmembers by such means as may from time to time be agreed upon. No. 68.-GLASGOW Sandyford Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1894. Secretary, Robert S. Brown, 121 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 200 Members.

No. 69.-DUNEDIN Burns Club. Federated 1894. Secretary, William Brown, Choral Hall, Dunedin, N.Z. 400 members.

No. 70.-GLASGOW St. Rollox "Jolly Beggars" Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1894. Secretary, Matthew Ferguson, 64 St. James' Road Glasgow.

No. 71.-CARLISLE Burns Club. Instituted 1885. Federated 1895. President, James Porteous, Scotland Road, Hanwix, Carlisle Vice-Presidents, W. Mather, 37 Chiswick Street, Carlisle, M. Malcolm, and Dr Bird; Secretary, John Jardine, 20 Broad Street, Carlisle Committee, Messrs Bowman, Muir, Meldrum, Buckle. R. Brown, Jones, G. Brown, Reid, Caton, Welsh, and the Rev. A. Davidson. 50 members inclusive.

No. 72.-PARTICK Burns Club.

Instituted 1885. Federated 1895. Secretary, William Scott Wyllie, Writer, 149 St. Vincent Street, Glasgow. 155 members.

No. 73.-LENZIE Burns Club. Instituted 1894. Federated 1896. Secy., James Moir, The Neuk, Lenzie. 37 members.

No. 74. GLASGOW Mauchline Society.

Instituted 1888. Federated 1895. Place of meeting, Christian Institute, Glasgow. President, Dr Jas. F. Gemmill, The University, Glasgow ; Vice-President, W. Wilson, 511 Duke Street, Glasgow; Secretary, W. Campbell, 166 Buchanan Street, Glasgow; Treasurer, Thos. Killin, 168 West George Street, Glasgow. Special features of the club, to afford relief to those in needful circumstances, to obtain situations to persons of good character, and to promote friendly intercourse among those connected with Mauchline in Glasgow ; to erect, endow, hold, preserve, and manage the National Burns Memorial and Cottage Homes, Mauchline.

No. 75.-KIRN Burns Club. Instituted 1892. Federated, 1896. President, Alex. Erskine; Vice-President, James Reid; Treasurer, Thomas Sydes; Secretary, John Macnair, Sea View, Kirn.

No. 76.-BRECHIN Burns Club. Instituted 1894. Federated 1896. Secretary, Edward W. Mowat, 1 St. Ninian's Square, Brechin. 230 members.

No. 77.- PAISLEY Tannahill Gleniffer Burns Club. Instituted 28th September, 1892; fused and reconstituted on 4th March, 1902. Federated 19th March, 1896. Place of meeting, Globe Hotel, Paisley. President, James Orr, 6 George Place, Paisley; Vice-President, Rev. W. F. Mills, 60 Love Street, Paisley. Secretary, C. Jayo Gregg, Herald Office, 3 County Place, Paisley; Treasurer, Wm. Baird, J.P., 6 Glenview, Paisley. Formed to ensure that the birthdays of the poets Burns and Tannahill will be celebrated in a suitable manner; to encourage the study of their works and of British literature in general; and the promotion of social and friendly intercourse among the members.

No. 78.-GLASGOW Ardgowan Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1896. Serretary, John Fairley, 160 Cathcart Street, Kingston, Glasgow.

No. 79.-CORSTORPHINE Burns Club. Instituted 1887. Federated
1896. Place and date of meeting, Public Hall; quarterly;
8 p.m.
President, John Darge, Inspector of Works, Ballochmyle,
Corstorphine, Mid-Lothian; Vice-President, James E. Cowan,
Banker, Sunnybank, Corstorphine; Secretary, Wm. R. Murray,
Inglewood, Corstorphine; Bard, Chas. S. Smith; Committee,
Thos. Allan, Wm. Baird, Rev. Jas. Fergusson, D. B. Geekie,
Geo. W. T. M'Gown, Alex. Morrison, Wm. Kalp, John


No. 80.-DUNOON Cowal Burns Club. Instituted 1896. Federated 1896. Secretary, Walter Grieve, James Place, Dunoon. 224 members. No. 81.-CARSTAIRS JUNCTION Burns Club. Instituted 5th April, 1896. Federated 28th April, 1896. Place and date of meeting, Carstairs Junction Mutual IIall, 7.30 p.m., Fridays. President, A. P. Gray, P.C., Carstairs Junction Station Hotel. Presidents, Mr Yule, Mr Russell, and Mr Milligan, Carstairs Junction; Secretary, William Neill, Burnside Cottages, Carstairs Junction; Treasurer, James Shaw; Bard, Alex. Blake; Croupiers, Thomas M'Ghee, and John Dickson. This is a Railway Man's Club. With the exception of a few Business Men, all are Railway Servants or Officials of the Railways in this district.

No. 82.-ARBROATH Burns Club. Instituued 1888. Federated 1896. Secretary, Henry Lorimer, Solicitor, 25 Market Place, Arbroath.

0. 83.-GLASGOW Co-operative Burns Club. Instituted 1896. Federated 1897. Place and date of meeting, M'Culloch's Restaurant, 9 Maxwell Street, Glasgow; first Saturday of each month from October till May; 8 p.m. President, Jas. M'Murren ; Vice-President, Robert Fraser; Secretary, Wm. Galbraith, 9 Renfrew Road, South Govan; Treasurer, J. M. Brown, 57 Houston Street, Glasgow, S.S. Special features of Club, to cultivate and foster a love and appreciation of good literature amongst its members and friends, combined with genuine admiration for the works of the Poet generally.

No. 84.-ABINGTON Burns Club. Instituted 1886. Federated 1896. Secretary, Robert Colthart, Arbory Villa, Abington. 83 members. No. 85.-DUNFERMLINE Burns Club. Instituted 1870. Federated 1896. Seecretary, Wm. Fraser, Free Abbey School, Dunfermline. 24 members.

No. 86. CUMNOCK "Winsome Willie " Burns Club.

Instituted 1856. Federated 1896. Treasurer, Hugh Brown, Cumnock. 50 members.

No. 87.-CAMPSIE Burns Club. Instituted 1890. Federated 1896.


and date of meeting, Lennox Arms Hotel, last Saturday every month; 7.30 p.m. President. William R. Richmond, Muckroft Cottage, Lennoxtown; Vice-President, Peter Kincaid, Main Street, Lennoxtown; Secretary, John Britton, Burnside Cottage, Lennoxtown; Members of Council, A. M'Lennan, S. Blakely, J. Pryde, A. Hosie, J. Gray, J. M'Donald, G. Whyte, J. O. Robertson. The Club holds 8 meetings per annum for the study of literature. 50 members.

No. 88.-GLASGOW Caledonian Burns Club. Instituted October, 1886. Federated 2nd March, 1897. Place and date of meeting, 25 Caledonia Road, every alternate Tuesday during months of September till April inclusive ; 8 p.m. President, John Magarry, 115 Ledard Road, Govanhill; Treasurer, George Philips, 389 Crown Street, S.S.; Secretary, John Muirhead, c/o Crawford, 263 Cumbernauld Road, Dennistoun.

No. 89.-SUNDERLAND Burns Club. Instituted January 25th, 1897. Federated March 24th, 1897. Place and date of meeting, Palatine Hotel, 1st and 3d Wednesday, 8 p.m. President, Hugo MacColl, St Bede Park, Sunderland; Vice-President, Wm. Ogilvie, 2 Clarance Terrace, Willington, Durham; Secretary, M. Neilson, 61 Roker Avenue, Sunderland; Committee, W. H. Turner. R. Archibold, J. Allan, J. F. Crooks, G. Mackay, J. R. Johnstone. Special features of Club, reading of papers, annual Scottish concert, anniversary dinner, Hallowe'en dance, Lectures, &c.

No. 90.-GARELOCHHEAD Burns Club. Instituted 1895. Federated 1897. Secretary, John Currie, Station House, Garelochhead. Limited to 60 members.

No. 91.-SHETTLESTON Burns Club. Instituted 25th January, 1897. Federated 18th August, 1897. Place and date of meeting, 106 Eastmuir Street, Shettleston, 27th October, at 8 p.m. President, Alexander R. Watt, Woodend Place, Shettleston; Vice-President, William M'Lennan, Cluny Cottage, Earlybraes, Shettleston; Secretary, Effingham H. Deans, Deanbank, Carmyle, by Glasgow ; Hon. Presidents, W. J. Grant, James Mair, and Thomas Hogg ; Treasurer, H. Y. Reid, 13 Victoria Buildings, Shettleston.


92.-KILBOWIE Jolly Beggars Burns Club. Instituted 10th August, 1897. Federated 26th August, 1897. Place and date of meeting, Cleddans Hall, Radnor Park, Clydebank, on 2nd Thursday of each month, at 7.45 p.m., September to April inclusive; President, Alex. M'Donald, 15 Janetta Terrace, Radnor Park, Dalmuir; Vice-President, William Paterson, 2 Livingstone Street, Clydebank; Secretary, James Dickson, 65 Livingstone Street, Clydebank; Hon. President, Dr J. S. Robertson; Treasurer, John Seright; Chairman of Committee, D. Robertson. Special features of Club, the cultivation of a better knowledge of the life and works of the Bard, and the study of Scottish literature by reading of papers, &c.

No. 93.-CLYDEBANK Burns Club. Instituted 1896, Federated 1897. Secretary, John Murphy, c/o. James M'Haffy, 2 Kilbowie Gardens, Clydebank.

No. 94. UPHALL "Tam o'Shanter" Burns Club. Instituted 1895. Federated 1897. Secretary, Walter Crawford, Dechmont, Uphall. Limited to 60 members.

No. 95.-BOLTON Burns Club. Instituted 6th September, 1881. Fede rated 1897. Place of meeting, Swan Hotel, Bolton. President, R. H. Swindlehurst, Wyresdale House, Chorley Old Road, Bolton. Vice-President, Charles Mallison, Seymour Road, Astley Bridge; Secretary, John Watson, 21 Russell Street, Bolton; Treasurer, Arthur Graham, 35 Manchester Road, Bolton; Committee, W. M'Nabb, G. Guthrie, P. Halliday, J. Boyd, J. Graham, G. P. Robertson, J. Dickinson, T. Laidlaw, G. Begg, C. Fogg, C. E. M'Nabb, and J. C. Broadbent. Special features of the Club, to promote the study of the National Poets and the ancient Ballad Poetry of Scotland; annual dinner, January 25th; annual gathering and dance, Hallowe'en night, and annual country ramble during summer months.

No. 96.-JEDBURGH Burns Club. Instituted February, 1869.


Federated 13th November, 1897. President, Councillor T. S.
Smail, High Street, Jedburgh; Vice-President, A. R. Telfer, 12
Market Place, Jedburgh; Secretary, Peter Telfer, 58 Castlegate,
Jedburgh; Committee, J. Wright, R. Wright, Jas. Cree, Andrew
Oliver, R. Halliday, Geo. Aitken, R. Waldie, J. K. Young, and
John Oliver.

No. 97.-KILMARNOCK Bellfield Burns Club. Instituted 1895.
Federated 1898. Place and date of meeting, Bellfield Tavern,
Ist Monday of Month, at 8 o'clock. President, William Duff,
Paxton Street, Kilmarnock; Vice-President, Thomas Rarity, Gil-
mour Street, Kilmarnock; Secretary and Treasurer, Daniel
Donnelly, 29 M'Kinlay Place, Kilmarnock; Committee, J.
Aunderson, W. Cooper, D. Picken, B. Murray; Auditors, J. Carson
and W. Thomson.

No. 98.-LANARK Burns Club.

Instituted 1891. Federated 1898. Secretary, Robert M'Kean, Commercial Bank House, Lanark. 55 members.

No. 99.-GLASGOW, Barlinnie Burns Club. Instituted 1893. Federated 1898. Hon. President, Robert Ford; President, Dr Sinclair ; Vice-President, D. S. Robertson; Treasurer, W. Russell; Secretary, Stewart, Officers' Quarters, Barlinnie; Committee, J. Swan, J. M'Quaker, R. Sutherland, and G. Wilson.

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