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No. 100.-HAMILTON Mossgiel Burns

Club. Instituted January, 1892. Federated 4th April, 1898. Place and date of meeting, County Hotel, Ist Tuesday, 8.15 p.m. President, Hugh Mair, Woodside Avenue; Vice-President, John Campbell, 36 Selkirk Street; Secretary, L. Stewart Smellie, 56 Millar Strect, Hamilton; Treasurer, Wm. Maxwell; Committee, W. Hastings, T. Brown, H. L. Buchan, W. G. Craig, W. Hamilton, John Brown, and A. Clark, jr. 50 members (limited).

No. 101.-MOTHERWELL Workmen's Burns Club.
Federated 1898. Secretary, John King,
Motherwell. 30 members.

No. 102.-CARLISLE Border Burns Club. Instituted 1898. Federated 1898. Secretary, Andrew Raffel, 36 London Road, Carlisle. 105 members.

Instituted 1897. 128 Muir Street,

No. 103.-COALBURN Rosebery Burns Club. Instituted 1895. Federated 1898. Secretary, John Woodburn, Coalburn Inn, Coalburn. 50 members.

No. 104.-DUMFRIES Oak Burns Club. Instituted 1897. Federated 1898. Secretary, Thomas Haining, jun., 26 Swan's Vennel, Dumfries. 40 members.

No. 105.-RUTHERGLEN Cronie Burns Club. Instituted 30th October, 1896; Federated 13th Dec., 1898. Place and date of meeting, Burnhill Rest, last Friday of each month, at 8 p.m.; President, Alex. Crawford Alston, 40 Cathcart Road, Rutherglen; VicePresident, David Robertson, 24 Harriet Street, Rutherglen ; Secretary, Robert M'Luckie, 10 Bankhead Road, Rutherglen ; Treasurer Wm. Morrison, 2 Burnhill Street, Rutherglen; Trustees, A. Stewart, J. Love, and Sergeant J. Canning; Committee, J. M'Kee, D. M'Quaker, W. Stewart, R. Russell, A. Hannah. No. 106.-BROXBURN Rosebery Burns Club. Instituted 1898. Federated 1898. Secretary, Joseph Miller, Ashfield Buildings, Uphall. 40 members.

No. 107. GLASGOW

Hutchesontown Burns Club. Instituted 1898. Federated 1898. Secretary, Alexander M'Whirr, 12 Wolseley Street, Glasgow.

No. 108.—EAST CALDER and District Jolly Beggars Burns Club. Instituted 1898. Federated 1899. Secretary, Samuel His'op, Mid Calder.


No. 109.-GLASGOW Caledonia Burns Club). Instituted 1898. Federated 3rd March, 1899. Place and date of meeting, I Cathcart Road, last Friday of month, 8 p.m. President, James Marchant, 106 Govan Street; Vice-President, James G. Alexander, 21 Westmoreland Street; Secretary, T. A. Hutton, 188 Pollokshaws Road; Treasurer, W. Burns, 125 Caledonia Road.

No. 110.-CAMBUSLANG Burns Club. Instituted 1898. Federated 1899. Secretary, Andrew D. Strachan, 4 Morriston Gardens, Cambuslang.

No. 111.-SOUTH EDINBURGH Burns Club, Instituted 1879. Federated 27th July, 1899. Place and date of meeting, Adelphi Hotel, Edinburgh, 2nd or 3rd Tuesday of each month, 8 p.m. President, John M'Laren, 1 Parkside Terrace, Edinburgh; Vice-President, James Wallace Gault, 8 Biackwood Crescent, Edinburgh; Secretary, John S. T. Walker, I Summerbank, Edinburgh; Treasurer, W. J. Coltman; Committee, George

Brandor, T.
Johnston, W. Morrison, A. H.
Rushbrook, C. E. Hobbs; Musical Director, J. Gordon
Porter. Special features of Club, monthly meetings at
which the following gentlemen have kindly consented to give
short addresses :-R. Scott Brown, Advocate, H. P. Mac-
millan, Advocate, Rev. John Glasse, D.D., Chas. Edwin Green,
and Councillor H. M'Michael, J.P. Members of kindred Clubs

No. 112.-DUMFRIES Burns Howff Club. Instituted September, 1889.
Federated 11th August, 1899. Place and date of meeting,
Burns Howff, 1st Wednesday in every month, 8 p.m. President,
John Connor, I Maxwell Street, Dumfries; Vice-President,
John Grierson, Troqueer Road, Maxwelltown; Secretary, John
C. Gill, 1 Henry Place, Dumfries; Committee, T. Craig, R.
Potter, A. M'Meeking, C. Bertram, J. Houston, Neil Sharp, J.
Dickson; Auditors, John Sinclair and J. Reid; Treasurer,
John Maxwell.

No. 113.-VALE OF LEVEN Glencairn Burns Club. Instituted 1898. Federated 1899 Place and date of meeting, Albert Hotel, Alexandria, last Saturday each month, 7.30 p.m. President, William Smith, 265 Main Street, Bonhill; Vice-President, Robert Mossman, Thomas Street, Alexandria; Secretary, Alex Campbell, 55 Hillbank, Bonhill; Hon. President, William White, Bridge Street, Alexandria; Treasurer, John Macpherson, 153 Main Street, Bonhill; Committee, Daniel Macmillan, Daniel M'Innes, David Graham, Peter M'Farlane, and Hugh M'Vean. 30 members.

No. 114.-BRODICK Burns Club. Instisuted 1899. Federated 1900.
Secretary, John S. Currie, Brodick. 32 members.
No. 115.-KIPPEN and District Burns Club. Instituted 21st July, 1896.
Federated 20th January, 1900. Place and date of meeting,
Gillespie Hall; annual meeting October, 8 p.m. Hon. Presi-
dent, John Monteath, J.P., Wright Park. President, Robert
Jackson, Boquhan Mains, Kippen Station, by Stirling; Vice-
President, Andrew Main, Strewiebank, Kippen Station, by
Stirling; Secretary, Thomas Syme, Strathview, Kippen, by
Stirling; Committee, George M'Queen, Peter Matson, J. M.
Syme, Archibald Gray, Samuel Thompson, Alexander David-
son, D. J. Muirhead, George Watson, David Young, Archibald
M'Diarmid, Robert Leckie, and Robert Chrystal. Special
features of Club, to promote a knowledge of the life and works
of Burns, and establish a fund for the cultivation and learning the
works of Burns and Scottish literature among our school
children, and having competitions in which handsome prizes
are given.

No 116.-GREENLOANING Burns Club. Instituted 1892. Federated 1900. Place and date of meeting, Greenloaning Inn, 25th Jan., 7 p.m. President, Thomas Stewart, The Braes, Greenloaning; Vice-President, Francis Sands, Glenbank, Greenloaning; Secretary, James Bayne, Kinbuck, Dunblane: Committee, W. Brydie, J. M'Laren, W. Blair, J. Stirling, J. Shearer, and J. Robertson.

No. 117.-GLASGOW Southern Burns Club. Instituted 1899. Federated 1900. Secretary, John M'Gillivray, 168 Mathieson Street, Glasgow.


No. 118.-GLASGOW Albany Burns Club. Instituted 1899. Federated 1900. Place and date of meetings, Trades House Restaurant, first Wednesday of each month from October till March, at 8. President, Robert Goodall, 28 Grafton Street, Glasgow; VicePresidents, J. Wilson Bain, 113 West Regent Street, and James Taylor, 143 West Regent Street; Secretary, John Brown, 37 Dalhousie Street, Glasgow; Treasurer, James Raeside, 36 Grafton Street; Librarian, Thos. Kennedy, 33 Hope Street; Directors, Hamilton, Brown, Peter Craik, John Wood, John Green'ees, Alex. Gray, George Kerr. Special features of Club, harmony, essays read every night. Membership 150 (limited). No. 119.-BONHILL Burns Club. Instituted 1903. Federated 1900. Place and date of meeting, Bonhill Inn, first Saturday of month; President, Thomas Cornack, 84 Bridge Street, Alexandria ; Vice-President, Mr James White; Secretary, Mr John F. Eadie, 9 Dilliechip Terrace, Bonhill; Treasurer, Daniel Miller; Committee, Donald Campbell, William Cuthbertson and Malcolm M'Naught.

No. 120.—BRISTOL Caledonian Society. Instituted 1820. Federated 1900; Secretary, Alexander K. Simpson, II Small Street, Bristol. No. 121.-HAMILTON Junior Burns Club. Instituted September 8th, 1886. Federated April, 1901. Place and date of meeting, Robert Bell's, Monday, Nov. 3rd, 8 p.m. President, David Kirk, Portland Place, Hamilton; Vice-President, Charles Stewart, Chapel Street, Hamilton; Secretary, William Wilson, 28 Orchard Street, Hamilton; Treasurer, John Stewart; Committee, J. M'Ewan, J. Welsh, A. Dickson; M. Secretary, A. Thomson; Steward, J. Gourlay. Special features of Club, reading of essays on various subjects, concerts, competitions, and social evenings. 30 members.

No. 122.-DARNCONNER Aird's Moss Burns Club. Instituted 5th Aug,

1901. Federated 4th Nov., 1901. Meet in Sorn. President, Hugh Sloan, 71 Walker's Row, by Auchinleck; Vice-President, Robert Cameron, Sorn, Mauchline; Secretary, Andrew Stevenson, 18 Darnconner, Auchinleck; Committee, Hugh Reynolds, John Lyons, John Morton, and James Gray. Special feature of Club. to foster and encourage an interest in the works of our National Bard.

No. 123.-AUCHINLECK Boswell Burns Club. Instituted 1901. JFederated 1901. Secretary, James Muir, Dumfries House Lodge, Auchinleck.

Ne. 124. EDINBURGH, The Ninety Burns Club. Instituted 25th Jan., 1890. Federated January, 1902. President, John A. Clues, 10 Dublin Street, Edinburgh; Vice-President, Daniel M Farlane, 27 Castle Street, Edinburgh: Hon. Secretary, John T. Watson, 6 Bruntsfield Gardens, Edinburgh; Hon. Treasurer, A. M. Mackay, 13 Cornwall Street, Edinburgh. Committee: Past Presidents W. Lawson, J. Fraser Cunninghame, Dalziel Pearson, Peter Smellie, H. R. Elliott, and John Irving; Ordinary Members-Laurence S. Blanche, W. Stark, James Cunningham, Andrew Morgan, and John B. Tweedie. Limited to 180 members, iu addition to honorary and life members.

No. 125.-BLACKBURN-ON-ALMOND Rabbie Burns Club. Instituted 1900. Federated 1902. Secretary James Middleton, Albert Buildings, Blackburn-on-Almond.


No. 126.-FALKIRK Burns Club. Instituted 1866. Federated 1902. Place of meeting, Mathieson's Rooms. President, Frederick Johnston, Woodville, Falkirk; Vice-Presidents, R. H. Lochhead, Commercial Bank House; D. M. Wilson, Weitlands; Secretary, H. B. Watson, Broompark, Falkirk; Treasurer, Ro. White; Hon. President, Marquis of Zetland. Special features of Club, annual festival and dinner, January 25th; two literary and musical evenings, April and October; annual excursion, July.

No. 127.-COWDENBEATH Haggis Burns Club. Instituted 1st Feb., 1902. Federated 30th June, 1902. Place of meeting, Foulford Arms. President, John Davidson, Union Street, Cowdenbeath; VicePresident, Samuel White, High Streat, Cowdenbeath; Secretary, Alex. Smith, Foulford Arms, Cowdenbeath; Committee, William Millar, Henry Brown, John Bain, William Johnston, William Davidson, Thomas Bisset, and William Ritchie. Special features of Club, the celebration of the birth of the Poet Burns and the mutual improvement and innocent recreation of the members.

No. 128.-COWDENBEATi Glencairn Burns Club. Instituted 1898. Federated May 14th, 1903. Place of meeting, Raith Arms, 7 p.m. President, A. M'Arthur, Robbs Buildings, Moss-side Road, Cowdenbeath; Vice-President, A Hughes, School Street, Cowdenbeath; Hon. President, William Breingan; Treasurer, Thomas Ferguson; Secretary, David Hutchison, Robb's Buildings, Moss-side Road, Cowdenbeath.

129. GORBALS Burns Club. Instituted 1902. Federated 1903. President, James Cameron, L.D.S., F.P.S.G., 77 Main Street, Gorbals, Glasgow; Vice-President, David H. Drummond, 9 Caledonian Road, Glasgow; Secretary, James MacKitchie, 14 Park Terrace, Govanhill, Glasgow ; Treasurer, David M'Kelvie, 152 Main Street, Gorbals. Special features of Club, to foster and encourage a knowledge of the works of our National Bard, and the noble aspirations therein contained concerning the universal brotherhood of man,

No. 130.-ROW Burns Club. Instituted January 25th, 1901. Federated November 2nd, 1903. Place of meeting, Row Inn.

I'resident, Francis C. Buchanan, J. P.; Vice-Presidents, Charles Dennistoun, J.P., James Kay; Secretary, John Laird, 7 Cumberland Terrace, Row; Treasurer, Mr Sheddon; Committee, J. Spiers, E. Page, J. Don, A. Lyon, J. Irvine, J. Mortin, J. Richardson, J. Campbell, A. M‘Leod, R. Beaglehole, J. Maitland.

No. 131.-NOTTINGHAM Scottish Association. Instituted October, 1902. Federated November, 1903. Place and date of meeting, Room 75, Mechanics' Institution. 2ndjand 4th Tuesday of each month from October to April, 7. 10 p.m. President, Andrew Crawford, The Oaks, Bestwood, Notts.; Vice-Presidents, J. M'Meeking, Clipstone Avenue, Nottingham, and Dr J. Watson, 94 Mansfield Road, Nottingham; General Secretary, A. Innes, 32 Dryden Street, Nottingham; Minute Secretary, D. Stillie, 9 Kimbolton Avenue, Nottingham; Treasurer, Geo. E. Bain, Capital and "Counties Bank, Market Place, Nottingham; Committee, J. Aitken, J. Currie, A. R. Ferguson, J. A. Forsyth, D. S. Hepburn, J. Menzies, E. Merson, D. M'Gregor, Dr Millar, G. A. Mitchell, R. M'Kechan, N. C. Stewart, J. M. Stewart, Special features of Club, to promote social and intellectual intercourse among the members." Present membership 182,


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JUN 11 1913

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