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Strana 131 - There are a sort of men whose visages Do cream and mantle like a standing pond...
Strana 20 - Leishman A SYSTEM OF MIDWIFERY, including the Diseases of Pregnancy and the Puerperal State. By WILLIAM LEISHMAN, MD, Regius Professor of Midwifery in the University of Glasgow ; Physician to the University Lying-in Hospital; Fellow and late Vice-President of the Obstetrical Society of London, etc.
Strana 99 - The old people that are thin and dry and tough, clear-voiced and bright-eyed, with good stomachs and strong wills, muscular and active, are not bad ; they bear all but the largest operations very well.
Strana 117 - ... considers it desirable to express its opinion that the assumption or acceptance by members of the profession of designations implying the adoption of special modes of treatment is opposed to those principles of the freedom and dignity of the profession which should govern the relations of its members to each other and to the public. The College, therefore, expects that all its fellows, members, and licentiates will uphold these principles by discountenancing those who trade upon such designations.
Strana 8 - No text-book is more calculated to enchain the interest of the student, and none better classifies the multitudinous subjects included in it. It lias already so far won its way in England, that no inconsiderable number of men use it alone in the study of pure medicine; and we can say of it that it is in every way adapted to serve, not only as a complete guide, but also as an ample instructor in the science ana practice of medicine.
Strana 132 - ... the inhabitants; and as to what one person loads on his mules and the other stows away in the bottom of his ship, that is no business of mine. But, above all, as to the previous history of this city, God only knows the amount of dirt and confusion that the infidels may have eaten before the coming of the sword of Islam. It were unprofitable for us to inquire into it.
Strana 132 - The thing you ask of me is both difficult and useless. Although I have passed all my days in this place, I have neither counted the houses, nor have I inquired into the number of the inhabitants ; and as to what one person loads on his mules, and the other stows away in the bottom of his ship, that is no business of mine.

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