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Craven, Thomas Aton, to wend to Cawod for yat cause to commone wt ye archibisshopp on Monday yan next folowyng; and in ye mene tyme ye Mair and ye gude men war enfourmed yat yat Monday ye archibisshopp myght noght be at Cawod for other occupacions yat he had to doo utteward, and yerfor he assigned yam ye Wednesday next after to be befor hym at Cawod. At the whylk Wednesday Richard Russell and oyer persones next befor nevend, yay war at Cawod for yis mater, and yai war thar honorabely receyved be the archibisshopp, and commond wyth him of ye maters abouen sayd; apon whylk commonyng, when yai come hame, was done afterwarde als her fast folowys.

The xxj day of August, ye yer of the kyng befor sayd fifte, John Aldestanemor Maire, Richard Russell, William Bowes, John of Moreton, Henry Preston, Thomas Esyngewald, Thomas Bracebryg, Piers Bukcy, John of Bolton, aldermen, Guy Rouclyf recordour, John Brounflete, William Grillyngton, shirrefs, John Hewyk, Thomas Mor, John Waghen, Robert Yarum, John Gascoigne, William Craven, Thomas Aton, Thomas Kyrkeham, William Bedale, William Gaytesheued, John Warde, of the xxiiij, war assembled her in the chambre of Counsell, whar ye sayd Richard Russell, Thomas Bracebryg, Guy Rouclif, William Craven and Thomas Aton declared yar commyng to Cawod, and ye fourme of yar commyng yar wyth to the archebisshopp, and of yar departyng fra hym. And apon yis declaracion made, ye Consell of ye chambre tuke yar avyse what yam semed and lykyd best to do in yis mater, and yar ye Mair and ye Consell tenderli considred ye lettres and prayers of our soveran lady ye quene, whilk sho had sent to ye archebisshopp for John Lyllyng, and ye bysy prayers of ye archebisshopp, als of Haseley and Robert Manfeld, yai assented yat ane obligacion of ye said John Lyllyng and of John Gascon of xl marc, whylke suld hafe ben payed at ye fest of Seint Hillare next commyng, and also an obligacyon of a statute merchant of fyfe hundreth mark, in ye whilk ye forsayd John Lyllyng was bundon to Richard Russell, William Bowes and to oyer, to be payed at ye fest of Michelmes yan next folowyng, and a defesance made yer apon yat ye sayd John Lyllyng fra yan furth suld be of gude governaunce and trew in all hys bying

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and hys sellyng wyth outen any gylory, fraude, or deceyt, als fallez a trew merchaunt to doo and by and sell after treu cource of merchantdyse, suld be delyverd to Haseley and Robert Manfelde, and so John Lyllyng be quyt of yam. And her apon even furth wyth yais ij obligacions and ye defesance was taken and delyverd to Haseley and Robert Manfeld and cancelled, and yai thanked ye Mayr and all ye gudemen hertly for yt yay had done be reverence of ye quene's prayers and ye archibisshopp, and yairs, and behight sothely yat yai suld make relacion to ye quene, and yai suld wele see and knawe yat ye quene sulde thanke yam yerfor in tyme comyng. And her apon John of Bolton, alderman, at his first commyng fra ye parlement, delyvered a lettre fra ye quene to ye Mair, in ye whilk lettre sho thanked ye Mair and all ye gudemen of yis citee of ease and favour yai had shewed at the reverence of hir prayer to John Lyllyng, mercer of York, etc.

Vnto his wirshipfull Mair, and ye Aldermen, and all ye wirshipfull Counsell of ye cite of York shewes, if it lyke vn to youre wirshipfull and wyse discrecion, your concitezin, John Lyllyng, yat it was never my wyll forto offend ne forto attempte any thyng yat langez to yis wirshipfull cite; and, wirshipfull sires, what at has bene done or sayd touchyng my person it is noght yn knawen ynto you, bot I put na defaute in nane yat langes to yis wirshipfull citee, ne noght wyll, bot neveryeles ye charge is to me full hevy and grevous forto ber yat is put vnto me, after ye grete losses yat I have had and sustened be diverses ways, als it is wele knawen to diverses gude men of yis cite; whafore I pray you and besekes you for the grete mercie of God, yat yhe will deme yis matier after gude conscience, and as yhe trow yat God wyll yerof be most plesed, for I am hee that wyll noght offend your wyll, ne your ordinance, nor na nother suyte make be fully forto be demed be you in hegh and in laghe; besekyng you alway wyth al my hert to be gude maisters and frendes to me, and gif me your gude worde and to graunt me your gude hertes for the werke of the haly charite. In ye witnes of ye whilk thynge, to yis byll I have put to my seal; writen ye last day of January, in ye yer of ye reigne of Kyng Henri sext after ye conquest of Ingland sext'


[From the York City Books.]

Judicium Scrutatorum de terris et tenementis domus Sancti

Leonardi, et Roberti Feriby, ex opposito cimiterii Omnium
Sanctorum super Pavimentum, ex parte boriali.

For als mykill als we John Ampilford, John Thorp, masons, Mar., 1417. William Cunsby and John Mosse, wryghts, sercheours of our craftes wyth in the franchise of York, fyndes that a party of the ferrest post of Robert of Feriby standys on Seint Leonard grunde, and that thar ys a cruke of Robert Feriby grund, fra the prive un to the streteward, and a nother cruke of Seint Leonard's fra abouen the myddilpost un to the thrid post, tharfor we award that fra the sole end of the frunt before in to the streteward, un to the third post on the base stane of Robert of Feriby, be drawen a lyne just, and set just Seint Leonard grunde, after that betwix party and party.—[Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 173.]

John Ampilford, John Thorp, masons, William Cunsby and John Mosse, wryghts, sercheours of masons and wryghts in the citee of York, chosen be the assent of partys for to dissevir a grounde of a tenement anent Al Halow Kyrk garth wall on the Pament, betwix the Dene and the Chapitre of the Kyrk of York of the ta party, and the Maistre and the Freres of the Hospitale of Seynt Leonard's of York on the other party, demys that a lyne be drawen fra the fore poste before fra the oute syde of the poste before to the oute syde of the poste behynd of Seynt Leonard's in to thair garthwarde, and set Seynt Leonard wall apon thair awen ground, fra post to post, for we fynde well that the mynster beres the ta syde of Seynt Leonard flore. And we demys that the stane that ys taken doun be departyd in twa, and gyf half un to the ta party and the other half un to other party.

John Ampilford, John of Thorp, William Cunsby, and John Mosse, sercheours of the masons and the wryghtes, chosen be the assent of partys to dyssever ground bitwix the Maister and the Freres of the Hospitall of Seynt Leonard's of York of a party, and Sir John Esyngwald, preste of the chauntery of Seynt Nicholas in the parysh kyrk of Seynt Trinite in Gothromgate, of the other party, awardes and demys that the postys of the alde house of Seynt Leonard's be set in be tham of Seynt Leonard's, so that a lyne may be layde to the oute syde of the poste of the newe howse of Sir John Esyngwald, and drawen lyne ryght un to the poste of the kylne howse of the same Sir John of hys tenement in Gothromgate.

John Ampilford, John of Thorp, William Cunsby, and John Mosse, serchours of the masons and wryghtes, chosen to dissever grounde in Peseholm betwix Sir Robert Irton, prest of a chauntery in Seint Savourkirk, and Thomas Duffeld, sonne and ayre un to Richard Duffeld Esquier, demys that the hedge fra the corner of the foresayd Sir Robert house un to Fosse syde be Thomas Duffeld, als the stakes are dryfen; and that Thomas Duffeld hafe sextene yerdys over thwart of the garthe fra the wall of Sir John Darthington, person of the chauntery of Seynt Mary Magdalayn in the mynster of York, un to the netherest stake safe ane; and that the foresayd Sir Robert hafe fra the same stake fyfe yerdys of garth, over thwart un tyll hys awen hedge, that standys on the weste syde.

Sept. 22, 1417.

We, sercheours of the masons and wryghtes of the cite of York, demys that John Hesill sall ga lyne right fra the bak syde of hys post that standys in hys hall hend un to hys sole in hys house that he byggys. And that John of Langton sall set in hys poste fote that Hesyll may hafe row me thar to lay hys sole, and rayse hys house in North strete.—[Id. 1776.]

Fest. S. Maurice, 6th Hen. V.

Oct. 9, 1417.

We, serchours of the masons and the wrightes, demys, for ease

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of bathe partyes, to take that stuffe of the gutters of lede that thar ys for the ta party the tane hafe, and for the othere party the other half, and that the water be ledde downe of thair bather coste, fra the thrid poste of the house of Dame Alice Plumpton fra the waterward of Use, be a pype of lede closed wyth a loker, and that for cause that John Talkan walles the forsayd Alice all endelang thurgh and thurgh.—[Id. 178a.]

Fest. S. Dennis, 6th Hen. V.

We, serchours of the masons and wryghts of the cite of York, awarde that Thomas Bernard gutter of hys costage betwix his tenement that William Garnet dwellys in, endelyng fra the newe poste of Durant chauntery in Crouce kirk, als ferre als that newe house of that chauntery lastys, and bryng of his coste the watergate overthwarte at the ende of the same newe house, so that the water comme downe in a pipe of lede by the alde poste that standys by the walle of John of Moreton; and that the same Thomas Bernard hafe all the alde stuffe of lede that lay thare before, endelang and overthwart, and yt the foresayd Thomas walle hys awen house behynd the dese of the hall of the foresayd chauntery for als mykill that the chauntery gutters lyin thare. And also yat the foresayd Thomas make hys pryve fensilble als it awe to be.—[Id. 1786.]

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We, sercheours of the masons and the wryghtes of the citte 11 Feb., of York, at the assignement of the Mair, awarde and deme that John of Langton hafe even uppe thurgh oute als mykyll ground in breide als he hafes in the frount before at his tenement in the parysh of Seint Laurence wyth oute Walmegate barr in the suburbes of York, that ys in the holdyng of Robert Duffeld, cordewaner, als that tenement and the gardyn lyse thare betwix the grounde of Sir William Ottelay, the maistre of the Trinites' at Fossebryg hende on the a syde, and the grounde of Nicholas Northfolk on the other syde, and buttes apon the kynge's strete of Walmegate before, and on the north felde behynd.—[Id. 181a.]


11 Feb, Eth Hen. V.


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