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to a xj be strekenge to ye comyne pepyll be servid, opane of vj s. viij d., yt to be forfyt, ye ton halfe to ye Lord, ye toher half to ye kyrkwarke. Item gyffe anny man that comhis to ye markythe wt anny corne sall not set it up fro markyth day to markyde day, bot yf it cane be prewyd yt he his bed no selver tharfor, bot yt he sell it as markythe gos, & that ye markythe of corne be endyd be xij of da, opan of forfetyng of his corne. Item we say that Rychard Atkynson maid afray of the constabyll, ye mercyment iiij d. Item we say that John Kokher (mercyment xij d.) maid afray of John Barton.

June, 14th Edw. IV. 1472.-First the constables present that William Couper (iiij d.) made affray uppon Thomas Kirkhous and hym stroke wt a staff, anno xiij. Item Patryk (xx d.) & James Glover, glover, (xx d.) made affray the same, and outhir drewe blode of othir, and rescued the constables. . . . Item Thomas (ijd.), servaunt of John Eleson, made affray uppon Stryngersen, when he made the kynge's wach. Item John Shepherd (ij d.) made affray uppon Th. Michell (ij d.) & stroke hym with his bowe in the felde. Item Gerard Melton (xij d.) made affray, & stroke a straunger wt a wodknyfe & drewe blode. Item John Kyng (vj d.) made affray uppon the goldsmyth (vj d.) of Selby.

xxj men sworn for the lord and tenant say uppon thair othe that Thomas Dransfeld is a theef and has knowelach felony, and now liffez as a vacabond. Item that one Patryk, dwellyng in Midelthorp, is a vacabound, and hath no craft used then lyvelode to lyff uppon, agayns the forme of lawe liffyng, and called avowtrer wt othir men wyfe3. Item that John Bek is a vacabound and gos about wt a lettre testimoniall, beggyng to beseke you to see his writtyng, and that he may be warned to be of gode governance. Item Laurence of Lawe is a vacabound, and uses no craft to lyf by, bot lyffez suspeciouslye agayns lawe of this land. Item that Stephen Taillour, dwellyng in Midelthorp, is a vacabond, yr fore by caus he hath dwellyng bot of short tyme in the towne, it is necessary to charge hym to be of gode reule. Item that William, servaunt of Herry Couper, is a ryotter on nyghtes, sittyng up at

uncovable tyme, and that he drawes to his felyship Thomas Folyfote, John Arott thelder, & John Arott yonger, which be not well disposed. Item that John Hode is a vacabound, and usith to go wt the Marchalsy, and in a place that he come to he cutt asmych bacon out of a flyk as was worth iij d., unlawefully. Item that William Broun of the Marchalsye uses unlawefull playes by nyghte3, and syttes up at uncovable tyme. Item that John More, tenaunt to Robert Mascald in Midelthorp, is a receptour of suspect persones, commyng by nyght and goyng by nyght, and liffes as a vacabound. Item that Robert Coureenay receptes mysgoverned persones and suspect of felony, by nyghtes, if he do so from hensforward, to forfet a payne of xls. Item that Robert Broun of the Cowe layne receptes Scottes and othir suspect peple, we payne to lefe that reule in payne of xld. Item that Roger of the Marchalsye, servaunt to William Broun, is a suspect persone, and we desire to have hym out of the towne. Item we desire that ye will commaund John Donkan to be well rewlyd. Item that John Coke fyssher suffers me(n) to play in his hous at the tablez for mony by nyghtez. Item that oone panyermaker houses & harbers suspect persones in his hous, and liffes as a vacabond. Item Hobson of Goldall & Heryson of the same er forstallers of samen comyng toward the markett in Selby; we will that thay lefe; and, if thay be founden gilty herafter, outhir of thame to lese vj s. viij d. Item that no man bot officers bers unlawefull wepyn to the kirk then in the market in payne of xij d. Item we ordeyn that all vacabondes, bifore writen, kepe gode reule in tyme to come, and, if any of thayme be founden gilty, to voide the toune of Selby by Michaelmes day next for to come in payne of xl s.

Oct., 12 Edw. IV. (1472).—Jhesus. Thes er ye fawtes yt xij men fendes defectyve. In ye fyrste xij men says yt the crosse in the markythe his defectyff & lyke to fall, & sas the Lord sall reperell be Passe day, in payn of the jeberde yt may fall thar off. Item the Melne brige his defectyffe, & be longes to the Lord to reperall, & it be maid be ye forsaid day in pan of perell yt may fall. Item the Cokreke bryge his defectyffe,

X S.

& be longes to the Lord to reperell, & it be maid be the said day. Item we fend yt Ryc' Derreke his lepere, & his not abyll to felychep emange the pepell, wharfor we desyer yt he be wodyd be Myrtynmes next comyng, opan of xls. Item we say that thar sall no man geder non akcornes in the comone wod in pane of xvj d. as of as thay be prewed gederynge. Item we say that John Wryght of Faxflet has broken ys, he was of Selby, be diveres tymes, for the whylke we amercy him Item we say yt John Scheperd selld unseuynabyll flech, for the welke we amecy him ij d. Item we say y William Broun of Merschalse met women at ye toun end wyt thar gess, & boght tham or thay com at the merketh, whar for we amercy hym iiij d. Item we say yt John Byrd maid afray of Remenghyngton weffe & drwe blod on hym, & Remyngton drwe blud on hym, we amercy ather of tham xij d. Item we saie yt William Walas & Ric' Thomson maid afray at kyrk dore & frayd paryschens, we amercy ather of tham iiij d. Item we say yt Asschomae yt dwelles next Schepman wyffe maid afray of John Wesmerland, we ameecy hym xij d. Item we say yt John Rowthe maid afray of Robert Scheperd & John his son, we amercy hym iiij d., and Robert Scheperd iiij d. Item we say yt Milles Wytton & Robert Sumerschals, smythe, maid afray, we amercy ather of tham vj d. Item we say yt John Corner maid afray of William Bacon, we amercy hym xiiij d. Item we say yt John Yonge & the correher maid afray, we amercy (a)ther of tham ij d. Item we say yt John Chaine & fader maid afrae and druwe blud of ather of tham, iiij d. Item we say yt John Dawson maid afray of William Resen, we amercy hym iiij d. Item we say yt Roger Whallay & Ryc' of Backhowes maid afray, we amercy yam ijd. Item we say y Thomas Smythe maid afray of Cransfeld and drwe blud on hym, we mercy hym vjd.

Thys er ye defawtes yt xij men fendes deffectyffe at the gret cowrtes at Mykelmes, ye yer of r. of kynge Edward iiijti xv. (1475).

In the fyrste we say that the Mylne bryge is defectyffe, &


lyke, bot it be amend son, yt it wyll be gret hurt to the ton, whar for, bot it mendyd be Martynmes, we amarce it xl s. Item we say that Skokryke bryge is defectyffe, & lyke to be gret hurt to the kynge's pepyll, wt out it be amendid, whar for, bot it be amendid be the said day, we amercy it XX S. Item we say that the fotman's cawse be for William Chawe dore is defectyffe, wharfor, bot it mendyd be the said day, we amercy it xij d. Item we say that the said William has incrossid afor his dor of the hy way, bot yff he lay it agane, we amercy hym xij d. Item we say that the hows yt John Zonge dwells in of the busser rent, and the hows of Robert Raynald next by stoppes the watyr sew that the water may not hawe it reght corsse, whar for, bot it be mendid be Mertynmes, we amercy ather of tham iij s. iiij d. ordeyne that the new sewes in Gouththorp eu' in

Item we

defaut of

Rauf Babthorp squyer, is defectyve, yerfore payne is that it be mendyd by Martynmes next in payne xij d.

Oct., 17th Edw. IV. (1477).—Item that Richard Fereby etc has barked ledyr unlawefully & sold it to the kynge's people wher by the lawe it is noght half barked.

We say yt John Studherd (viij d.) maid afray of Wylliam Underwod (iiij d.) wryght, & John Studherd had his hed brokynge. Item William Panter (vjd.) maid afray of ij stranghis (ader of tham xij d.), & the panter had his hed brokyn. Item we say yt Rychard Dyschforth & Robert Smythe, fecher, toke & selld j stranges man heirreng for iiij a penny, agans ordonans of the ton. Item we say yt Ryc' Dychforthe (xl d.) & John Hodd made afray of one Barchand of Rekall, bocher, for brynghyng in of wetell for the welfare of comhons. Item if any man take to sell any oyer man fyssh in the merkett, and any man do the contrary, he to forfett vj s. viij d. Item that the purpressures come in this day xiiij day, to gyf thair presentment bilongyng to their office, in payne of vj s. viij d. Item that Thomas Berbour, after he was sworn, departed frome the Jury. Item William Bacon holdes ij dogges unlawefull, it is charged to kepe that one in band,

and put away the tother, in payne of xx s. Item that Richard Dysshford had in his shop fyssh by xiiij daes, to it stanke in so mykell it was caried to Ouse, yerfore, if he do any more, for to forfett vj s. viij d.

Thys is the wardytte of xxij men & the constabylls, the xix day of Aprill, the xix yer of r. of K. E. iiij (1479).

In the fyrst, we fynd a gret defawt in the crosse in the merkythe place, that it is in pounte to fall, & lyke to doy gret hurt bot it be amendid. Item we fynd yt Stewn Harlynge (ij s.) maid afray of Kyrlowe. Item we fynd yt W. Harwod (xij d.) maid afraye of Robert Raner in the merkythe. Item we fynd yt William Hadfeld (xl d.) maid afray of Robert Lyndsay & drewe blod of the same Lyndsay. Item we fynd yt William Paynter maid afray of John Emson of Thorp, xx d., & blod drawn of the payntor, xx d. Item Robyn Belfeld (ij s.) maid afray of Bakon man, and of hym drewe blod.

1483.-Jhesus. Item we fend yt Pereson has a servand yt is yll disspossid of hyr handes, whar for we wyll yt schoy be woydyd the ton be twix this & Sant George day, opon pane XX S. Item we fend yt one Wrodyngton, a waykabound, is avell dyssposid man yt dwelle her amang us, and has yldyssposid folkis comynge to hym, whar for we well yt he be woydyd the ton be the said day, opan in prisonment. Item we fend yt on Breyerton, talzer, has an ewell dyspossid woman to his wyff of hyr handes, and cutes corn in harwyste, & oyere thynges tak in the fyld, as eghes; we woll yt schoy be woydyd ton be said day, opan of prisonment. Item we fend yt Herre Warter has ylldysspossid cheldyr, & of brekynge of mens heghis, & takyng of kydes & oyer stuffe, whar for we amercy hym for ye defawt yt his maid iiij d.; and yf it may be fonden doynge hurt agane, then we wyll yt he forfit iij s. iiij d. Item we fend yt John Herrot has avell dyssposid chylld of brekynge of heghis, war for we amercy hym for yt yt is don iiij d., &, yf ya be fonden anny more in defawt, we amercy tham thar efter iij s. iiij d. Item we

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