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reygrate eny vitelles, corne, or cattell, or fyshe. Item none herber

eny vacaboundes frome hensfurth. That none brewster sell eny aile abowffe ; d. ob. a gallon. Yt every baxster maike goode brede & holesom for man's body, & sell acordyng as they by. That the cordewayners sew wele theire shewne. That none cordewaner by eny horse skynnes, ne occupie theyme. That all bochers kepe wele theire blode in bolles, & mussell theire dogges. Y no personez shall kepe eny man servaunttes at eny unlawfull gamez in theire howsen. Yt the mylner gryndes the Lorde's tennentes affore owte men. That every man make his fens be twixt neghtbirs before Seynt Merteryn. That no man threte ne crake the Lorde’s inquest. That no man put eny farcy horsses, & skabbed horsses, of the commen.

That no man sells his corne, fyshe, ne oyer vittelles, before he com in to the merkyt, ne to sell it to the merkyt bell be rongen. That none esyng droppers watch men howssez. That every man ryng his swyne, except they kepe theyme of theire owne growinde, be fore Seynt Wylffride dey. That all maner of men make theire fensez abowndyng of the commen, as they wilbe served, & to pynd no mans cattell frome hensfurth. That no man cast eny dong, ne mouk uppon the chanell, or cawsy, from hensfurth. That no man shall bere ax, bill, or choppyngknyff, to the wod, ne clossez, frome hensfurth. That no man, ne woman, shall

wod win the lordeship of Selby frome hensfurth. That a watter sewer in the New layne be made before Martynmes next. That no man shall rayte nowther hempe ne lyne. It is covenanted to John Chatterell, servauntt, that she shalnot chyde ne flyte wt eny neghtburez frome ensfurth, oppen ridyng of the jebit, or thew, aboute the towne. That all sewers win the towne of Selby be skewred sufficiently be fore mens' dowres before the fest of Seynt Wylfride. That no man lay no brigges orer the dam. That John Petty, Robert Strynger & Robert Doule, that they shall mosell their dogges.

Robert Pewe & Thomas Shyppyn, ayle taiesters for Gowthorp, Robert Doule, John Dobb, ayle taisters for Mykylgate.

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[From the York City Records.]

To all trewe Christen men to whome this present writyng 1476.

John Ryshal com, Rycherd Salkeld sqwyer, Thomas Becham sqwyer, chardson. John Aglanby gentilman, John Whelpdale gentilman, Robert Tanyswod yoman, Edward Nycolson yoman, Roberte Graveson husbondman, and John Iveson husbondman, sendes gretyng well in oure Lorde Gode. That where as oon John Rychardson, berer of this, is noysed yat he shuld be a Scottes man and borne in Scotland, and for asmykell as it is medefull and meretory thynge to every Cristen man to bere wittnesse of the truthe, we notefie and declares to youre audience, that the forsaid John Richerdson is a trewe ligeman to the kynge of England, and getten and born in Crossby besyde Karlill, and the names of his godfaders John Warwyk gentilman and John Rycherdson of Crossby aforesaid yoman, and Elisabeth Tenyswod hys god moder. And thys wyll we recorde and bere wittenesse be thys lettre of record sealed with our seales, wyth other mo yf nede be. Made in the yere of our Lorde millesimo cccclxxvj.-—[Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 343.]

To ye most worshipfull & ther especiall maister, John Tong, mair of ye cite of York. Be it credebly certifide to yor moost wirshipfull and honor- 1477.

John abyll mastership, yt whereas off late tym a man of ye citie of

Coly n. York, cald John Colyn, was notyd and diffamyd ... iniquite, be veray malesse, yt he shud be a Skotte & no Ynglysman, wherfor we, Maister Robert Symson deane of Darlyngton, Sir Robert Clerk preste, William Betel, Jamys Bland Richard Deman, William Zotson, W. Smart, Roh' Bay, W. Merchall John Robynson

& John Symson declares hym on owr honeste & trewth, yt ye said John was born at Cokyrton, &

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cristynede in ye fount of yis Derlyngton, and is a trew Ynglys-
man born both of fader & moder; yt will we vereffy and mak
good agan all maner of men yt sais ye contrary ; oblyssyng
also our selve to yev in cli, yff ye contrary may be lawfully
prevyd, be this owr writyng. Also we William Bettl, James
Bland, Ric' Demen, William Zotson, in ye moost humbly wys
thankes your mastership, yt it wald plese yor goodnes as to do as
mych for our sakes as to shew ye sayd John yor favour, for ye
qwych we in tym comyng sall do yor plesour and servyce yff it
ly in owr power.

And in record yt this premisses be trew we
to ye said have sett to owr sells. Yevyn at Darlyngton ye iij
Sonday of Lentyn.—[House Book, Civ. Ebor. i. 62.]

1477. John

Md the xije day of Novembre, the xvij yere of Kyng Edward
Saunderson the iiij (came] into the counsel chaumbre of Ousebrig to fore

John Tong maire of the cite of Yorke, Thomas Wranggwish,
Robert Amyas aldermen, John Hag, William Letwyn chaumber-
leyns of the same cite, and other thare beyng present, on John
Saunderson, of Yorke, fissher, and thar and then shewed howe
that he of late ayanest right and gude consciens by the childern
of wekydnes was wrongfully noysed, slaundered and defamed that
he shold be a Scotissheman and born in Scotland ; the saide John
Saunnderson, willyng to subdieu and avoid the said noise and
slaunder, and declare and prove hym self a trewe Englissheman,
cam afore us in his propre person wt other ful notable and
discreit personez born win the counties of Northumbreland,
Westmerland & Cumberland, that is to say Herry Horseley
gent, Robert Wivell, Sir Robert Cuttbert prest, Laurence
Lelegrave yoman, William Spacy, Nicholas Hay, wt othere, and
there & then in & on the premisses dieulie sworn & examyned,
said & confessed that they verelie knewe the said John Saunder-
son for a trew Englissheman, and at he was born in Cheswyk in
Northumbreland, and son to John Saunderson of the same,
husbond, and Alison the wiffe of the same John, his moder, and
at William Saunderson, Robert Saunderson, and Elyn Saunder-

war god faders and god moder unto the same John
Saunderson fissher, etc.—[IIouse Book, Civ. Ebor. i. 76.]

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Unto all theis untill whome this presentes shal com, we, Sir 1478. John Banarsdall ye vicar of Morland, Roland Was, Thomas Fawlo- Bakhus. feld, Thomas Saxeld, Thomas Appielby, William Fawlofeld squires, William Bakus, Robert Bakus, William Cuke, Robert Cuke, John Cuke, John Wenttire, William Abdison, Arthure Bethome, Thomas Reke, of the parrish of Morland, sendes gretyng in our Lorde & recommendaccin unto whome it semys. And for als mykell as it is meretorie and medfull thing anentes God in every case nedefull to witnesse treuth, and specialy where it is effectualy requirit, plese it you to wete that we er newe of late ryplie enformet by diverse credable persones, that on Thomas Bakhus, bringer of this presentes lettres, shold be wrongfully nosed and slaundered as for a Scottes man born, and also unrightwisly vexit & turbilled hym to grete hyndrance & scathe, als well in body as in gudez, wherfore we afore writen make opynlie knowen, and trulie beris wittenesse before God and all the worlde, that the forsaid Thomas Bakhus is trewe lige man till our soverand lord ye kyng, and was borne of his modre & gettyn w in the forsaid towne of Morland, and there was Cristyned at the funte stone, and his godfaders callid Thome Smyth, the whilke is yit of live, and Jellyne Disforthe, & is godmoder Annes Burbake, and therfore if eny will say or bere hym onhand the contrarie bot at he is a trewe lige Inglis man borne till our forsaid soveraynt lorde the kynge and at this forsaide recorde, at we have made in maner & forme afore writen, is veray truthe & suthefastnes, and that we will abide & stand yare by wt our bodyes & gudes. In wittenes hereof we have setto our sealez. Gevyn at Morland aforsaid, the xxijti day of the moneth of Septembre, the yere of ye regne of Kyng Edward the Fourte ye xviijth.—[Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 326a.]

Record pro Roberto Elwald conerour. For asmych as 1479. it is right meretorie as medeful to wittenesse ye trewth, Elwald be it knawen to all maner of men to whom this present writyng commys, that Robert Elwalde, ye son of John Elwalde, is trewe Ynglish man, gottyn of his fadre aforsaid, and born of his modre w in the paryssh of Sayut


John Baptist wtin Hexhamshire, whose godfadre was John
Elwalde of the said parysh and John Robson of the Langlee,
and Janet Elwalde godmodre, of Hakefurth win the said shire,
and was Cristenyt in the founte of the said parich of Saynt John
Baptist; Wherfore we, the Prior of Hexham, Sir Thomas
Laveroke chaplan and parish prest of the said parich, & William
Smyth parishclerke of the same, Thomlyn of Eryngton of
Falefelde, Gerarde of Eryngton of Walwykgraunge, Alex
Armstrang of Croslee, Thomlyn Armstrang of Bewfrount,
Robert of Eryngton of Whittyngton, Robert of Chester
gentilmen, William Soureby, Robert of Sourby, Richerd Sourby,
John of Whitwhame, Alan Kell, John Denyug, John of Rede,
John of Spayn, William Ferlame, John of Greme, and John of
Copde in, besekes you by the way of charitie to repute and halde
the said Robert Elwalde as for a trewe Ynglish man, as is afore
rehersed, and as for the more trewe certificat to be made to you,
we the forsaid Prior, gentilmen, and yomen afore rehersed hath
setto our seales. Gevyn at Hexham, the xxvijt day of August,
the yere of the reigne of Kyng Edward the iiijt the sixth. -[Reg.
Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 3266.]


1481. William Broun.

2 May 21, Edw. IV.—Item the same day, tofore all abovesaid, cam personalie Thomas Arcle, dwellyng in Elborth in ye paresh of Dodyngton, countie of Northumbreland, yoman, & Johnes Tailfere, servaunt to Sir Henry Percy Knyght, & yare shewid & said yat on William Broun of Yorke, litster, was a trewe Inglissheman, born in the town of Nesbet, in the parissh of Dodyngton, ande son to William Broun of the same Nesbet, and had to his godfaders Robert Colstone of Dodyngton & William Gudeneghbour of the same, & Isabel Clerk, the wiffe of John Clerke of Nesbet, his godmoder, and at the said William Broun was nather of alie ne of blode to eny Scotishman, and yt he, wt many others, if nede require it, is & welbe redy at all tymez to testefie ye same. And, more, the same day was broght tofore the said Maire and other abovewriten, by the right wirshupful Sr Thomas Danby, thes recordes testefying the premissez under diverse seales, etc.—[House Book, Civ. Ebor. ii. 25.]

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