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John Hans.

For als much as it is both nedeful, medful, & meritory to 1481. bere trewe wittenes & to recorde ye treuth of every thynge yat stondeth in doute, yerfore be it knawen to every trewe Christen man yat this present testimonial heris, seis, or redis, yat we, Sir William Eure knyght, Maister John Kelynge chaunceler of Durham, William Pollard esquire, John Stathom jentilman, William Belasys jentilman, James Tippyng forster of Aukeland parke, Cristofer Preston, William Nodder, Thomas Spence, William Blithman, Richard Morton, Richarde Cuke, Richarde Emendson, Jenkyn Batmanson, Thomas Porter, & Thomas Cotis beris witnes, & recordys opon our honestie, be dew examinacion & trewe enformacion, yt whar as John Hans, of the cete of Yorke, glover, is grevouslie vexid & trobilde, to his grete cost & expens, surmysing on hym yat he shold be a Sottys man born, wharfore we aforesaid, and ich on of us, recordes & beris wittenes, yat the said John Hans is an Inglischeman, & was born in Bishope Aukeland, & diverse honest men yat knewe both his fadir & moder, & had borogage in the same towne, & John Catrike, yit beyng on lieff, recordeth uppon his treuth yat Kateryn his wiffe was his godmoder, & Richerd Blithman, Adame Geme, & Sir Robert Kyngeswod prest was his godfaders. And for the more credence to be gevyn to this our writynges, we abovesaid, and ich on of us singulerly, hathe setto our seals. Gevyn at Bisshop Awkeland, the thirtend day of May.-[Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 351a.]


For as mykell as it is meritable to bere wittenes & suthfast 1481. record in any cause whilke myght ben trouble, losyng of goodes, Mel. rem. or good fame to any trewe Cristen man, in defawte of soothfast knowlage, therfore it is yat we, Sr Henry Percy, lieutenaunt of th❜est Merches of England affornemptes Scotland, Sr Thomas Grey of Heton, Sr Roger Heron of Forde, Sr Thomas Grey of Horton, knyghtes, & William of Folbery of the same, berith witnes & suthfast record yat John Meldrem, dwelling in Yorke, is Englishman, gottyn by his fadir & born of his modir within ye reyme of England, his fadir dwelling in Folbery apon ye wattir of Tyll, olife callit William Meldrem, ye said John

1482. John


Meldrem born in Northame apon Twede, & Cristned within ye founte of ye proche kirke of ye same; his two god fadres, on callit John Rootherford constable of ye castell of Northame olyf at the makyng of this writyng, ane othir callit Robert Maxwell, dwelling in ye castell of Morpath, his godmodir callit Annes Jacson, ye wife of Adam Jakson dwelling in Dudo, both olyfe; wherfor we the aforsaid knyghtes & swyer willith & preith every goode Englishman not to presume nor sey any thing contrery yis our writing, in so mikill if eny wold presume ye contrarie this our record; and witnes of the whilkez to this our writyng we have set our signettes, havyng the strength of our selys, ye ix day of Septembre, the xxj yhere of ye reyne of Kyng Edward the iiij.-[Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 352.]

Unto all trewe Xpen people to whom this present writyng shall com, see, or heyre, gretyng in our Lorde God. And for as much as evill disposed people and childern of wekidnesse, thrugh malice and envy, by the temptacion of an evill sperit, falslie & untrewlie hath noysed & slaunderd a trewe Inglissheman, cald John Malson, of Yorke, girdler, yat he shold be a Scottisman born, which John Malson was gottyn & born betwix his fader & his moder, Richerd Malson & his wiffe, in the town of Langwathby, and Cristennyte in yt same kirke, and had to godfaders John Mekyll of Penryth beyng of lyffe at yis day in Penreth, & John Walker of Langwathby, & ye wiffe of Wilkyn of Carleton yt late discesyd was his god moder, and many ouer of the said John kyn and frendes at this day dwellyng w'in the cunte of Cumbreland; and therfore, be caws yt every trew Cristen man, by the way of charite, is bunden forto supporte & maynteyn yo trewth of every trewe Cristenman, and forto subdewe, repreve, & to put down all falssett and untrewit, tharfore we all whos namys eftyr folowes, that is to say Sr Christofer of Moresby knyght & stewerd of Penryth, & of all the whenys hamys, John of Crakanthorp of Holggull ryssavour of Penryth, & of the whennys hamys, Richerd Musgrave of Hertley Castell esquire, Johannet Musgrave of Edynhall wedowe, William Musgrave & Nicolas Musgrave esquires, Robert of Warcop of Warcop esquire,

John Warcop, John Maunchell, Robert Maunchell esquires, William Hoton of Penreth, Rolland Wharton, William Bethum & John Bost of Penreth gentilmen, John Watson, John Gryndon, John Symson, Richard Robynson, Henry Kirkbeke, Robert of Gyll of Penz & John Mekyll of Penry, & god faders of the same John Malson yemon, John of Carleton, Thomas Carlton, John of Wyndshalys, William Wyndshalys, Robert Walkar & John Walkar of Langwathby yemon, wt many oder mo, will uphald, maynteyn apon our treuth & worshippys at ye said John Malson is a Inglissh born man, gyttyn & born as is abown said. In wittenesse of the same we have setto our sealles at Penrz, ye xxj day of Januar', & ye xxj yer of our soveran lorde Kyng Edward the fourth.—[Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 352.]



Too all maner of men this present writyng seyng or heryng, 1484. God graunte & gyff thaym joy and comforth. And for as mykel as it is meritorie, nedeful & spedeful to every man to pupples and declare in ilke mater the treuth, and specially there where trewth is liklie wtowte recorde and wittenesse to be oppressid and set oparte froym the scewres of right, I, Sr Thomas Flesho", the vicar of Estwitton in the countie of Yorkshire, sayes and beris wittenesse of myn prestehode, also declareth opynlie for trewth yat I the sayd vicar in my kirk of Estwitton gaffe Confirmacion and Cristendom unto Alexaund' Annler wt all other observaunce acordyng to the constitucion of all holy kirke, wittenesse of his godfaders, yat is to say Alexaund' Blakborne, Thomas Tesedale, Ric' Darley wt all other neghbores, Alan Gaytterd, Willam Clapeham, Richerd Clapeham, William Teysdale, Willyam Bourell, and at every gude person will labur forto restore hym into his gude name and fame like as we trewlie and dulye woll afferme of o' wirshippes, and all such defamers as wold distrue eny rightful man forto gar hym lese his godes wt thare fals reportes to get thame a thanke wall, and it wer medeful to punyssh thaym in such fourme yat other fals flaterers may tak ensample wall. tak ensample wall. Written at Est Witten, on the Monday next after the fest of Saynt James the Appostell. -Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 351a.]


Memorandum, that ye ijd day of Novembre, the secund yer of ye regne of Kyng Richard ye Thrid, yer came oon Richard Davis of ye citie of Yorke, glovere, into ye councell chaumbre upon Owse brig, afore Thomas Wrangwish, yen being Mair of ye said citee; and afore all ye councell of ye said citee yen being yere and yan, and yere shewed a forget testimonyall

sormysing in ye same in ye names of diverse of ye honest men of Ripon, wher ye same testimonyall was forget, that oon Alisaundre Aunbler of ye said citie, glovere, shuld be a Skottishman borne; the contrarie wherof was yen & yere proved true in ye presence of all ye said councell by an oyere testimonyall of auctoritee & credence by ye said Alisaundre labored and sued in ye tyme yt Mastre Amyas was Mair of yis said citee, as in ye regestre of ye said citie in ye last ende yer of, next ye 'Vynters, Ordynaunce more evidently it may apper.

Item on Fryday, ye iijde daye of Decembre, came oon Thomas Watson of yis same citie, tanner, & oon George Hill into ye same councell chambre, afore ye said Mair and ye chaumbrelayns, and yen and yere shewed and declared that thay, and eythre of theym, wer present and herde when William Thomson of Rypon, Rawlyn Cundall of ye same, John Cole of ye same, mercer, & John Watson of ye same, shomaker, said and swor yat thay ne noon of theim wer nevere prevey to ye sealing of ye forsaid forged and untrue testimonyall, shewed & labord by ye said Richard Davis, and yt thay and every theym wolbe redye on thair owne cost to come hedre & make it good upon a book.

Item Richard Thoneton of yis citie of Yorke, spicer, came ye same day & tyme and place afore ye said Mair, and shewed and pl(a)ynly declared yt he was present & herde when Robert of ye Wardrop of Ripon aforsaid said and swore yt he was nevere privey to ye sealing of ye forsaid forged, false testymonyall.

Item William Banes, baker, and Thomas Blande sayd in ye same place & presence yat ye said Richard Davis proferd eythre of theym a pair of gloves to say yat yay sawe ye said forget & untrue testimonyall sealed.

Item Thomas Wright of Thriske came into ye same place & presence and offerd to swer upon a booke yt ye forsaid

Alisaundre Aunbler is a true Inglishe man, borne in Estwitton, and yt he welbe at all tymes redy to prove & make good eythre upon a book or els with his handes.

The x day of Decembre, in the yere abovesaid, before the said Mayre, in the said chambre, where and when personally appered John Gatescalles, Robert Wilkynson, John Hausse, John Downe, William Pert, John Kirkby, and Richard Watson.

Unto whome the said Thomas Wrangwish Maire, shewing first the testimoniall approbate of the said Alisaundre in the days of Robert Amyes Maire, and the above writyn declaracion concernyng the desetyng of a fals testimoniall, purchasid by the forsaid Ric' Davys, examined and demaunded of theme severally how they wold accept the said Alisaundre after the forsaid declaracion, which answerd and said, ichone of theme, that they wold accept hyme for a true Englisman as they did hertofore surmising none othere upon hyme herefter.-[Reg. A. Y. 354a.]


Md that the Tuesday next tofore the fest of the Nativitie of 1485. Saint John Baptist, that is to say the xxj day of the moneth of Lambe. Juyn, in the yeres of our Lord God a m'cccclxxxv, and the reigne of King Richard the Third secund, in the counsaill chambre upon Ouse brig w1in the citie of York, before the right worshipful Sir Nicholas Loncastre maire of the said citie, one Andrew Lambe of the same, baker, diffamed by certayn of his craft that he shuld be a Scot, borne in the realme of Scotland, appered personally, being present in the said chambre the moost part of his said craft, wt othre in grete nombre assembled ther, where and when for his perfiter declaracion that he shuld be an Inglissh man, borne w'in the realme of England, he shewed unto the said Mayre certayne recordes of auctoritie, as foloweth herafter; which red, serched, and duly examined by hym in the -presence of all his craft, chamberleyns and othre being present, and no thing probable object ayenst the same by the said craft, ne othir ther being present, the said Maire, after sad and mature examinacion of the said recordes in the presence forsaid, decreed and finally determyned that noo man of the said craft,

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