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same, Thomas Sourby, John Denyng, John Spane, Robert Lee, Thomas Grene, John Copden, yomen, sendes gretyng in our Lord God everlastyng, &, to whome it belongeth, dieu recomendacion. And for so mekyll as it is meritory, medefull, and a speciall dede of charite to certiffie and witnes the trewth in every rightwise mater, therfor we make it knawen to your universite that Robert Elwalde, the son of John Elwald, is a trewe Ynglischeman, getten of his fader beforsayd and born of his moder, win ye parysche of Saynt John Baptist within Hexham shire, & his godfadyrs callyd John Elwald of the said parische, & John Robson of ye Langelee, and his godmoder callid Janet Elwald of Hakefurth within ye said shire of Hexham, & Cristened in ye fount of ye said parische of Saynt John Baptist. Wherfor we pray & charitably exhorte all our good loufers, welwillers, and frendes that ye walde help & supporte the said Robert Elwald in his right, as ye wald we did to frendes and neghbours of yours, if the case require. In witnes herof we above said hase setto our seales. Gyffen at Hexham, the xxviijth day of Octobre, in the xijth yere of the regne of our soveraigne lord Kyng Henre the vijth.

Litera testimonialis pro Roberto Elwald de Eboraco conyour.[York House Book, viii. 12.]


Be it knowen to all Cristen pepill to whome this present 1496. writtyng shall here or see, that where it is meritorio to every Robinson. Cristen creature to certifye a mater of trewth, we, Thomas Darnwater of Lepington, gentilman, Sir William Darnwater, his broder, chantry prest of Saynt Mary kirk in Castellgate, John Bell of York yoman, Janet Bell wiff unto William Wright of York, and Issabell Materson wiff to Robert Abell of York fyscher, certifieth & recordeth that William Robynson of York, wever, is a trewe Ynglisch man borne, & was borne in a towne called Boulton in Westmerland, & Cristined within All Halowe kyrk within the said town.

His fader name

was William Robynson, & his moder name Katerine ; his godfader's name Adame Wolfe, & his other godfader's name was Adam Kedy, & his godmoder was John Dernwater wiff of Boulton gentilman, moder unto Thomas of Darnwater & Sr William Darnwater


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above written; and John Percevall of Ousby godfader unto yo said William Robynson under ye bischop hand, and Janet Bell above written god suster unto ye said William Robynson, John Bell, & Issabell Materson above wrytten, borne in ye said town wher the said William Robynson was borne. And for more declaracion of treuth in the premisez, we the abovesaid Thomas Darnwater, & oyer tofore named, ar


named, ar & shalbe redy to record & testifie thees premyses at every tyme when we yerto shalbe reasonably requyred. In witnes & record herof the partiez abovesaid hath setto theyr sealez, the xxiijth day of moneth of Decembre, the xijth yere of ye regne of Kyng Henry the vijth. [York House Book, viii. 140.]

1497. John,


Unto all Cristen men to qwome this present writtynge shall Thos., and come, we, Sir James Strangways Knyght, Thomas Prior of Ralph

Montgrace, Sr. John Pekett vicar of ye parysche kyrke of Osmonderley, Thomas Loraunce, James Balderston, John Baxster, Henr' Thomson, George Thomson, William Lowraunce, Robert Balderston, John Hudson, Thomas Dixson, William Noddyng, Thomas Hudson, Robert Laken, John Balderston, John Seneer, Robert Seneer, William Prud, Thomas Lokwod, John Cruke, Robert Appilby, John Laken & Thomas Laynge yomen. In asmyche as it is medfull & meritory to every trewe Cristen man for to certifie the trouth in every mater, therfor we certifie to yowe for trewth & recordie yat John Nelson, Thomas Nelson, & Raufe Nelson ar Ynglyschmen, & born in town of Osmonderley, & Cristient at ye same kyrk. In witnes wherof we have setto our seales. Geven at Osmonderley, the viijth day of ye moneth of Septembre, ye yere of our Lord m'cccc iiij.xvij. James Clerk, godfader.

Thomas Corte, godfader. John William Evynwood, god

Th. James Balderston, godfader. Nelson fader.

Nelson Issabell Wellerby, god-
Agnes Darley, godmoder.

Sir Rauffe Surtes, godfader.
Raufe Robert Makynson, god-
Nelson fader.

Agnes Yngilby, godmoder.
[York: House Book, viii. 27.]



1501. Richard

Unto all trew Cristen people this writtyng for to se, here, reid, we, Henry Conyers of Westlathes in Cleveland gentilman, Hamilton. Ric' Buk bailiff of Sadbery in the Bischopprik of Durham, Ric' Kelyngall of ye same, Thomas Philopp, William Makaregh, John Philopp of Newshom upon Tese in the said Bishoppryk, Raufe Philopp of Brignell in the counte of Richemond yoman, sendith in grettyng in God everlastyng. For als mekill as it is meretorie and medefull to wytnese trewth, and, in esspeciall, in suche thyng as may safegard hym yt is born in England that he shall not be suspect for a Skott, therfor by this oure lettre testimoniall, we, all afore rehersed, certifiez & recordez yt Ric' Hamylton, ye son of Andrewe Hamylton, was born in Wycliff in Richmond shyre, and Cristend at ye said Wicliff, and the parson of the said Wicliff & Ric' Buke was his godfaders, and Agnes Vincent, wiffe unto Christofer Vincent of Smeton, his godmoder; wherfor we pray & besecheth all trew Cristen people, yt thei woll votesave, at our request & prayer, beald, succour, & releffe the said Ric' Hammylton, wher so ever he inhabittez or abidez, as a trewe Englischman born, as yei wold we did to thaym or thayrez in a cause semeable, for, and the cause gretly required it, we mot prefe it yt it is as is afore rehersed wt an honest felischip of gentilmen & yomen. In witnes herof, unto this our lettre testimoniall we have put our seaulx, at ye said Wicliff, ye xviijth day of Junii, in ye yere of our Lord m'cccccj.-[York House Book, viii. 177.]

1506. Bartram

To all trew Cristen people the present wrytyng seyng, redyng, or heryng, George thabbot of the monastery of our Dawson. Lady of Alnewyk, Sr Rauf Gray of Chelvyngham win the countie of Northumbr' knyght, S" Ric' Browdon vycar of Heddon & commyssary of ye sayd countie, Sr Robert Crofton m' of the towne of Bamburght, Sr Ric' Davyson vycar of Ellyngham, Nycholas Forster, John Forster, Bartilmaw Bradford, John Hall constable of ye said town of Bamburght, Rauf Carre of ye Newlande, Edmund Craucester constable of Dunstaneburght, Harry Fenkyll, & Thomas Fenkyll win the said

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countie, gentilmen, Harry Kendal, William Fenkyll, Edmund Person, John Fenkyll, John Bell, John Shell & Thomas Franche, w'in the said countie, yomen, gretyng in our Lord Gode everlastyng, unto whome it apperteigneth due & humble recommendacion. Be it knowen to your universitez, that where we be enformed yt oon Bartrame Dawson of the citie of York, drapour, is senysterly defamed that he shulde be a Scottysshman borne, wherby he is grevously hurt in his name & goodes; and forsomuche as meretory and medfull it is to record & testyfie ye treuth on eny matter, duely required, that for the concelement therof prejudice be not ingenered to the innocent, we, therfore, testifiez & recordez yt the said Bartrame Dawson was gotten & borne in the town of Warmeden in the pariche of Bamburght, & Cristened win the pariche churche of the same, havyng to his godfaderz Ric' Craucester of the town of Craucester gent and Bartrame Fenkyll of the town of Newham yoman lately deceassed, and to his godmother Margaret Hudde of Shoston deceassed; wherfore we besech & desyre youe, & yche oon of youe, to admyt, repute, & take the sayd Bartrame as a Ynglesman, not yevyng credennce to suche defame & detraction in hurtynge the same person in his good name & goodes, and, at this our recorde emong youe, that he may be intreated accordyng as he ought to be. And for the more recorde of treuth of this our present testimoniall, we have, whos namez afore er reherced, setto our sealez. Yeven, the yth day of Octobre, in the xxiith yere of our soveraigne lorde Kynge Harry the vijth after the conquest of his reign.—[Reg. Civ. Ebor. A. Y. 340a.]

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[House Book, City of York, vi. 15 etc.]


It is concludit by the Maier, his breder Aldermen, and othre of the Common Counesell of the citie, that thei being in gude hope to fynd the king more gracious soveraine lord unto the forsaide citie, by the mediacon of the most reverend fadre in Godd th’archbisshop of York, and othre lordes spirituall and temporall of his moost noble Counsesaill, shewing theime and all thinhabitantes y’of gretely gladdit and joyed of the commyng of his moost riall persone, wt othre his nobles, unto the saide citie, have ordeigned and prepared to receyve the kinges' grace in forme folowing, that is to saie.

I. First, wher the two Sheriffes of the saide citie, for the tyme being, wt xx horses, haith be accustumed to yeve y'attendance of kinges herbefor resorting unto the citie at Tadcastre brige, being thextremitie of y' fraunches, it is now concludid that, not oonly the saide two Sheriffes, bot aswell two of the Aldermen, accumpaned with xl horsses, shall y' wait on his grace.

II. Secundly where the Maire and Aldermen, cled in long gownys of skarlet, and othre of the Couneseil, accumpanyd with thinhabitantes of the citie, have be accustumed to wait of kinges in lykwise commyng to the citie on horse bak, about two miles fro the citie, theibe determined that the saide Maier and Aldermen in like clothing of skarlet, the Common Couneseill and Clerc in violet, Chambrelayns in murray, and many of

, thinhabitantes in rede, on horse bak, shall wait on the king at Bilburgh crose, about v miles fro the citie, and othre thinhabitauntes, which may not ride, or be of power to have rede gownes, to yeve y'attendance on foote betwixt Dringhowsis and the citie, beside a certaine nowmbre of chyldrine as shalbe geddard togeddre aboute Sanct James' chappell, calling joyfully, ‘King Henrie,' after the maner of children.

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