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III. Thirdly, in the entre of the citie and first bar of the same, shalbe craftely conceyvid a place in maner of a heven, of grete joy and Anglicall armony; under the heven shalbe a world desolaite, full of treys and floures, in the which shall spryng up a rioall, rich, rede rose, convaide by viace unto the which rose shall appeyre an othre rich white rose, unto whome so being to gedre all othre floures shall lowte and evidently yeve suffrantie, showing the rose to be principall of all floures, as witnesh Barthilmew : and y’upon shall come fro a cloude a crowne covering the roses, after the which shall appeir a citie with citisyns, with the begynner of the same callid Ebrauk, which shall salute the king wt wordes folowing in prose, and y’upon present unto the king the keys of the citie, being thenheritaunce of the saide Ebrauke, yelding his title and his crowne unto the king as moost glad of hym above al othre.



Most reverend, rightwose regent of this rigalitie,
Whos primative patrone I peyre to your presence,

Ebraunk of Britane, I sitt nat this citie
For a place to my pleasour of moost prehemynence;
Herunto I recoursid for moost convenience,
In comforthing that by cource of liniall succession.
Myne heires this my citie shuld have in possession.

Of right I was regent and rewlid this rigion,
I subdewid Fraunce, and led in my legence;
To you, Henrie, I submitt my citie, key, and croune
To reuyll and redresse, your dew to defence :
Never to this citie to presume ne pretence,
Bot holy I graunt it to your governaunce,
As a principall parcell of your inheritaunce. .

Please it, I besuch you,


my remembrance,
Seth that I am premative of your progenie,
Shew your grace to this citie wt such aboundance,
As the reame may recover in to prosperitie,
And also of your grace gyve not your ee
Oonely to this citie of insufficience,
Bot graciously consider y'with and diligence.

It is knawne in trueth of grete experience

blode this citie made never degression,
As recordith by the grete hurt for blode of your excellence ;
Wherfor the rathre I pray for compassion.
And to mynd how this citie of old and pure

Gladdith and injoith your high grace and conimyng,
Wt our concent, knowing you y' sufferaine and king.

be gottyn

IIII. Fourtly, the king, commyng up the stretes, shall se the same furnishede wt clothis of the best which

may wtin the citie for the honourment of the same, and at his entrie unto Use brigge, in the end of the streetes of Skeldergate and Northstrete, becauce no gappes shall appeir, shall y be clothes hangid, and a convenient thing divisid wherby, if the weder be fair, of the lordes before and othre ne before the king schall rayne rose water.

V. Fiftly, shalbe on the hight of Ouse brigge a rioall troyne, and y'in sodanely appering, set togidder in counsaill, sex kinges crouned, betokining the sex Henries, which, after the sight had of the king, with certaine convenient laisour, avisidly shall commyt a ceptour unto Salamon, cledd as king, which Salamon shall y’upon, taking that ceptour, and saying the wordes folowing unto the king in prose, yelde unto him the saide ceptour in tokining that in hym is wisdome and justice.

Most prudent prince of pruved prevision,
Theiz premordiall princes of this principalitie
Haith preparate your reame, the vijth by succession,
Remitting reame als right to your rialtie.
Theiz ar kinges condigne of your consanguinitie,
Ful riall and rightwose in rewle of y' regence,
And ful lordly thai execute the lawes of y' legence.

Seth that God moost glorius, eternall sapience
Did insence me, Salomon, of his effluent grace,
Wherfore I am takin, as patrone of prudence,
To discuse up in conscience ich judiciall cace,
Revolving how with sapience ye have spent your space,
To the tyme of this your misteriusly
Obteyning as moost worthi your right not regosly.

Now reane ye, reule ye your reame rightwosly,
By politike providence, as God haith indewid,
To you sufferaunce in sapience submitting me umbly
Your sage favour sothfastnese haith so be shewid
In ich judiciall right this reame to be renewid,
Ye be avisid most worthi by graciouse affluence,
Submitting to your sufferaunt my septour of sapience.

VI. Sextly, shal appere in thend of a strete joining on the syde of Ousegate passing into Conyngstrete, shalbe a shew, and fro the same shall come hailestones to be maid by viace falling on the lordes and othre commyng ne before the king, hailestones to be made by craftes of cumfettes.

VII. Sevently, shalbe at the Common Hall a castell appeiring of grete force, wherin David, as the moost principall, shall appeir, and he shall we wordes folowing yeld unto the king a sword of his victorie: y'shalbe in that castell citizins, which, after a sight of the king and remembrance of hyme, wt gude countenaunce shall appeir in clothing of white and greyne, shewing y' trueth and hertly affeccion unto the kinge.


Most prepotent prince of power imperiall,
Redowtid in ich region of Criste's affiance,
Your actes victorious be notid principall,
In maner more noble then Charlis of Fraunce,
Seth God so disposith of His preordinaunce,
And right so yeve me might to devyne goodly,
I, David, submitt to you my swerd of victorie.


When I reynid in Judie, I know and testify
That Ebraunce the noble which subdewid Fraunce,
In memorie of his triumph this citie did edify,
That the name of his noble shuld have continuance ;
I witnesh that this citie, without variaunce,
Was never deflorid be force ne violence,
Wherfore I have chosyn it for my place to your presence.

Submitting it wt thafforce and trueth to your excellence,
Beseching your highnese ye more for myne instance

To this your inheritance tak gracious complacence,
Set yat it is your citie not filid wt dissavaunce,
Trew and bold to your blode, not dreding perturbance,
Which causid moost this citie to be desolate,
New reviving in comforth to attaine your asstate.

VIII. Eghtly, shalbe at thend of Swynegale joining of Staynegate our Lady, commyng frome hevin, and welcome the king in wordes folowing, and y’upon ascend ayane in to heven wit angell sang, and y'schall it snaw by craft to be made of waffrons in maner of snaw.

Henrie, seth my Sone, as thi Sufferayne haith the sembly assynyd
Of His grace to be governer for His people protection,
Full specially that thine heiez of petie be declinid,

pray the seth thi people haith me mich in affeccion,
My Son and my Soveraine in whome is eleccion,
Singulerly this citie haith honoured humbely,
And maide me y' meane włoutin objeccion,
In hope of y' help to have it holy.

in this space

What I ask of His grete grace He grantith it gudely

As a beame of all beutes benyngne,
The His knyght He haith callid victoriously
To convoce and concord His contrie condigne.


For this citie a place of my pleasing,
And have you no drede nor no dowting,
Continuall heir in this reynyng,

I shall sew to my Sone,
To send you His grace.



[From the Original Roll.]

Thies er the custumes and libertes, the qwhyche was concest and graunted to the Burgese of New Mallton at the fyrst fundacyon of the sayd Malton be the Lorde of ye same, and in all tymys hydyrward hath ben usyd.

Fyrst it was graunted to the for sayd Burgeses a wast of ather syde of the town of New Malton, yt the Burgeses and thare successors schall in the sayd wastys gett stone, and fro thens stone and erd take and cary to the edyficacion and beyldyng wtin ye sayd town, when som ever yat wyll, and als ofte as thay wyll, wt owtyn impedyment of any man. And thay schall haffe iiij portes, that is to say iiij zattes, and ye walles of ye sayd Burgage undyr . . . awn kepyng wt fre entre and goyng oute win the sayd walles of ye Burgage, we all ye proffettes of ye sayd walles, to the mendyng of ye sayd walles, and also of ye sayd zattes. And the sayd Burgese ever more hathe usyd for to pastur' and to fede yr bestes in ye fore sayd wastes.

Also it was grauntyd ye fore sayd Burgese common pastur' to all yr bestes in ye feyldes and in ye more, fer and ner, and in all othyr places, excepptt severall of ye lorde, wt fre entre and goyng owte to ye mor' by a large way, the qwhyche is called ye owtegang, wowtyn any styntyng; and ye pastur' and ye owtegang war graunted and gyffen to ye fore sayd Burgese of ye lordi's lande of ye fore sayd Burgage.

Also it was graunted and usyd yt ye Burgese afore sayd schulde haffe y fre cowrtt for to be haldyn w in ye Burgage a fore sayd; and thay schall haffe two Ballyffes and two undyr

1 Ballyffes, j Burgese clerke resydentt and bydyng wt in ye sayd Burgage, for to hold the fore sayd cowrtt of ther own fre will ... be xij sworne Burgese be thar fayth yt thay made to the lorde and to ye commonte of ye sayd Burgage. And yt noo othyr Balyffe schal make no tachement nor somond wt in ye fore sayd

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