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Burgage wt owte ye Balyffe of ye Burgage ye is sworne. And y no distreyn yt is made wt in ye sayd Burgage schall be remevyd we owten ye libertye of ye sayd Burgage.

Also [it] is grauntyd and usyd yt ye fore sayd Burgese schall make bott ij suttes by ye zer' to ye sayd cowrtt, that is to say, at ye grete cowrtt next eftyr ye fest of Sayntt Myghell, and at ye grett cowrtt next eftyr Sayntt Hyllare day, exceppyd thay haffe prisoners for to delyver, or jugement of any playntt for to be gyffen. And yai schall haffe y' viij days of somondes; and at all ye fore sayd cowrtes may ye Burgese assoyn game ons or twyse, and iffe yai make a defawte and apper efter ye seconde assoyn yai schall be amersyd iiij d., and no more.

Also it is usyd yt noo man yt haldes of thame schall haffe noo cowrte bot alonly ye Burgese cowrte, and also y' schal noo cowrtt be halden wt in ye liberte of ye Burgage bot ye şayd cowrte of ye Burgage.

Also it is grauntyd and usyd y no Burgese, nor noo odyr man that dwellys wt in ye Burgage, schall sew one a nodyr bot alonely in ye cowrtte of ye Burgage; and iffe any Burgese of ye sayd Burgage be sewed be any man of ye contre, or any neghbur of ye sayd Burgage, the sayd Burgese schall haffe hys viij days respett; and iffe so be yt and he come in to ye cowrte ye fyrst day after he be atachyd, and aske viij days fro yt day and also he schall haffe hys delays, that is to say twa assoynys after every apperyng; and that als well ye playntyffe as ye defender in all maner of playnttes als well of dett as of trespas, and also in pley of lande and als wele wagyd os be fore.

And iffe so be yt and a Burgese of ye sayd Burgage sew hys neghbur of ye same town, no Burgese or any man of ye contr... e schall haffe cowrte fro day to day wt hys delays, yť is to say two assoynis, als wele ye playnttyffe as the defender.

And iffe so be yt he apper not after ye seconde assoyn, than schall ye foresayd soyn be turned in to defawte, and he schall be amercyd be ye aferyng of xij men.

Also it is usyd yt yffe any man that dwellys wt in ye sayd Burgage, als wele a foraner as Burges, be sommonyd or atachyd to any cowrte we owte ye Burgage, or to the wapyntak, the Balyffes or Subbalyffes of ye said Burgage, or any

mynister of ye Lorde's haffyng lett' patant of the lorde, come to thame yt hold ye sayd cowrtt or wapyntake the fyrst day of somondes or atachement, and aske yo prevalege of ye Burgage, he yt holdes yo cowrte or wapyntake schall graunte it, so y yo ryght jugement be done to every man.

Also it is graunted and usyd that ye jugement of all maner of playnttes and consideraconys in ye sayd Burgag cowrte schall be gyffen and jugyd be ye sutterys of ye sayd cowrte, and all mercyamentes fered, exceppyd alonely the amercyamentes of ye comon backster and assyse of brede, and of alle odyr transgrescyons yt towchys the lorde's persons.

Also it is grauntyd yt alle Burgese of ye sayd Burgage schall be fre of all maner of toll of ye lord in all maner of merchauntyse, bot iffe yai be assocyat wt any foroner or stranger, and than the foroner and the stranger schall gyffe toll als wele for ye Burgese as for hym selfe, exceppyd common bucherys, the qwyche gyffes toll dayly of old custom, and exceppyd Burgese yt sellys heryng in Lentyn, ye qwhyche schall gyffe for sellyng of m' heryng j d., or ellys for sellyng of ye same thay schall gyffe to ye skattegyld iij d.

Also it is grauntyd to thame a fre prison for all maner of evyll doers that er takyn wt in ye Burgage, that in ye sayd cowrte, by ye commonte of the sutterys, thay may juge the sayd prisoners or mysdoers and delyver thame. And ye sayd Burgese schall wt in ye Burgage ordan a pelory and a thow, lawfull and strang.

Also it is usyd yat ye Burgese of ye sayd Burgage schall answere be fore the justyse of in all


and inqwyres wt xij chosyn of the same; and also before the scheryffe in hys Turne holdyn wt in ye liberte of ye Burgag, and in no nodyr place; and that ye sayd Burgese schall make y' a panyll of ye sayd xij, and yt panyll schall be presentyd and delyvered be fore ye Justicie or ye Scheryffe by ye Balyffe, or Subballyffe of ye same Burgag.

Also it is grauntyd to ye sayd Burgese a liberte for to grynde y corne and yr maltt at the mylne of ye lord, that is to say, when j qwharter wheytt is sald for iiij s., than schall y corne be multyrd at yo xvj vessell; and qwhen j qwharter


qwheytt is sold for iiij s. vj d. and mor to it come to vj s., yan yr corn schall be multeryd at ye xx vessell; and qwhen j qwharter qwheytt is sold for vj s., than yr corn schall be multeryd at ye xxiiij vesell.

And yai schall haffe in ye sayd mylnes two mylners and j page chosyn by yo assent of ye commonte of ye Burgage, the qwhyche mylners schall be sworn in ye cowrtt at two tymes in yo yere, that is to say, at ye two hede cowrttes to ye commonte off the Burgage, and non of the mylners schall take no maner of thyng of thame yt grynd y corn for ys labor, bott alonly of hym yt is ye chefe mylner.

Also ye sayd Burgese schall grynd iiij qwhartars maltt for j d., and it be broght to the mylne all to gedyr and at o tyme; and zhe haffe bott j quarter at o tyme, thay schall gyffe for ye sayd quarter gryndyng a farthyng.

Also it is used that all maner of mesurys of ye mylne that yai take multyr wt schall (be) proved in ye sayd cowrte of the Burgage by ye Balyffes two tymes in ye zhere, and yk schal no mylner be remevyd fro ye sayd mylnes wt owtyn ye assent of ye commonte of ye Burgage, nor yk schall no mylner be putt into ye sayd mylne w' outyn ye assent of ye commonte, nor mynyst'in ye sayd mylnes before yt he be sworn to be trew to ye commonte.

Also it was grauntyd and usyd yt all ye Burgese of ye sayd Burgage, and all yt dwels wt in it, may grynde yr corn and y" maltt yt yay by in ye contre, or in ye markytt, qwher some ever yay wyll, wt owtyn any impediment so yt ye corne or maltt com never w'in yr howses.

Also the sayd Burgese schall haffe ye standard, that is to say the buschell, halff a buschell and j qwartir of j buschell, and j galon, j potell and j qwarte, j zerde wande, and weghttes wt j pare of balanys, the qwhyche mesures schuld agro wt the kynge’s standard, and be merkyd wt ye merke that is ordande yk fore; and all maner of mesurys yt er fordon w'in ye sayd Burgage, als wele in ye mylne as in any odyr place, schall be schewed and prevyd be fore ye Balyffes and ye commonte of ye Burgage, and be merkyd wt ye merke afore sayd ; and ye standard before sayd schall be selled wt ye common seall, and ye

merke schall be kepyd undyr ye seallys off iiij Burgese chosyn for the same intent.

Also it is grauntyd that al maner of bakars and buchers schall be sworn two tymes in ye yere to ye commonte of ye Burgage, that is to say at ye two grete cowrttes, ye yay

haffe done trewly in yr ocupacyon and schall do trewly; and if so be the buchers wyll not doo so, thay schall be amersyd at ye sayd cowrtt; and the bakars schall be amersyd als ofte as yai fayll; and also ye sayd bakars schall haffe holle brede aftyr ye ordenance of ye Ballyffes; and also y no bakar y bakys qwhytte brede schall bake brown brede for to sell, nor he yt bakys brown brede schall bake no qwhyte brede.

Also it is usyd and grauntyd that every Burgese of ye sayd Burgage may lawfully sell y' maltt and yk ale ye commys owte of y garnes we owtyn any interrupcyon of ye Lord or of ye Ballyffes, and yai may sell yk ale wt in yr awn howses of qwhat pryce som ever thay wyll, and yat, als wele of ye malt yt thay by, as of ył that yay hafe in y* garnes, every tyme in ye zere.

Also it is grauntyd and usyd yt all men yt dwellys win yis sayd Burgage may sell bred and ale of all maner of pryce yt yay wyll in the fest of Sanct Myghell and in ye feste of ye Byrthe of oure Lorde, un to the next cowrtte aftyr ye sayd fest, wt owtyn any interupcion of ye lord or of the Ballyfes.

Also it is grauntyd and usyd that every common brewer yt wyll sell ale wt owtyn yr howses, y thay schall mak yi fyne j tyme in ye zero wt ye Ballyffes of ye Burgage, that is to say at ye fest of ye Puryfycacyon of oure Lady, for all ye zere: and thay schall pay halfe yi fyne att ye fest of Saynt Petyr callyd ye Ad Vincula; and ye todyr halfe at ye fest of ye Puryfycacyon of owr Lady in ye zere next folowyng, excepyd the brewers yt holdys of ye knyghty's fee : and ye brewers yt holdes of ye Prior of Malton, the qwhyche makes noo fyne nor gyffes no thyng to ye Lorde.

Also it is usyd y the sayd Burgese schall chese in y" cowrte two ale tastars, ye qwhyche two tastars wt j subballyffe schall taste the ale of all common brewers every weke; and yai fynde any ale not sufficiant for j peny a galon, than ye sayd tasturs schall sett it at iij farthynges j galon ; and iff so be ye brewers wyll sell it abown yt price, thay schall be amersyd, and ye ale schall be forfett: and ye sall be als wele of ye

brewers that hold of ye Prior of Malton, and of ye Knyghte's fee, as of othyr brewers of ye sayd Burgage.

Also it is usyd and graunted yt every Burgese schall gyff to ye Lord one tyme in ye zere a farme for hys tenement, the qwhyche is called the gaffelege, that is to say, for every tenement yt hath j dore j d. And yf so be it be lattyne in farme to ye cowrte of ye burgage aftyr ye fest of Seyntt Myghell : and for every howse yt is lattyn to farme that hathe two doores ij d. in ye zere to ye sayd cowrte; and for every tofte yt is nott beldyd jd. by ye zere, exceppyd yay be tenementes of ye Knyghte's fee, or of ye Prior of Malton, ye qwhyche gyffes no thyng to ye Lorde. And if so be a Burgese appropyr many tenementes lyyng all to gedyr, and hold yam to hys propyr use, he schall gyffe butt j gaffelege to ye Lorde, as it war for j tenement.

Also yffe so be yt any Burgese haffe dyverse tenementes to hys awn use in dyverse places, or yf he make of j tenement dyverse tenementes wt dyverse tenandes dwellyng in thame, he schall gyffe hale gaffelege, and it is lefull to every Burgese to sell hys tenementes, or to gyffe yame, or to wyll yame in hys testament w owtyn impedyment of the Lorde or of ye Balyffes, and the Lorde of ye fee schall not haffe, nor never hade, yo warde of ye herytage of any Burgese of ye sayd Burgage, nor he schall never clame no thyng of ye herydance, bott alonly hys faythe for hys tenementes or hys lande aftyr ye decesse of hys predecessors.

Also it is ordanyd yt no groser of fysche awe to cutt hys awn fysche be hym selffe, nor be a nodyr man, bott yffe ye sayd fysche be boght wt odyr men ; and yff he doo he schall be amersyd and the fysche sall be forfett.

Also it is ordanyd that no schomakar that makes schone schall nott ocupy nor use the tannars crafte, nor a tannar schall not use nor ocupy schomakar crafte.

Al thyes lyberteis and customes [above] wrytyn, w many othyr moo liberteis, the qwyche un to the lib . . . Burgage pertenys, the fore sayd Burgeses claymes for to hafe . . . and yr antecessors liberally hafe usyd be fore tyme, [the qwhyche ty]me is wt owtyn man's membraunce or mynde, the qwhyche ...in ye clayme of ye sayd Burgeses and also in tyme . . to be clay med.

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