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If age's blank oblivion prove it just,
Why should the energies of youth mistrust?
And if, while life is ebbing fast away,
The soul expatiate in the realms of day,

Why should its glorious bloom that knows no blight,
Drink in no raptures from the land of light?

Do you still doubt it? Ask the falt'ring breath,
The cup of anguish, or the couch of death;
Ask of th' eternal harmonies that greet
The ear of Him who fills the mercy-seat;
An answer waits you as those anthems rise,
And in the welt'ring flame that never dies.

Lord, I believe it; help my unbelief!
The soul asks all things, though the pray'r be brief;
It asks Thyself to rend the heav'ns, and make
This heart thy temple for thy mercy sake,
That walking in thy light, the world may see,
The brightness of thy glory, Lord, in me.



"There remaineth a rest for the people of God."

THOU hast reach'd the place of rest, the calm and tranquil shore,
Thy spotless soul shall feel the pangs of sin and grief no more;
No longer shalt thou be of winds and waves the sport,

For thy little bark hath anchored within the peaceful port,

The mourner's tears were shed above thy early grave,

But thy soul hath triumphed in the might of Him who came to save ;
Of Him who bled and died, that men might be forgiven,
Who, on his blood-dropped cross bequeathed the heritage of heaven.

Thou hast joined the white-robed host that hymn around the throne,
The voices of the angel-choirs have hailed the sainted one ;
For thy soul hath fled away to the mansions of the blest,

“ Where the wicked cease from troubling, and the weary are at rest.”


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Evangelical Miscellany.



"TENTYRIS, or Tentyra, was formerly a celebrated city of Egypt. Near its ruins is a large village, which has preserved nothing of the splendour of the ancient city but its name of Dendera, which reveals something of its antique origin. It is built at some distance from the western shore of the Nile, at the extremity of a very fertile plain. The orchards surrounding it, the fruits of which, such as oranges, lemons, pomegranates, grapes, and figs, are exquisite, render it delightful, and procure there a delicious coolness in the midst of countries so scorched. A forest of palm and of fruit trees, of which the ancients have made mention, exists still in its environs, and supplies the greatest part of the fuel consumed in Egypt."

The magnificent temple of Isis, represented in our engraving, is thus described by Sonnini. "I found myself before one of the most beautiful monuments of ancient Egypt, which time, and the fatal genius of destruction, had equally assailed; but VOL. IX. 3rd SERIES.

H h

which, in part, withstood their strokes and their efforts. In the midst of ruins and rubbish, occupying a vast space of ground, a temple still rears itself entire, and in high preservation; a testimony of the grandeur and the magnificence of ancient Tentyris. This is one of the most striking edifices on which antiquity has endeavored to impress the seal of immortality, which the Egyptians have had constantly in view in the prodigious works which they executed. It was dedicated to Isis; and this tutelary divinity of Egypt was worshipped there under the form of a CAT!"


SEVERAL years had glided away since Sophia Merton had given a decided proof of her devotedness to Christ.* She continued to advance in Christian attainments, and to pursue, with undeviating steps, the path of godliness and peace. By her active exertions and benevolent contributions, she promoted, according to her ability, the various institutions which adorn our beloved country. In the sick chamber she was always a diligent visiter and a liberal benefactress; thus ameliorating the temporal and spiritual necessities of the destitute and afflicted. Here she found ample scope for her sympathetic mind, and her counsels and her prayers were, in many instances, crowned with the Divine blessing. Often did joy sparkle in the mourner's eye, while the dying exulting in the prospect of everlasting happiness, exclaimed, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for thou art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me."

But an event occurred that was to try her faith, and prove its reality. Her aunt Netherton had, for several years, manifested symptoms of declining health, and was recommended by her physician, to visit a warmer climate. She fixed upon the South of France, and, accompanied by her niece, proceeded first to Marseilles, a part remarkable for the mildness and beauty of its climate. It is considered by many as the finest city in France, and the principal port in the Mediterranean, supposed to have been

* See page 230.

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