The Baviad, and Maeviad

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Becket and Porter, 1811 - 191 strán (strany)

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Strana xiii - crashing torrents,' and ' petrifying suns.' From admiration to imitation is but a step. Honest Yenda tried his hand at a descriptive ode, and succeeded beyond his hopes : Anna Matilda...
Strana 21 - Hypsipylas, vatum et plorabile si quid, ,,eliquat, ac tenero supplantat verba palato. 35 ,,Assensere viri. nunc non cinis ille poetae ,, Felix? non levior cippus nunc imprimit ossa? ,,Laudant convivae. nunc non e Manibus illis, ,,nunc non e tumulo fortunataque favilla ,,nascentur violae? rides, ait, et nimis uncis 40 ,,naribus indulges.
Strana 101 - And who with pious hand shall bring The flowers she cherish'd, snowdrops cold, And violets that unheeded spring, To scatter o'er her hallow'd mould ? And who, while memory loves to dwell Upon her name, for ever dear, Shall feel his heart with passion swell, And pour the bitter, bitter tear...
Strana 74 - Defendente vicem modo rhetoris atque poetae, Interdum urbani parcentis viribus atque Extenuantis eas consulto. Ridiculum acri Fortius et melius magnas plerumque secat res.
Strana 141 - ... greatly injured in his said good name, fame, and credit, and brought into public scandal, infamy, and disgrace, with and amongst all his neighbours and other good and worthy subjects of this realm, insomuch that divers of those...
Strana 75 - What commonplace talking is that? Here is some more of the same stuff: — Then let your style be brief, your meaning clear, Nor, like Lorenzo, tire the labouring ear With a wild waste of words; sound without sense, And all the florid glare of impotence. Still, with your characters your language change, — From grave to gay, as nature dictates, range; Now droop in all the plaintiveness of woe, — (!!) Now in glad numbers light and airy flow; Now shake the stage with guilt's alarming tone, (!!)...
Strana 19 - ... quo didicisse, nisi hoc fermentum et quae semel intus innata est rupto iecore exierit caprificus?' 25 en pallor seniumque! o mores, usque adeone scire tuum nihil est nisi te scire hoc sciat alter? 'at pulchrum est digito monstrari et dicier "hic est." ten cirratorum centum dictata fuisse pro nihilo pendes?
Strana 26 - ... belle' hoc excute totum: quid non intus habet? non hie est Ilias Atti 50 ebria veratro? non siqua elegidia crudi dictarunt proceres? non quidquid denique lectis scribitur in citreis? calidum scis ponere sumen, scis comitem horridulum trita donare lacerna, et 'verum' inquis 'amo, verum mihi dicite de me.
Strana 30 - Some love the verse that like Maria's flows. No rubs to stagger, and no sense to pose ; Which read, and read, you raise your eyes in doubt, And gravely wonder — what it is about. These fancy
Strana 35 - Oh for the good old times ! When all was new, And every hour brought prodigies to view, Our sires in unaffected language told Of streams of amber, and of rocks of gold : Full of their theme, they spurn'd all idle art ; And the plain tale was trusted to the heart.

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