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A. D.

And to visit my Diocese in person once 1800 more in June 1800.-L. D.

June 6 to 17

Lost my old and worthy friend Dr. He- 1801 berden, in the 91st or 92nd year of his åge, May 16 May 16, 1801.

Consecrated, on Tuesday the 15th of 1802 June, 1802, the new Church and Church- June15 yard of Lower Eatington, near Shipston, in Warwickshire.

My most deserving, unhappy, friend, Dr. William Arnald, died at Leicester, August 5, 1802.

Visited my Diocese by CommissionCommissioners, Dr. Arnold, my Chancellor, and Dr. Evans, Archdeacon.

Aug. 5 1803

May 31

to June 3

St. James' day, July 25, 1804, held an 1804 Ordination in Hartlebury Chapel-3 Dea- July25 cons, 5 Priests the last I can expect to undertake.

Confirmations by the Bishop of Chester 1805 (Dr. Majendie.) March 27, Stratford.

March 27

28, Bromsgrove. 28,

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1807, Sept. 26. The Prince of Wales 1807 visited Lady Downshire, at Ombersley Court this month. I was too infirm to wait upon him either at Ombersley or Worcester; but his Royal Highness was pleased to call at Hartlebury, on Saturday the 26th of Sept.26 this month, attended by his brother the Duke of Sussex, and Lord Lake, and staid with me above an hour.

1808, April 23. Granted a Commission 1808 to the Bishop of Chester, (Dr. Majendie,) to consecrate the new Chapel and buryingground at Red-Ditch, in the parish of Tardebig; which was performed this day, Thursday, April 21, 1808, the proper officers of the Court, and two of my Chaplains


To this short narrative (the last paragraph of which was written by the Author only five weeks before his death) little more will be added.

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So late as the first Sunday in February before his death, though then declining in health and strength, he was able to attend his Parish Church, and to receive the Sacrament. Free from any painful or acute disorder, he gradually became weaker, but his faculties continued perfect. After a few days confinement to his bed, he expired in his sleep, on Saturday morning, May 28, 1808; having completed four months beyond his eightyeighth year. He was buried in Hartlebury Church-yard, according to his own directions. He had been Bishop of Worcester for almost twenty-seven years: a longer period than any Bishop of that See since the Reformation.


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