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But every virtue of the soul
Must constitute the charming whole,

All shining in their places.


A fretful temper will divide
The closest knot that may be tied

By ceaseless sharp corrosion :
A temper passionate and fierce
May suddenly your joys disperse

At one immense explosion.


In vain the talkative unite
In hopes of permanent delight

The secret just committed,
Forgetting its important weight,
They drop through mere desire to prate,

And themselves outwitted.



How bright soe'er the prospect seems,
All thoughts of friendship are but dreams,

If Envy chance to creep in ;
An envious man, if you succeed,
May prove a dangerous foe indeed,

But not a friend worth keeping.


As Envy pines at good possessed,
So Jealousy looks forth distressed

On good that seems approaching;
And if success his steps attend,
Discerns a rival in a friend,

And hates him for encroaching.


Hence authors of illustrious name,
Unless belied by common fame,

Are sadly prone to quarrel,
To deem the wit a friend displays
A tax upon their ust prai

And pluck each other's laurel.


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And are indeed a bog, that bears
Your unparticipated cares,

Unmoved and without quaking.


Courtier and Patriot cannot mix
Their heterogeneous politics

Without an effervescence,
Like that of salts with lemon juice,
Which does not yet like that produce

A friendly coalescence.


Religion should extinguish strife,
And make a calm of human life;

But friends that chance to differ
On points which God has left at large,
How freely will they meet and charge !

No combatants are stiffer.



To prove at last my main intent
Needs no expense of argument,

No cutting and contriving-
Seeking a real friend, we seem
To adopt the chymists' golden dream,

With still less hope of thriving.


Sometimes the fault is all our own,
Some blemish in due time made known

By trespass or omission;
Sometimes occasion brings to light
Our friend's defect long hid from sight,

And even from suspicion.


Then judge yourself, and prove your man
As circumspectly as you can,

And having made election,
Beware no negligence of yours,
Such as a friend but ill endures,

Enfeeble his affection.


That secrets are a sacred trust,
That friends should be sincere and just,

That constancy befits them,
Are observations on the case
That savour much of commonplace,

And all the world admits them.



But 'tis not timber, lead, and stone,
An architect requires alone

To finish a fine building-
The palace were but half complete,
If he could possibly forget

The carving and the gilding.


The man that hails you Tom or Jack,
And proves by thumps upon your back

How he esteems your merit,
Is such a friend that one had need
Be very much his friend indeed,

To pardon or to bear it.

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The noblest Friendship ever shown
The Saviour's history makes known,

Though some have turned and turned it;
And whether being crazed or blind,
Or seeking with a biassed mind,

Have not, it seems, discerned it.


O Friendship! if my soul forego
Thy dear delights while here below,

To mortify and grieve me,
May I myself at last appear
Unworthy, base, and insincere,

Or may my friend deceive me!


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