Satires, and Other Poems

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G. Willis, 1838 - 168 strán (strany)

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Strana 35 - Whiles his young master lieth o'er his head. Second, that he do on no default Ever presume to sit above the salt.
Strana 122 - It is not for every one to relish a true and natural satire; being of itself, besides the nature and inbred bitterness and tartness of particulars, both hard of conceit and harsh of style...
Strana 9 - I FIRST ADVENTURE*, with fool-hardy might, To tread the steps of perilous despight : I FIRST ADVENTURE, follow me who list, And be the SECOND ENGLISH SATIRIST.
Strana 39 - Could no unhusked acorn leave the tree But there was challenge made whose it might be. And if some nice and licorous...
Strana 14 - The dead-struck audience, midst the silent rout, Comes leaping in a self-misformed lout, And laughs, and grins, and frames his mimic face, And justles straight into the prince's place; Then doth the theatre echo all aloud, With gladsome noise of that applauding crowd. A goodly hotch-potch ! when vile russetings Are match'd with monarchs, and with mighty kings.
Strana 7 - Lo, there th' unthankful swallow takes her rest, And fills the tunnel with her circled nest. " His satires are neither cramped by personal hostility, nor spun out to vague declamations on vice ; but give us the form and pressure of the times, exhibited in the faults of coeval literature, and in the foppery or sordid traits of prevailing manners. The age was undoubtedly fertile in eccentricity.
Strana 48 - Seest thou how gaily my young master goes, Vaunting himself upon his rising toes ; And pranks his hand upon his dagger's side ; And picks his glutted teeth since late noon-tide? 'Tis Ruffio : Trow'st thou where he dined to-day ? In sooth I saw him sit with Duke Humphrey. Many good welcomes, and much gratis cheer, Keeps he for every straggling cavalier ; An open house, haunted with great resort ; Long service mixt with musical disport.
Strana 67 - With the island conge, like a cavalier, And shake his head, and cringe his neck and side, Home hies he in his father's farm to bide. The tenants wonder at their landlord's...
Strana 49 - So nothing in his maw? yet seemeth by his belt, That his gaunt gut no too much stuffing felt. Seest thou how side it hangs beneath his hip? Hunger and heavy iron makes girdles slip.
Strana 99 - Beat the broad gates, a goodly hollow sound, With double echoes, doth again rebound ; But not a dog doth bark to welcome thee, Nor churlish porter canst thou chafing see. All dumb and silent, like the dead of night, Or dwelling of some sleepy Sybarite ; The marble pavement hid with desert weed, With house-leek, thistle, dock, and hemlock seed. ******** Look to the tow'red chimnies, which should be The wind-pipes of good hospitality, Through which it breatheth to the open air, Betokening life and...

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