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The Spirit of the Present.
And now from France and England

Their dearest and their best
Go forth to succour freedom,

To help the much oppressed ; Now, let the far-off Future

And Past bow down to-day, Before the few young hearts that hold

Whole armaments at bay.


The Spirit of the Past.
Then, each one strove for honour,

Each for a deathless name;
Love, home, rest, joy, were offered

As sacrifice to Fame.
They longed that in far ages

Their deeds might still be told, And distant times and nations

Their names in honour hold.

The Spirit of the Present.
Though nursed by such old legends,

Our heroes of to-day
Go cheerfully to battle

As children go to play ;
They gaze with awe and wonder

On your great names of pride,
Unconscious that their own will shine

In glory side by side !

Day dawned ; and as the Spirits passed away,
Methought I saw, in the dim morning grey,
The Past's bright diadem had paled before
The starry crown the glorious Present wore.


LITTLE longer yet--a little longer,

Shall violets bloom for thee, and sweet

birds sing;

And the lime branches where soft winds are blowing, Shall murmur the sweet promise of the Spring!

A little longer yet--a little longer,
Thou shalt behold the quiet of the morn ;
While tender grasses and awakening flowers
Send up a golden mist to greet the dawn !

A little longer yetma little longer,
The tenderness of twilight shall be thine,
The rosy clouds that float o'er dying daylight,
Nor fade till trembling stars begin to shine.

A little longer yet-a little longer,
Shall starry night be beautiful for thee;

And the cold moon shall look through the blue

silence, Flooding her silver path upon the sea.

A little longer yet--a little longer,
Life shall be thine; life with its power to will;
Life with its strength to bear, to love, to conquer,
Bringing its thousand joys thy heart to fill.

A little longer yet-a little longer,
The voices thou hast loved shall charm thine ear;
And thy true heart, that now beats quick to hear

A little longer yet shall hold them dear.

A little longer yet—joy while thou mayest ;
Love and rejoice! for time has nought in store:
And soon the darkness of the grave shall bid thee
Love and rejoice and feel and know no more.

A little longer still—Patience, Belovèd :
A little longer still, ere Heaven unroll

The Glory, and the Brightness, and the Wonder, Eternal, and divine, that waits thy Soul !

A little longer ere Life true, immortal, (Not this our shadowy Life,) will be thine own; And thou shalt stand where winged Archangels

worship, And trembling bow before the Great White Throne.

A little longer still, and Heaven awaits thee,
And fills thy spirit with a great delight;
Then our pale joys will seem a dream forgotten,
Our Sun a darkness, and our Day a Night.

A little longer, and thy Heart, Beloved,
Shall beat for ever with a Love divine;
And joy so pure, so mighty, so eternal,
No creature knows and lives will then be thine.

A little longer yet-and angel voices
Shall ring in heavenly chant upon thine ear;
Angels and Saints await thee, and God needs thee,
Beloved, can we bid thee linger here !

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