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I will leave mine ancient foe!"

Though I wandered far and wide,---
Still he followed at my side.

And I fled where the blue waters
Bathe the sunny isles of Greece;
Where Thessalian mountains rise
Up against the purple skies;
Where a haunting memory liveth
In each wood and cave and rill;
But no dream of gods could help me—
He went with me still!

I have been where Nile's broad river

Runs upon the burning sand;
Where the desert monster broodeth,
Where the Eastern palm-trees stand;
I have been where pathless forests
Spread a black eternal shade;
Where the lurking panther hiding
Glares from every tangled glade;
But in vain I wandered wide,
He was always by my side!

Then I fled where snows eternal

Cold and dreary ever lie;

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Where the rosy lightnings gleam,
Flashing through the northern sky;
Where the red sun turns again
Back upon his path of pain ;-
But a shadowy form was with me—
I had fled in vain!

I have thought, “ If I can gaze
Sternly on him he will fade,

For I know that he is nothing
But a dim ideal shade."

As I gazed at him the more,
He grew stronger than before!

Then I said, " Mine arm is strong,
I will make him turn and flee :"
I have struggled with him long-
But that could never be !

Once I battled with him so
That I thought I laid him low;
Then in trembling joy I fled,
While again and still again

Murmuring to myself I said,
"Mine old enemy is dead!"
And I stood beneath the stars,
When a chill came on my frame,
And a fear I could not name,
And a sense of quick despair,

And, lo!-mine enemy was there!

Listen, for my soul is weary,

Weary of its endless woe;

I have called on one to aid me

Mightier even than my foe.

Strength and hope fail day by day;

I shall cheat him of his


Some day soon, I know not when,
He will stab me through and through;

He has wounded me before,

But my

heart can bear no more;

Pray that hour may come to me,

Only then shall I be free;

Death alone has strength to take me

Where my foe can never be;

Death, and Death alone, has power

To conquer mine old

enemy !


HE tender delicate Flowers,

I saw them fanned by a warm western


Fed by soft summer showers,

Shielded by care, and yet, (oh Fate unkind!)

Fade in a few short hours.

The gentle and the gay,

Rich in a glorious Future of bright deeds,
Rejoicing in the day,

Are met by Death, who sternly, sadly leads
Them far away.

And Hopes, perfumed and bright,

So lately shining, wet with dew and tears,
Trembling in morning light,

I saw them change to dark and anxious fears
Before the night!

I wept that all must die—

"Yet Love," I cried, " doth live, and conquer death-"

And Time passed by,

And breathed on Love, and killed it with his breath Ere Death was nigh.

More bitter far than all

It was to know that Love can change and die— Hush! for the ages call

"The Love of God lives through eternity, And conquers all!"



ITHOUT one bitter feeling let us part-
And for the years in which your love

has shed

A radiance like a glory round my head,

I thank you, yes, I thank you from my heart.

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