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HROUGH the blue and frosty heavens,

Christmas stars were shining bright; Glistening lamps throughout the City

Almost matched their gleaming light; While the winter snow was lying, And the winter winds were sighing,

Long ago, one Christmas night.


While from every tower and steeple,

Pealing bells were sounding clear, (Never with such tones of gladness,

Save when Christmas time is near,) Many a one that night was merry

Who had toiled through all the year.


That night saw old wrongs forgiven,

Friends, long parted, reconciled ; Voices all unused to laughter,

Mournful eyes that rarely smiled, Trembling hearts that feared the morrow,

From their anxious thoughts beguiled.

Rich and poor felt love and blessing

From the gracious season fall; Joy and plenty in the cottage,

Peace and feasting in the hall; And the voices of the children

Ringing clear above it all!

Yet one house was dim and darkened :

Gloom, and sickness, and despair
Dwelling in the gilded chambers,

Creeping up the marble stair,
Even stilled the voice of mourning-

For a child lay dying there.

Silken curtains fell around him,

Velvet carpets hushed the tread,

Many costly toys were lying,

All unheeded, by his bed; And his tangled golden ringlets

Were on downy pillows spread.

The skill of all that mighty City

To save one little life was vain ; One little thread from being broken, One fatal word from being spoken;

Nay, his very mother's pain, And the mighty love within her,

Could not give him health again.

So she knelt there still beside him,

She alone with strength to smile, Promising that he should suffer

No more in a little while, Murmuring tender song and story

Weary hours to beguile.


Suddenly an unseen Presence

Checked those constant moaning cries, Stilled the little heart's quick fluttering,

Raised those blue and wondering eyes,

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