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Is but the shadow from within, of the great glory

hidden there—

And morn and eve, and soon and late, the shadows pass within the gate.

As one by one they enter in, and the stern portals close once more,

The halo seems to linger round those kneeling closest to the door :

The joy that lightened from that place shines still the watcher's face.


The faint low echo that we hear of far-off music

seems to fill

The silent air with love and fear, and the world's clamours all grow still,

Until the portals close again, and leave us toiling on in pain.

Complain not that the way is long-what road is weary that leads there?

But let the Angel take thy hand, and lead thee up the misty stair,

And then with beating heart await, the opening of

the Golden Gate.



ACK, ye Phantoms of the Past;
In your dreary caves remain :

What have I to do with memories

Of a long-forgotten pain?

For my Present is all peaceful,

And my Future nobly planned: Long ago Time's mighty billows Swept your footsteps from the sand.

Back into your caves; nor haunt me
With voices full of woe;


I have buried grief and sorrow
In the depths of Long-ago.

See the glorious clouds of morning away, and clear and bright


Shine the rays of cloudless daylight,

Wherefore will ye moan of night?

Never shall my heart be burthened
With its ancient woe and fears;
I can drive them from my presence,
I can check these foolish tears.

Back, ye Phantoms; leave, oh leave me To a new and happy lot;

Speak no more of things departed,

Leave me, for I know ye not.

Can it be that 'mid my gladness
I must ever hear you wail,
Of the grief that wrung my spirit,
And that made my cheek so pale ?

Joy is mine; but your sad voices
Murmur ever in mine ear:
Vain is all the Future's promise,
While the dreary Past is here.

Vain, oh worse than vain, the Visions
That my heart, my life would fill,
If the Past's relentless phantoms
Call upon me still!


Y God, I thank Thee who hast made
The Earth so bright;


So full of splendour and of joy,
Beauty and light;

So many glorious things are here,
Noble and right!

I thank Thee, too, that Thou hast made

Joy to abound;

So many gentle thoughts and deeds

Circling us round,

That in the darkest spot of Earth

Some love is found.

I thank Thee more that all our joy

Is touched with pain;

That shadows fall on brightest hours;

That thorns remain ;

So that Earth's bliss may be our guide, And not our chain.

For Thou who knowest, Lord, how soon
Our weak heart clings,

Hast given us joys, tender and true,
Yet all with wings,

So that we see, gleaming on high,
Diviner things!

I thank Thee, Lord, that Thou hast kept

The best in store;

We have enough, yet not too much

To long for more:

A yearning for a deeper peace,
Not known before.

I thank Thee, Lord, that here our souls,

Though amply blest,

Can never find, although they seek,

A perfect rest

Nor ever shall, until they lean

On Jesus' breast!

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