Obrázky na stránke

But see, thy tender smile has cast

My fear away: this thought of mine Is treason to my Love and thine; For Love is Life, and Death at last Crowns it eternal and divine!


S strangers, you and I are here;
We both as aliens stand,

Where once, in years gone by, I dwelt

No stranger in the land.

Then while you gaze on park and stream,

Let me remain apart,

And listen to the awakened sound

Of voices in my heart!

Here, where upon the velvet lawn

The cedar spreads its shade,

And by the flower-beds all around,

Bright roses bloom and fade; Shrill merry childish laughter rings, And baby voices sweet,

And by me, on the path, I hear

The tread of little feet.

Down the dark avenue of limes,
Whose perfume loads the air,
Whose boughs are rustling overhead,
(For the west wind is there,)
I hear the sound of earnest talk,

Warnings and counsels wise,

And the quick questioning that brought

Such gentle calm replies.

Still the light bridge hangs o'er the lake,

Where broad-leaved lilies lie,

And the cool water shows again

The cloud that moves on high;—

And one voice speaks, in tones I thought

The past for ever kept;

But now I know, deep in my heart
Its echoes only slept!

I hear, within the shady porch
Once more, the measured sound
Of the old ballads that were read,
While we sat listening round;
The starry passion-flower still
Up the green trellice climbs;
The tendrils waving seem to keep
The cadence of the rhymes.

I might have striven, and striven in vain,
Such visions to recall,

Well known and yet forgotten; now
I see, I hear, them all!

The Present pales before the Past,
Who comes with angel wings;

As in a dream I stand, amidst
Strange yet familiar things!

Enough, so let us go, mine eyes
Are blinded by their tears;

A voice speaks to my soul to-day
Of long forgotten years.

And yet the vision in my heart,
In a few hours more,

Will fade into the silent past,
Silently as before.


HERE the golden corn is bending,
And the singing reapers pass,

Where the chestnut woods are sending

Leafy showers upon the


The blue river onward flowing

Mingles with its noisy strife,

The murmur of the flowers growing,

And the hum of insect life.

I, from that rich plain was gazing

Towards the snowy mountains high, Who their gleaming peaks were raising Up against the purple sky.

And the glory of their shining,
Bathed in clouds of rosy light,
Set my weary spirit pining

For a home so pure and bright!

So I left the plain, and weary,

Fainting, yet with hope sustained, Toiled through pathways long and dreary, Till the mountain top was gained.

Lo! the height that I had taken,
As so shining from below,

Was a desolate, forsaken
Region of perpetual snow.

I am faint, my feet are bleeding,
All my feeble strength is worn,
In the plain no soul is heeding,
I am here alone, forlorn.

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