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120 for $1.00

:: FAMOUS : •



Size 5 1-2x8 1100 SUBJECTS

Authors and their Homes, Famous Paintings, Architecture, etc. 150 ON LIFE OF CHRIST.

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Used in
Modern Flats

ING MACHINE becomes especially
desirable because of its noiselessness
and its compact form. Having neither
shuttle nor bobbin, it is only necessary to thread the needle and it is ready
to sew. Its simple mechanism is truly automatic, and a child can use it
effectively. With all the advantages claimed for any chain-stitch machine,
The Singer Automatic has the following points of preference. They

can easily be demonstrated by comparison :-
1st. It is absolutely the lightest-running, because it has the fewest parts, These advantages

these being of latest design, perfectly constructed and faultlessly finished.
20.-It is more easily threaded, its parts are better protected from dust, it has

especially commend more room under the arm, and is capable of a greater range of work.

3d.—The Broad treadle better promotes the health and comfort of the operator,

because it is lower, and the position of the feet can be changed at will. to the favor of the
The band-wheel shaft turns on cone bearings, thereby securing greater
steadiness and ease of motion.

apartment dweller.
SOLO ONLY The Singer Manufacturing Co. OFFSHET EVERY

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Vol. 63

September 30, 1899

No. 5


Anglo-Saxon Responsibilities...

By Sir Henry M. Stanley
Immortality: The Testimony of History.. 258

By the Rev. L. Mason Clark How Seven-Day Journalism was killed in London..

262 By Robert Donald, Managing Editor of

the “Chronicle"

THE WEEK : The Welcome to Dewey....

231 The Philippines and Chinese Exclusion .. 231 The President's Course..

232 No Secret Alliance..

232 American Reform in Havana..

233 Political Conventions.

233 The Anti-Trust Conference..

234 City Officials in Convention.

234 Rioting and Negro Miners. . .

235 New York's Reformed Primaries.

236 Charles P. Daly...

236 Rapid Transit...

237 New York's Public Schools.

236 The Transvaal..

236 The Dreyfus Case..

238 Gallifet and Guérin..

238 Austrian Cabinet Crisis.

239 Venezuela's Revolution..

239 The London “ Times" and Lord Rosebery 240

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The Outlook is a Weekly Newspaper and an Illustrated Monthly Magazine in one. It is

published every Saturday-fifty-two issues a year. The first issue in each month is an Hlustrated Magazine Number, containing about twice as many pages as the regular weekly

issue, and many pictures. Price.-The subscription price is Three Dollars a year, payable in advance. Ten cents a copy. Postage is Prepaid by the publishers for all subscriptions in the United States, Canada,

and Mexico. For all other countries in the Postal Union add $1.56 for postage. Change of Address.-When a change of address is ordered, both the new and the old

address must be given. The notice should be sent one week before the change is to take effect. Discontinuances.-If a subscriber wishes his copy of the paper discontinued at the

expiration of his subscription, notice to that effect should be sent. Otherwise it is assumed

that a continuance of the subscription is desired. How to Remit.—Remittances should be sent by Draft on New York, Express-Order,

or Money-Order, payable to order of THE OUTLOOK COMPANY. Cash should be sent in

Registered Letter. Letters should be addressed:


287 Fourth Avenue, New York Copyright, 1899, by The Outlook Company. Entered as second-class matter in the New York Post-Office.

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Registered Trade Mark.

Hand Embroidered

A rare stock of Irish Hand Embroidered single and double bed spreads awaits a discriminating choice. Prices range from

$20.00 to $45.00. Lace

These exquisite goods are best suggested by the prices which they command and which our customers know to be just,

$10.50 to $50.00. James McCutcheon & Co.

14 West 23d St., N. Y.

TOURISTS The only direct line to Manitou

and Colorado Springs is THE GREAT ROCK ISLAND

ROUTE Also best line to Denber.

Acknowledged by all to habe the Best Dining Car Service.

.Newest trains between Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City and Colorado.... Buffet, Library and Smoking Cars.

If you want a delightful trip on a strictly "up-to-date" train take the Big 5" from Chicago and Omaha, or No. 9 from Kansas City.

For handsome book Manitou and the Mountainsaddress

John Sebastian, G. P. A., CHICAGO

The Outlook

Published Weekly
September 30, 1899

Vol. 63

No. 5

It is not difficult to crowded on the long route of the procesThe Welcome to Dewey

distinguish between sion, all feeling that the one thing they a perfunctory ceremony and a genuine really care for in the excitement, parade, popular enthusiasm. The welcome which and holiday is a glimpse of Dewey himNew York—and through New York the self. The Outlook has asked Mr. James whole people will extend to the victor of Barnes, author of " Yankee Ships and Manila Bay this week will be genuine, Yankee Sailors” and other patriotic books universal, spontaneous. The natural love of history and fiction, to tell the story of of the people for a war-hero has centered this great occasion to our readers next around Admiral Dewey as it did about week, in a personal, clear, and simple Grant. The intrepidity of Dewey's attack narrative, and with it we shall present on Manila, the night entrance through the pictures, taken during the celebration supposedly mined channels, the complete itself, of salient and picturesque scenes. ness of the enemy's destruction, the dra- Major-General Wesley Merritt, in the matic circumstances of the fight, the fact same number of The Outlook, will tell of that our first great victory was at the other the famous meeting with Admiral Dewey end of the world -- all these things rightly at Manila, when he brought the first miliappealed to the popular imagination. tary support to our fleet, relieved the tenEvents since then have proved Dewey to sion of the situation, and, as first Military be not only a dashing fighter, a great sea Governor, divided the responsibility with admiral, but also a man of superb com the Admiral. mon sense, admirable reserve, timely wis dom, sturdy patriotism. Excellent as are the records made by not a few other

The exclusion of the

Chinese Exclusion commanders, naval and military, George

Chinese from Manila by Dewey's name is that which stands out General Otis has led to an emphatic proforemost in the history of the war with test from the Chinese Government to our Spain. The celebration will be worthy State Department. Our knowledge on of its subject : an imposing naval review the subject is derived from newspaper reunder the command of Admiral Sampson ports, but from these we judge that this with the North Atlantic fleet; a novel and exclusion of the Chinese is not based brilliant illumination of the bay and rivers; upon the law prohibiting Chinese immia procession, on an enormous scale, of mil gration into the United States, but upon itary bodies and civilians passing through the conviction on General Otis's a splendid arch of welcome and its ap the importation of the Chinese at the presproaches, to the designing of which Ameri ent time into Manila practically strengthens can sculptors and artists have contributed the hands of the Tagals in-arms against unstinted labor and skill; a systematic, the United States. How their presence and in a degree uniform, system of street in Manila does this is not made clear. It and house decoration; the presenting of has been suggested, on the one hand, that memorials and addresses; the entertain they are instrumental in smuggling ammument of officers and men in various ways nition and goods into the camp of the these are some of the forms which the

enemy; on the other hand, that their people's welcome will take. Most im continued importation intensifies Tagal pressive of all will be the people them prejudice against them and against the selves—perhaps two millions of them, United States Government, under whose

art that

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