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Vol. 63

October 7, 1899

No. 6

Joseph Chamberlain...

324 The Transvaal Crisis..


Portrait and Sketch The War in Luzon ...

281 Stephanus Johannes Paulus Kruger Dr. Schurman on the Philippines.. 282

“ Oom Paul”....

325 Captain Carter's Sentence...


Portrait and Sketch The Boston and Albany Lease.. 283 An American Garden.

327 The Political Assessment of Judges.. 283 By J. Horace McFarland The Negro of the New South..

Christian Liberty ...

334 The Pan-Presbyterian Council.


By the Rev. J. Max Hark, D.D. Bishop Potter on Divorce..

286 Country Holidays for Working-Girls..... 339 Theological Seminary Reform.

286 By the Hon. Maude Stanley The Prison Association ..

287 The Outlook and the Philippines...... 348 EDITORIALS:

America's Working People.—VIII. The Let Him Crown the Work..


Trades-Union Movement in Chicago... 349 Dewey's Home-Coming


By Charles B. Spahr Inheritance Taxes.. 292 An Abandoned Cloister...

357 Pastoral Letters..


By W. H. Richardson
The Hermit-Thrush...


By Francis Sterne Palmer The International Congregational Council 296

Miss Ophelia's Beau...

362 By the Rev. A. H. Bradford, D.D.

By Annie Steger Winston
The Story of Dewey's Welcome Home.... 299
By James Barnes

“ The Old Oaken Bucket” and its Author 366 Meeting Dewey in Manila Bay..


By James S. Gibson By Major-General Wesley Merritt, U.S.A. The Cameo-Cutter....

371 Admiral's Dewey's Firmness and Courage 315

By Clarence Urmy Sir Anthony van Dyck: The Antwerp


372 Anniversary

3.7 By Elbert F. Baldwin



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The Outlook




Vol. 63
October 7, 1899

No. 6

1899 Continued military ac Impressive 'evidences that the British The Transvaal Crisis

tivity continues on both Government is in earnest are found in the sides of the Orange-Transvaal frontier. In HubBloeden AB iransport mules and meat the Transvaal the commandeering orders to South Africa. The Government has are completed and the burghers are ready ordered nearly five million pounds of its for the field. Commandant-General Joubert army meat from the Louisville Packing is reported to have said that there are ten Company. Large orders have also been thousand men near Volksrust, the nearest received by concerns in Chicago, Cincintown to the Natal border. Commandant nati, and St. Louis. One result will Cronje has three thousand on the Bechuana probably be that the already high prices side. Opposing these there are, at this of meat in this country will become higher. writing, five thousand British near Dundee, in Natal, and a considerable force at the junction of the Kimberley-Johannes

The most important

The Orange-Transvaal burg railways near the other frontier.

event of last week in

Alliance Business has virtually ceased at Johannes

the Transvaal situaburg Such great numbers of Outlanders tion was the unanimous passing of resoluhave left that the mines are paying five tions by the Orange Free State Volksraad, dollars a day, with food, to those who will or Parliament, in accordance with Presiremain. It is rumored that at Pretoria dent Steyn's exhortation of the week prethe Transvaal Government has declared an vious. The first resolution instructed the emergency act of legislation, which author Government to use every means to insure izes the Government Bank to suspend peace without violating the honor or indespecie payments, closes the courts, and pendence either of the Free State or of suspends papers published in the English the Transvaal. The second resolution language. Mr. Bennet Burleigh, the war declared that there exists no cause for correspondent of the London Telegraph," war, and that war against the Transvaal, says that although both republics have if undertaken or occasioned by the Britmobilized their male population, good ish Government, would morally be a war order prevails everywhere. "I have never against the whole white population of seen people in such a crisis so well be Africa, and in its consequences criminal. haved and resolute, without the least air Come what may, the Free State will of boastfulness. Young and old are fully faithfully fulfill its obligations to the Transdetermined to fight to the bitter end. vaal in virtue of the existing offensive and Whatever may

be said to the contrary, defensive alliance. As the Orange Free there are large numbers of Uitlanders, State is connected with the Transvaal by English and other nationalities, who have the closest ties, not only of a formal agreeenrolled themselves to take up arms in ment, but of blood and race, this action defense of their adopted country.” The of the Volksraad at Bloemfontein is, of feeling among the Cape Colony African course, what might be expected. Howders, always strong, is now doubly so, ever, as the Orange Free State has long since every one has relatives in the Boer stood in friendly relations with the Britforces. The line of cleavage between ish Government, some English colonials British and Dutch in the colony is daily profess surprise and chagrin. One, Sir growing more marked; it will be surprising Walter Peace, Agent-General for Natal if it does not occasion even greater anxiety. London, is reported as saying that if the

Free State had been loyal, fighting would resolved upon obtaining coaling stations not have lasted fourteen days; it might there and thus endangering India; in now last two months. It is believed that North Africa, where the Chauvinists at the union of the Orange and Transvaal Paris long to avenge Fashoda. On Sunmilitary forces will add nearly three-quar- day last Cardinal Vaughan warned his ters to the latter's numerical strength, and, fellow-countrymen as follows: “ War is by the extension of Boer frontier, is sure still trembling in the balance, and a great to make the struggle far harder to concen- responsibility rests upon those deputed to trate.

safeguard the welfare of the British nation. An unjust or an unnecessary war would

be a great national crime, deserving divine The general feeling in Great chastisement, because it would be an The Feeling in Britain is voiced by the Rev. offense against God and mankind.”

Dr. James Stewart, who has spent the last thirty years in South Africa. Writing to us on the crisis, he says that

The Transvaal Boers

A Possible Consolidation the small oligarchy of Transvaal Boers

are divided into two do not mean to give and will not give to classes, Conservatives and Liberals. The white or black the smallest political or leader of the first is President Kruger; of municipal rights, except those which they the second, General Joubert, Vice-Presiare compelled by force to give. In conse- dent of the Republic,Commandant-General quence, the outlook is gloomy enough of the Army, and, with Mr. Kruger, one of The vast majority of the British papers, the triumvirate which governed the Transhome and colonial, heartily approve those vaal during the war of independence in passages of the Duke of Devonshire's 1880–81. General Joubert gained a vicspeech last week which read as follows: tory in every one of the battles fought

The obstacle which seems to stand in the against the British, and has been Viceway of a peaceful settlement appears to be the President ever since the re-establishment rooted conviction of the Boers that we cherish of Transvaal independence. He is equally designs hostile to their independence. That such apprehensions are unfounded has been

remarkable in a civil and in a military asserted as strongly as possible-officially in capacity. As Liberal leader he believes our despatches and unofficially by members of that the Outlanders should be permitted to the Government. The unfounded suspicions of President Kruger and his Government

vote both for the candidates for the presicannot relieve us of the duty of taking meas

dency and for those of the Volkraad's first ures for the protection of our fellow-subjects Chamber. They are already allowed to vote and in the interests of peace and good govern for those for the impotent second Chamber. ment.

Latterly General Joubert has been trying Many Liberals, however, are saying that to restrain the bellicose Conservatives, it can be only a few years until the ven and, according to the London " Times, "the erable President Kruger and the other postponement of hostilities is due almost bigoted conservatives pass away. When

When wholly to his influence. Now, however, that occurs, the Outlanders will have their he has been informed by the armed way. Why should not the latter wait, even burghers that, unless he is prepared to though the present situation be desperately take the initiative within a brief period, uncomfortable, rather than involve not he must relinquish command of the army. only the Transvaal but every South African General Joubert has long been the Liberal State in a horrible conflagration ? This candidate for the presidency. President war would quite probably be not only Kruger fears, so it is believed, that at the between the British and the Bocrs, but also next election the office may pass into his between the whites on the one side and, opponent's hands. Accordingly, he is on the other, the blacks, outnumbering now said to be considering a plan which them eight to one. There would also be will give him the satisfaction of not seeing a dire imperiling of Great Britain's duties his rival reigning in his stead, and at the in many parts of the world—in China, same time of wonderfully strengthening where she has the "open door" to keep the Transvaal, morally and materially, open; in the Persian Gulf, where she indeed as nothing else could. This plan must constantly fight France and Russia, is nothing less than his own resignation


in favor of President Steyn, of the Orange

Last week was

The War in Luzon Free State. The inevitable consequence of

eventful in a military this would be the consolidation of the two way than any since the rainy season beRepublics, or rather the annexation of the gan. On Sunday a naval expedition went Transvaal to the Free State. We hope up Subig Bay, landed a party, and dethat this union may take place. By this stroyed insurgent works at Olongapo withthe Transvaal Boers and the Outlanders out much serious resistance, capturing a would both be benefited.

Krupp gun and driving the enemy temporarily away from the vicinity. None of

our sailors was killed, and only one No conception of the Boer wounded. On Monday despatches from Religion in character is complete which General Otis were published stating that the Transvaal

does not take into account the sixty-five armed men had surrendered to strong religious admixture which obtains our forces in Negros and that the Panay therein. The most striking example of Island insurgents had made overtures for Boer literal faith in God is the contrast submission if good terms could be prombetween their defeat under the atheist ised them ; they were told that they must Burgers, whom they could not trust to lead surrender absolutely. General Otis also them into battle against the natives and so confirmed the news that General Bates had were routed, and their wonderful victories placed garrisons in several places in the over the British in the war of independence Sulu Islands, while in Zamboango the of 1880–81, when they fought with a cour chiefs were willing to receive a United age and persistence above all praise, in- States garrison on the curious condition spired by the stirring conviction that the that it should agree to withdraw if AguiLord was fighting with them and for them. naldo were finally victorious—a condition Few peoples have ever shown a more naturally declined with promptness. On touching reliance upon the Supreme Being the same day were published the particuThe great analogy is, of course, the setting lars of a minor success by the insurgents : forth of the Pilgrims from Holland, not they had seized, burned, and scuttled the far from the time when the Dutch also gunboat Urdaneta, which had been bomset forth from that country to found homes barding the town of Orani, on Manila and republics in South Africa. The Boer Bay. The crew of ten men, landed to religion, however, was like the Puritan in take possession of the place, fell into an this country- a seeming striving after an ambuscade and were captured, and, it is Old Testament rather than a New Testa- believed, taken to Porac by the insurgents ment ideal. It was also shown in the spirit who looted and sunk the gunboat. Cadet of entire democracy in ritual. Anything Wood, in command of the gunboat, was else would have seemed sacrilege. Ever killed. On Tuesday was reported an acsince the “Great Trek” in 1835 the tion of some importance in Cebu; here Dutch Reformed Church has been the General Snyder made an attack on fortiState Church of the Boers.

It is now

fied positions and captured seven forts divided into two factions, of which the with many old smooth-bore guns. Doppers, led by President Kruger, constitute the conservatives. The radicals insist on singing hymns, a performance

News from Lieuten

The Capture of Porac which the Doppers declare to be extremely

ant Gilmore and his

and Delivery of Prisoners worldly. The great festival in the Boer

fellow-prisoners has calendar is that of the Nachtmaal, or com- been received through two Englishmen munion, generally held at Christmas-time who have been in Aguinaldo's lines. at Pretoria, the capital. To this feast They say that the American prisoners are burghers come from all parts of the Trans at Vigan, and are well treated. These vaal, and, encamped about the capital, Englishmen say that five Japanese army present a truly pastoral and patriarchal officers are assisting the insurgents in the picture. Five of the nine legal holidays in north. The crops, they say, are plentiful the Transvaal are religious holidays, and the army is enthusiastic, but the ornamely, Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, ganization is poor and the discipline slack. Ascension Day, and Whit-Monday.

It is believed that the rebels will retreat

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