The Writings of Mark Twain, Zväzok 11

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Harper and Brothers, 1915

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Strana 108 - Would I were hang'd then! I'll conform myself. Dol. Will you, sir? do so then, and quickly: swear. Sub. What should I swear ? Dol. To leave your faction, sir, And labour kindly in the common work.
Strana 55 - Well " — hesitated the Colonel — " I am afraid some of them do buy their seats — yes, I am afraid they do — but as Senator Dilworthy himself said to me, it is sinful, — it is very wrong — it is shameful; Heaven protect me from such a charge. That is what Dilworthy said. And yet when you come to look at it you cannot deny that we would have to go without the services of some of our ablest men, sir, if the country were opposed to — to — bribery. It is a harsh term. I do not like to...
Strana 15 - ... in the nation's councils and its wars from the birth of the republic downward. Into this select circle it was difficult to gain admission. No. 2 was the aristocracy of the middle ground — of which, more anon. No. 3 lay beyond ; of it we will say a word here. We will call it the Aristocracy of the Parvenus — as, indeed, the general public did. Official position, no matter how obtained, entitled a man to a place in it, and carried his family with him, no matter whence they sprang. Great wealth...
Strana 228 - With faire discourse the evening so they pas: For that olde man of pleasing wordes had store, And well could file his tongue as smooth as glas, He told of Saintes and Popes, and evermore He strowd an Ave-Mary after and before.
Strana 299 - Perhaps it did not occur to the nation of good and worthy people that, while they continued to sit comfortably at home and leave the true source of our political power (the " primaries ") in the hands of saloon-keepers, dog-fanciers, and hodcarriers, they could go on expecting " another " case of this kind, and even dozens and hundreds of them, and never be disappointed.
Strana 66 - I seldom see you at a reception, and when I do you do not usually give me very much of your attention." "I never imagined that you wished it or I would have been very glad to make myself happy in that...

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