Statistical survey of the county of Dublin

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Graisberry & Campbell, 1801 - 276 strán (strany)

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Strana 42 - It is unforgiveable to use a knife to convey food to the mouth — unforgiveable and vulgar. The knife is held in the right hand and the fork in the left. When the desired morsel of food is cut, the knife is laid aside temporarily and the fork is shifted to the right hand. The knife and fork should never be held in the same hand together, and when not being used, one or both of the utensils should rest on the plate. They should never be allowed to rest...
Strana 74 - Lime, mixed with refufe tanner's bark, will, in two or three months, reduce it to a fine black earth, which it would require as many years to effect by its own putrefaction.
Strana 258 - ... of the faid houfe, where the ore has appeared, and probably takes its courfe towards the mountains. I am informed that, unlefs lead will produce thirteen ounces of filver in the ton of lead, it won't bear the coft of refining^ the lofs of lead being from two to three hundred weight in the operation. Lead ore has been alfo found at Kilmainham, being probably a continuation of the fame vein from Dolphin's-barn. And in the deer-park near Caftleknock, there was found lead ore and copper ore ; and...
Strana 258 - Hjll of Howth, and a vein of it on the fhore, about midway between Lord Howth's houfe and the Lighthoufe. On the North ftrand, almoft oppofite to an old quarry, near Clontarf town, are two or three veins of lead ore. A lead-courfe near Crab-lough, formerly wrought by Captain Vernon. Near Dalkey a lead mine, where, it is faid, fome hundred tons of ore have been raifed formerly. In Killiney Bay a work was begun in the year 1751 'r the ore •was faid to be rich, and to contain a confiderable quantity...

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