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Athwart the night with trains of bickering fire,
Like sphered worlds to death and ruin driven;
Some shone like stars, and as the chariot passed

Bedimmed all other light.



Spirit of Nature! here
In this interminable wilderness
Of worlds, at whose involved immensity

Even soaring fancy staggers,
Here is thy fitting temple.

Yet not the lightest leaf
That quivers to the passing breeze

Is less instinct with thee,

Yet not the meanest worm,
That lurks in graves and fattens on the dead

Less shares thy eternal breath.

Spirit of Nature! thou Imperishable as this glorious scene,

Here is thy fitting temple.




If solitude hath ever led thy steps
To the shore of the immeasurable sea,

And thou hast lingered there

Until the sun's broad orb
Seemed resting on the fiery line of ocean,
Thou must have marked the braided webs of golu

That without motion hang

Over the sinking sphere:
Thiou must have marked the billowy mountain clouds,
Elged with intolerable radiancy,

Towering like rocks of jet
Above the burning deep:
And yet there is a moment

When the sun's highest point
Peers like a star o'er ocean's western edge,
When those far clouds of feathery purple gleam
Like fairy lands girt by some heavenly sea :
Then has thy rapt imagination soared
Where in the midst of all existing things
Thic temple of the mightiest Dæmon stands.

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Yet not the golden islands
That gleam amid yon flood of purple light,

Nor the feathery curtains
That canopy the sun's resplendent couch,

Nor the burnished ocean waves
Paving that gorgeous dome,

So fair, so wonderful a sight
As the eternal temple could afford.
The elements of all that human thought
Can frame of lovely or sublime, did join
To rear the fabric of the fane, nor aught
Of earth may image forth its majesty.
Yet likest evening's vault that faëry hall,
As heaven low resting on the wave it spread

Its floors of flashing light,

Its vast and azure dome;
And on the verge of that obscure abyss
Where crystal battlements o'erhang the gulph
Of the dark world, ten thousand spheres ditsuse
Their lustre through its adamantine gates.

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The magic car no longer moved;
The Daemon and the Spirit
Entered the eternal gates.
Those clouds of aery gold
That slept in glittering billows

Beneath the azure canopy,
With the etherial footsteps trembled not;

While slight and odorous mists
Floated to strains of thrilling melody
Through the vast columns and the pearly shrines.

The Dæmon and the Spirit
Approached the overhanging battlement.
Below lay stretched the boundless universe !

There, far as the remotest line
That limits swift imagination's flight,
Unending orbs mingled in mazy motion,

Immutably fulfilling
Eternal Nature's law,



Above, below, around,
The circling systems formed
A wilderness of harmony,

Each with undeviating aim
In eloquent silence through the depths of space

Pursued its wondrous way.





Awhile the Spirit paused in ecstasy.
Yet soon she saw, as the vast spheres swept by,
Strange things within their belted orbs appear.
Like animated frenzies, dimly moved
Shadows, and skeletons, and fiendly shapes,
Thronging round human graves, and o'er the dead
Sculpturing records for each memory
In verse, such as malignant gods pronounce,
Blasting the hopes of men, when heaven and hell
Confounded burst in ruin o'er the world :
And they did build vast trophies, instruments
Of murder, human bones, barbaric gold,
Skins torn from living men, and towers of skulls
With sightless holes gazing on blinder heaven,
Mitres, and crowns, and brazen chariots stained
With blood, and scrolls of mystic wickedness,
The sanguine codes of venerable crime.
The likeness of a thironèd king came by,
When these had past, bearing upon his brow
A threefold crown; his countenance was calm,
His eye severe and cold; but his right hand
Was charged with bloody coin, and he did gnaw
By fits, with secret smiles, a human heart
Concealed beneath his robe; and motley shapes,
A inultitudinous tlırong, around him knelt,
With bosoms bare, and bowed heads, and false looks
Of true submission, as the spliere rolled by,
Brooking no eye to witness their foul shame,
Which human hearts must feel, while human tongues
Tremble to speak, they did rage horribly,
Breathing in self contempt fierce blasphemies
Against the Dæmon of the World, and high
Hurling their armed liands where the pure Spirit,





Serene and inaccessibly secure,
Stood on an isolated pinnacle,
The flood of ages combating below
The depth of the unbounded universe

Above, and all around
Necessity's unchanging harmony.






O HAPPY Earth! reality of Heaven!
To which those restless powers that ceaselessly
Throng through the human universe, aspire;
Thou consumination of all mortal hope!
Thou glorious prize of blindly-working will!
Whose rays, diffused throughout all space and time,
Verge to one point and blend forever there :
Of purest spirits thou pure dwelling-place!
Where care and sorrow, impotence and crime,
Languor, disease, and ignorance dare not come:
O happy Earth, reality of Heaven!

Genius has seen thee in her passionate dreams,
And dim forebodings of thy loveliness
Haunting the human heart, have there entwined
Those rooted hopes, that the proud Power of Evil
Shall not forever on this fairest world
Shake pestilence and war, or that his slaves
With blasphemy for prayer, and human blood
For sacrifice, before his shrine forever
In adoration beud, or Erebus
With all its banded fiends shall not uprise
To overwhelm in envy and revenge
The dauntless and the good, who dare to hurl
Defiance at his throne, girt tho' it be




With Death's omnipotence. Thou hast beheld
His empire, o'er the present and the past;
It was a desolate sight-now gaze on mine,
Futurity. Thou hoary giant Time,
Render thou up thy half-devoured babes,
And from the cradles of eternity,
Where millions lie lulled to their portioned sleep
By the deep murmuring stream of passing things,
Tear thou that gloomy shroud.—Spirit, behold
Thy glorious destiny !

The Spirit saw
The vast frame of the renovated world
Smile in the lap of Chaos, and the sense
Of hope thro' her fine texture did suffuse
Such varying glow, as summer evening casts
On undulating clouds and deepening lakes.
Like the vague sighings of a wind at even,
That wakes the wavelets of the slumbering sea
And dies on the creation of its breath,
And sinks and rises, fails and swells by fits:
Was the sweet stream of thought that with wild motion
Flowed o'er the Spirit's human sympathies.
The mighty tide of thought liad paused awhile,
Which from the Dæmon now like Ocean's stream
Again began to pour.-

To me is given
The wonders of the human world to keep
Space, matter, time and mind—let the sight
Tienew and strengthen all thy failing hope.
All things are recreated, and the flame
Of consentaneous love inspires all life:
The fertile bosom of the earth gives suck
To myriads, who still grow beneath her care,
Rewarding her with their pure perfectness :
The balmy breathings of the wind inhale
Her virtues, and ditiuse them all abroad:
llealth floats amid the gentle atinosphere,
Glows in the fruits, and mantles on the stream:
No storms deform the beaming brow of heaven,


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