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violent, and continued, and deaths from lightning have been frequent. In Burmah, we rejoice to observe that the missions of our Baptist brethren are prosperous and highly promising—Measures are in progress to establish a bank at Calcutta. It is said in a letter from Smyrna, which is copied without comment in the English papers, that Baron Rothscuild, the great European Jew banker, has purchased Jerusalem of the Grand Senior that he has engaged to furnish the Sultan with the enormous sum of 350,000,000 of piastres, (a piastre is little more than a third of a dollar) at three instalments, on condition of the Sultan's engaging, for himself and his successors, to yield to him the sovereignty of Jerusalem, and the territory of ancient Palestine, which was occupied by the twelve tribes. Here he proposes to call around him the wealthy Israelites of Europe, and the scattered tribes of his nation, and with these materials to renew the strength of that people, which we bave the authority of scripture for be. lieving will again be collected together. A part of the plan is to establish Seignio. ries, to distribute portions of land to all settlers, and to give them as far as possible their ancient laws: and a little army being judged necessary for the restored kingdom, measures have been taken for recruiting it out of the wrecks of the Jewish battalion raised in Holland by Louis Buonaparte–The expenses of the journey of those who remove are to be paid them in advance. Such is the statement. We should utterly discredit it at once, were it not that we live in an age of wonders. On the other band, if we yielded it our full belief, we should have many remarks to make on so extraordinary an event-The wealth of Baron Rothschild is believed to be fully equal to the payment, by instalments, of the sum mentioned about twice the present national debt of the United States.

AFRICA. A merchant vessel of the United States has been on a trading voyage to Alexandria, in Egypt—the first, it is said, that has ever been on such an errand to that port. It is stated that the Pacha visited and examined her with much attention. Our commerce is extending to every accessible place on our globe. But what, in our view, is of unspeakably more importance than commerce, we hope that our country is likely to be instrumental in extending the blessings of the gospel, to the benighted inhabitants of this vast continent. Within the last month, we have seen and conversed with three missionaries from Basle, in Switzerland, who are going out to our colony at Liberia, in a vessel probably now on her way to that place. Their purpose is to endeavour to establish themselves in one of the neighbouring heathen tribes. One of the missionaries has already spent some time in the place to which they are destined-He is now accompanied by his wife. All of them appear to possess a truly evangelical and missionary spirit. They hope to receive some aid from this country, as their resources at home are not abundant. 'A collection was taken up for them in this city, and the treasurer of the General Assembly's Board of Missions, with the approbation of the Executive Committee, bas consented to be the depositary of any donations that may be offered them. The object is a noble one, and we hope it will receive the patronage of liberal Christians in our country.

AMERICA. No very material changes have receatly taken place in the States which cover the southern portion of our continent. The United Provinces, of which Buenos Ayres is the chief, have concluded a peace among themselves. Lavalle, who so cruelly put to death the Governor Dorrego, has not been permitted 10 succeed him-Villemont has been appointed to that office, and according to usage was inaugurated on the Sabbath. Lavalle still retains a military command-By an order from Don Pedro, which it is said was prompted by the present Pope, the African slave trade is prohi. bited in the Brazils-Let both the Pope and the Emperor have due credit for thisThe emperor's new wife was on her voyage from Europe, and on her crossing the line a frigate was despatched to announce her approach, and the information was received with great rejoicing. The Spaniards, it appears, bad landed a small corps of men on the western shore of Mexico, intended to co-operate with the expedition on the opposite shore at Tampico; but on hearing of the defeat and capture of Baradas, they re-embarked. Mexico has set the noble example of an entire abolition of slavery, throughout the whole of its extended territory. In Colombia, a feeble at. tempt at insurrection was lately made, but without any prospect of success. Bolivar is triumphant, and we hope that peace will ere long be restored to the distracted re. publicks of the South, But a government really and permanently republican and free, cannot exist, while the population remains in the ignorance and superstition in which it is involved. No government can be really free, where the rights of conscience are controlled, and men are not permitted to worship their Creator, without restriction, in such manner as they believe to be most acceptable to him.

UNITED STATES.—The Congress of our country are to convene on the 7th of the present month; and as that will be the day of a monthly concert for prayer in a large portion of the churches of our land, it has been recommended in some of our religious periodicals that special and earnest prayer be then offered to God, in behalf of the rulers and legislators of our nation. In this recommendation we most heartily concur. In the approaching session of Congress two important subjects, intimately and deeply connected with our moral character, our honour, and our prosperity as a people, will probably come before Congress-We refer to the questions, whether the Sabbath shall continue to be desecrated, by the regular carrying of the mail and opening of the Post offices on that holy day; and whether our treaties with the poor Indians shall be regarded, or they be compelled to abandon their lands, the sepulchres of their fathers, and the schools and churches which have been established among them, and remove into a wilderness-to begin all anew, or to abandon themselves to des. pair. Unless, in answer to the prayers of God's people, an influence from on high shall descend and rest on the councils of our nation, we do most seriously fear that these subjects will be so disposed of, that the judgments of Him who is jealous for his glory, and the avenger of the oppressed, will come upon us. A truly fearful conflict is at hand-more fearful, in our estimation, than if half the nations of Europe were arrayed against us. The friends of religion and of Christian institutions, are at issue with infidels and formalists, and those who care for nothing but their god Mammon; and it is to be decided which of these parties shall direct the measures and rule the destinies of this nation. Let those who are on the Lord's side take their stand, and be as active and united as their enemies are, and we shall not fear the rosult. It is the want of prayer, of activity, of unanimity, and of energy, that we dread. We fear too that our friends--for friends we have-on the floors of Congress, will not come for ward in that open, firm, and yet temperate manner, which the crisis demands. We know not how it happens, but so it does happen, that our members of Congress seem to be far more reluctant than the members of the British Parliament are, to avow re. ligious sentiments, and openly and distinctly to advocate a cause connected with the vital principles of Christianity, and because it is thus connected. Let us fervently and unitedly pray that all who are called to speak and act in this concern may do it firmly, fearlessly, wisely, guardedly, temperately, and in the fear of God; and then we may hope that our prayers will be answered, and our country be saved.

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** While the last half sheet of our present number was in the hands of the printer, we received the prospectus of the publication announced below. It is one exceedingly needed, and we earnestly recommend it to the attention and patronage of our readers. James B. Requa, proposes to publish on the second day of January, 1830, a weekly paper,


THE PROTESTANT. The Protestant will include--Narratives displaying the rise and progress of the Papacy; its spirit and character in former periods; its modern pretensions; and its present enterprising efforts to recover and extend its unholy dominion, especially on the Western Continent.

Biographical notices of Martyrs, Reformers and Popish Persecutors.

Essays describing the doctrines, discipline, and ceremonies of the Romish Hierarchy;. and its desolating influence upon individual advancement, domestick comfort

, and national prosperity. Illustrations of Sacred Prophecy relative to the Mystical Babylon.

a faithful expose of the moral and religious condition of Lower Canada, as debased by the prevalerice of the Roman Supremacy.

And a notice of all interesting religious occurrences.

Conditions.-The Protestant shall be issued weekly in quarto, containing eight pages. Price Two Dollars per annum, payable at the expiration of six months. Per. sons paying for five copies of the Protestant, shall have the sixth gratis. Ministers of the Gospel, and other Christians, who will kindly undertake to procure subscribers

, are requested to transmit their lists of names and address by the middle of December, directed to the Editor of the Protestant, 245 Spring street, New York.---N. B. All letters must be post paid,



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