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the name of the Board, to the same obe

The following communications of the On the 14th of August the Rev. Mr.
zok ult. and 1sť inst. have been received Peebles took me to his congregation at
from the General Agent, read, and order. Hart's Log, and I had at the same time,
ed to be printed.

the pleasure of meeting the Rev. James The Committee acknowledge the re. Thompson, with a part of his congrega. 10.2. ceipt of one hundred dollars from Gen. tion of Alexandria. . After I had preached

Daniel Montgomery, of Danville, from to the people, these two ministerial bre-
whose letter enclosing the same to a tbren encouraged their congregations to
friend in this city, they have been permit. unite with their brethren in other church-
ted to make the following extract: "Please es, in the fifty-cent contribution. Accord-

hand the enclosed sum to the Secretary ingly ! obrained the following subscriphogy of the Board of Missions of the General tions from the Hart's Log congregation,

Assembly of the Presbyterian Church. I viz. 27 for 50 cents each, and 6 for 25 am led to believe, that under the new or. cents each, making in all $15 subscribed. ganized state of that Board, much good Of the Rev. Mr. Thompson's congrega. will be done for the promotion of piety tion of Alexandria, I obtained 27 for 50 generally, and for the enlargement of our cents each, and 2 for 25 cents each, mak. Church in particular."

ing in all 14 dollars. Could I have visited By order of the Executive Committee. Mr. Thompson's congregation at Shaver's G. W. BLIGHT, Sec'ry. creek, I might have probably obtained

sixty subscribers; but he and Mr. Peebles Miflintown, Pa. August 20th, 1828. will endeavour to prosecute the business. To the Executive Committee of the Board Considering the destitute state of many of Missions of the General Assembly:

places in Huntingdon county, I have pro

mised them, as agent of the Board, that if Brethren,-On the 12th of August, they will collect half the missionary pay 1828, I arrived in Huntingdon, and dis- for 1 year, our Board will support such a coursed in the evening on the subject minister as we shall send them for the of my mission, to more people than the other half.

little church now occupied by the Pres. On the evening of the 16th 'ult. I * byterian Congregation in that place could preached in Bellefonte. On the 17th 1 isti hold

. The people who are under the preached at Lick run, ten miles east of pastoral care of our fellow-labourer, the Bellefonte, in the morning, to a congreRev. John Peebles, bave for more than a gation under the pastoral care of Rev. year been occupied with purposes and ef. James Linn; and obtained a subscription forts to collect the means for building a of 135 dollars towards the erection of

new church edifice. Before I had arrived, new house of worship, which is greatly they they had subscribed among themselves needed for the accommodation of the peo

about $1400 towards this object, and ple. In the afternoon and evening I were ready to lay the chief corner stone. preached again in Bellefonte, and obtain. As agent of the Board, I felt it to be myed for the Board of Missions the following duty to promote in Huntingdon, so far as subscriptions to the usual form, viz. 3 for I might be enabled, this object, and not 25 cents each, anul 48 for 50 cents each.

o altempt at present, procuring contribu Col. Richard Thomas gave a donation d' tions there for any other purpose. The of 50 cents. The amount subscribed in

Christian cause has long suffered in that Bellefonte was $25 25, of which $14 374
borough for want of a suitable house of were paid to me as agent.

August 18. In returning through Lew. On the 13th, I discoursed to a numer istown, I received from 8 subscribers 20 sus concourse of people, assembled to cents each. Of the Wayne Church, I re. witness the ceremony of depositing a

ceived the same sum from Mr. John Mont. Bible, a Psalm Book, and a record on gomery, and Mr. Wm. Dusart, and $3 50 Ir parchment of certain " memorabilia," in from John Oliver, esq. for himself and six

the cavity of the corner stone; and be. children.
fore the audience dispersed, by concert At 5 o'clock, P. M. I reached Mifflin.
with the Elders, 'Trustees, and Building town, and having preached to the congre.
Committee, I caused subscription papers gation under the pastoral care of the Rev.
to be circulated, on which the aggregate John Hutchinson, obtained the following
sum of three hundred and eighty three dole subscriptions to the usual form, viz. 5 for
lara and 78 cents was either paid, or pro. 25 cents each, and 24 for 50 cents cach.
mised, to me as the general agent of our

The above subscriptions amount to $14 Board, towards the completion of the 18 cts, of which sum 86 93 were paid to church. Mr. Jacob Miller also gave me a

me in hand, together with a donation of donation of 810 00, which I paid over in 1 dollar, from Mr. James Bryson.


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of brother Hutchinson's people were ab. versation, confessions and arguments to sent; but he will promote the great in build up the Redeemer's kingdom, but terests of the General Assembly with virtually says “ my money belongs to my. fidelity.

self and my children." On the 19th inst. brother Hutchinson On the 230 and 24th of August, I de. kindly took me eight miles to the Lower livered four discourses in the Presbyterian Tuscarora Church under the pastoral care Church in Reading, Pa, in which the Rev. of the Rev. John Coulter, in which a large John F. Grier, D.D. is pastor. One was congregation expected my arrival.-Afier particularly addressed to the teachers and sermon I received the following subscrip- pupils of two Sabbath Schools in that Botions, viz. 20 for 25 cents each, and 40 for rough, 600 of whom were present on the 50 cents each, and 1 of one dollar.

occasion; and nearly filled the lower part The above subscriptions amount to $26 of the church. 50 cts, of which 82 25 were paid to your I am bappy to inform the Committee, agent. Brother Coulter is a sound and that Dr. Grier, and the Session of his con. pious Presbyterian minister, who will co. gregation before my arrival among them operate with us zealously.

as agent, had determined to convene all

the communicants under their care on Philadelphia, Sept. 1st, 1828.

the Monday succeeding their next comBrethren,-On the 21st of August, I munion season, for the purpose of having preached in Harrisburgh, Pa. and en their names enrolled on our list of contrideavoured to excite our fellow Christians butors, and for making at the same time there to more active, systematic and per. the first payment of 50 cents each of severing exertions for the conversion of

course the way was happily prepared for our country and of the world to the faith

me to explain and enforce the measure and fellowship of Jesus Christ. The con. agreed upon by the Session. gregation in that place, under the pastoral Such a “ready mind” as has been discare of the Rev. Wm. R. De Witt, bas covered here would be most grateful in lately undertaken to establish

two scho- every congregation in our connexion larships by a subscription of $75 a year and I would earnestly entreat the Ses

. for each, to be paid for a term of years; sions of other churches to take order on and the communicants have made arrange the subject of aiding our Board, before it ments for contributing yearly as much as will be possible for any messenger of the one dollar for each, to be equally divided churches to visit them. between the American Home Missionary So soon as the contemplated meeting Society, and the American Board of Com- of communicants in Dr. Grier's shall have missioners for Foreign Missions. That taken place, he will remit me the names your agent might not seem to interfere subscribed to our usual form, together with either of these institutions, no sub- with the amount of money contributed. scription for our Board was solicited in

On the 28th of August, having occasion this congregation ; which is now more to be at Princeton, N. J. to attend the filourishing than at any former period of meeting of the Committee of the General its existence ; and is doing as much again Assembly on the subject of Psalmody, as it would have thought practicable a received from the Rev. George S. Wood. year ago. An increasing spirit of liberali. hull, pastor of the church in that place, ty will probably enable them ere long 10 thirty dollars for our Board: the same collect for us $77, (they have 154 com. having been collected at the monthly municanis,) without diminishing any of concert of prayer, and by order of the their other religious charities. When Session paid to our use. Christians generally are as active, diligent, In my short agency of about seven prudent, enterprising and frugal in acquir. weeks I have travelled more than 900 ing and saving money for Christ's sake, as miles and preached 34 sermons. My tra they have been, for at least 16 centuries velling expenses have been 341 44; and past

, in hoarding wealth which may be for the supply of my pulpit 1 have paid worse than useless for their sons and $70. The sum of 8 202 28 paid to me as daughters; they will be astonished at

agent, together with my own subscription their own means of usefulness, and a new of $100, I have paid to the Treasurer of age will have come indeed, in which the the Trustees of the General Assembly, Lord of Glory will receive the first fruits making $302 28. This is exclusive of of all our increase. It is becoming more 8383 78 subscribed for the church in and more a generally received doctrine, suntingdon; and of $135 subscribed in and practical principle of action, that sin. Lick Run. cerity in religion reaches a man's purse no

The occurrence of a communion season less than his heart, and that a person's in the church under my care ; attendance profession of faith ought to be distrusted, on the Committee of Examination at the who is ever ready with his prayers, con. Theological Seminary in Princeton; and

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preparation for the meetings of Synod, I received in witnessing the operations of and of the Am. Board of Commissioners the Holy Spirit on their minds was befor Foreign Missions, on the 1st of Oct. yond expression. Never did I see pernext, will prevent me from prosecuting sons who appeared to make a more unre. my agency with any considerable atten- served surrender of themselves to their tion for more than a month. In the mean Redeemer. And the consequence was, time, may the blessing of the God of mis. that they enjoyed calm and delightful sions come upon all our churches in co. views of the pardon of their sins, and of pious showers, without the co-operation the love of Christ, which led them to deof such feeble instruments as your friend sire to relinquish every sinful and worldly and brother

pursuit, and to devote themselves wholly Ezra STILES ELY, to his service. Subsequently, two or Cor. Sec. and Gen. Agent of the B. M. three others have been operated on

nearly in the same manner, and have been

enabled to surrender themselves to the Letter from a Missionary.

same Saviour. They have found the same

happy evidence, and evince the same deLittle Rock, Ark, Ter. Aug. 1, 1828. voted and Christian spirit. Rev, and Dear Brother,-As you were Finding it to be their desire to obey instrumental in encouraging me, after I the command of Christ, in giving themhad formed the design of coming to this selves up publickly to him, and knowing remote western station, you will doubt. it to be their wish to attach themselves to less be gratified in hearing whatever may the Presbyterian church, I thought it my be encouraging in the prospect of my lä- duty to organize a church in this town, bours.

and admit such as I thought proper subWhen I arrived at Little Rock, on the jects. 1 accordingly appointed last Sab25th of January last, I found the moral bath for the administration of the solemn state of society in many respects accord- ordinances of Baptism and the Lord's ing to my anticipations,-deplorably Supper. Seven persons applied and wretched. Though there were some fa. were admitted as members of my church, milies and some individuals of highly re

two of whom bad formerly been memspectable character, they appeared wholly bers; one, of a Presbyterian church in engrossed with the transitory pursuits of Georgia; and the other, of a Congregatime. Eternity, with its incalculable inte. tional church in New England. The rests, received but little attention from other five have all entertained hopes of the minds of most. The few persons, pardoning mercy since I came to this who had ever professed attachment to the place. cause of Christ, in consequence of their

When the day arrived I baptized two long seclusion from the privileges of the adults and ten children. I then read a sanctuary, had either greatly apostatized, few articles containing the leading and Op were exercising their languishing essential doctrines of the Bible, which graces in deep obscurity.

closed in the form of a covenant, in which Though I received every possible at they publickly expressed their determinatention and favour, both from the kind tion, through the aid of their Redeemer, and excellent family where I reside, and to come out from the world and be sepaalso from every person of respectability rate, to relinquish the sinful pursuits and in the place, yet as it regarded the pleasures of the world, and to surrender "sweet counsel” and intercourse of the themselves up to love and serve the Lord children of God, I frequently viewed my- Jesus, until they had finished their earthly self as similar to the lonely pelican, which pilgrimage, and arrived at that world is seen solitary and silent on the shoals of where sin and temptation are ended, and the Arkansas.

where the service of God will be unceasMy publick exercises were from the ing and eternal. first so generally and so respectfully at.

When this was over they took their tended, that I had every encouragement seats at the table of their crucified Sato labour, depending on the Lord to give viour, and commemorated his dying love. the increase : and I soon had the strong. An aged and pious lady of the Methodist est reasons for believing that my labours church, who had for many years been dewere not in vain in the Lord. Not many prived of this privilege, united with us. weeks after I arrived, I found two or

You can, my dear sir, more easily con. persons of excellent character con ceive than I can express my sensations, cerned for the welfare of their undying while far separated from those with whom souls. And it was not long, until they i had once partaken of the sacred emobtained full and overwhelming evidence blems, I here, in this distant moral waste, of their interest in the atonement of the looked on these consecrated few, sitting Divine Redeemer. The pleasure which around their Master's board, and with Vol. VII. Ch. Adv.




eyes suffused in tears, obeying his com- baving received a unanimous call from mand, “Do this in remembrance of me.” the people. A great number of spectators were look The Rev. Mr. Winchester, who spent ing on, with apparent solemnity and re four months in our service last year, and spect.

the rest of his time as a supply in two There are several others whose minds churches, which aided him by produce ; have been deeply exercised, who have and who has not received one dollar in not made a publick pro ssion, one or money from any other source than our two entertain a hope. There has, for a board; out of his one hundred and thirty. few weeks past been more general con two dollars of missionary pay, he has cern manifested, than at any other period made us a donation of five dollars. since I have been in the place.

On the 21st of September, the general I have recently commenced a Bible agent preached in the morning of the Class among the married ladies, which is Sabbath, in the church in Kingston, N. J. in a very flourishing state.

under the pastoral care of the Rev. David I have, for several months, kept up one Comfort, and although the weather was among the little girls, from which I anti- unfavourable to general attendance, yet cipate more than can now be estimated. through the influence of the discourse,

I have more pleasure and more encou and of the pastor of the people, fifty memragement, in my labours, than I ever ex bers of this small congregation gave their pected to witness in the same length of

as annual contributors to the time. But I wish never for one moment Board; the greater part of which were to forget, that it is not I, but the Lord for fifty cents each. Several of the subwho is accomplishing whatever good may scribers were coloured communicants. result.

On the evening of the same day the Rev. Dr. E. S. ELY.

general agent preached in the church in TEXTU COMMUNICATION.

Princeton, N. J. under the care of the

Rev. George S. Woodhull, and after serProceedings of the Assembly's Board.

mon, Samuel Bayard, Esq. one of the On the 14th of September, 1828, the elders, and one of the Board of Missions, general agent visited the church in

presented to the agent a donation of 30 Frankford, Pa. under the pastoral care of dollars. With great cheerfulness the the Rev. Thomas J. Biggs; and after the communicants and others came forward, serrnon by the agent, eighty persons of and five persons subscribed one dollar the congregation with great alacrity, came each; four gave 25 cents each ; and sisty forward to have their names enrolled as offered fifty cents each; making the an. annual contributors, under the usual form nual subscription amount to 36 dollars ; of subscription to the Board of Missions. and the whole sum obtained that evenBy this simultaneous effort of the mem ing, 66 dollars. Mr. Woodhull and his bers of this religious society, forty dollars session have spiritedly entered into the may be expected to accrue annually to measures of our Board; and expect to the Assembly's missionary funds.

obtain a further addition to our funds. On the 15th of September, the execu It is worthy of remark that in this contive committee appointed one missionary gregation, three professors in the Theoto labour for four months in the county of logical Seminary, and one professor in the Geauga, in Obio; one for six months on college, were enrolled on the same list the south-eastern part of Ohio, along the with seven fellow-worshippers, who are Ohio river to the bounds of the presby. people of colour. In this contribution tery of Ebenezer; one for six months at the rich and the poor meet together. three different locations in the state of The agent acknowledges the receipt of Pennsylvania; one for six months to St. one dollar from Capt. Jos. Robinson ; of Charles and its vicinity, in the state of 50 cents from Mrs. Ray; and of 10 dollars Missouri; one for six months to St. Fran- from the Shippensburg congregation, Pa cisville and its vicinity, in the state of under the care of the Rev. Henry E. Wil. Louisiana ; one for six months in two different places in Pennsylvania; and one A letter was received and read in the for six months at Pensacola and its vici. executive committee, on the 24th of Sep; nity, in Florida. A short time previous, tember, from Mr. John Peters, clerk of the committee appointed a missionary for the church in Lawrenceville, Tioga co. six months to the state of Alabama; ano Pa, in which he informs as, that the comther to the state of Illinois for six months; municants of that church are about 20 in and another for six months to the bounds number; that the village in which it is of the presbytery of Ebenezer.

situated contains about 40 houses; and One of our missionaries lately sent to that our missionary, Mr. John M. Dickes

, the state of Missouri, is about to be set has lately preached there on two succes tled as a pastor in the church at St. Louis; sive Sabbaths, to about 200 hearers, in


such a manner as to excite general atten- pleasing anticipations should not be realtiou, and give universal satisfaction. This ized, the time may be long. I may relittle church appears of late, he says, to mark, that we have here a Bible Society, have been stirred up, not only to pray, Sabbath School, and a Tract Society, but to act. They collected 15 dollars for The church consists of about 50 commu. a tract society; and have lately organized nicants, who are mostly females in mode. an association auxiliary to our Board of rate circumstances; and some are straitMissions, which expects before the close ened. We have a commodious meeting of this year to remit 70 dollars to our house, for which we are yet in debt about funds. They are urgent that Mr. Dickey 100 dollars. The town contains about should be directed to labour among them 600 souls; is healthy, and living in it is for a time at least; and they feel confi. cheap. An academy has been tolerably dent that they could for his support dur. well endowed in this town by the legis. ing the first year contribute 200 dollars. lature, which will probably be organized

" When you consider,” says Mr. Peters in two years; at which tinie, if the ministo the Corresponding Secretary, "the ter be a man of learning, and is willing to destitute situation of this part of the increase his means by an increase of his Lord's vineyard, and think that there are labours, it is very probable that the prehere Tioga, Potter, and M'Kean counties sidency of the academy will be conferred without a Presbyterian minister, and with. upon him, with a salary of 4 or 500 dol. out a single church of that order, except lars. Permit me to implore the favourathe one in Lawrenceville, and that it is at ble attention of the committee, and to be. present the only place in which a good seech them, if consistent with their means stand can be made, with a prospect of and plans, to compassionate our condition, success, I hope you will use your influ- and come to the help of this church in ence in our behalf.”

the wilderness-this vine of the Lord's To this station the committee design to planting, which is well nigh perishing for send a missionary as soon as possible; want of culture : and may the Lord inbut many other infant congregations are cline your hearts, and direct your way toin the same circumstances, and cry for wards this region of moral and religious teachers, when no teachers can be found desolation." for them.

Other similar applications will be preFrom a letter dated at Morgantown, sented in future. Va, and addressed to our President, the

E. S. ELY, Rev. Dr. Green, the following extracts

General Agent are presented: "If an acceptable minister could be lo

ELEVENTY COMMUNICATION. cated in this place, and preach also occa In the Executive Committee, Sept. 29, sionally in the vicinity, he would receive 1828, the General Agent reported a dofrom the congregation 200 dollars. I nation of $5 from Mrs. Mary Allison, of would pledge myself for 150 dollars for Huntingdon, Pa. A letter was read from the whole of his time. I do not at pre- the Rev. James Thompson, of Alexandria, sent know of any disengaged minister in Pa., in which he informs the Agent, that this part of the country, who would be after his visit to that place, 15 additional acceptable to the congregation, and who subscribers to those already reported (obtaining a moderate support) would be were obtained; and that the Female Miglikely to build up the church in this sionary Society of Alexardria had resolved place. To raise the sum abovemention to become auxiliary to the Board of Mised, the preacher must be acceptable. sions. This Society, he remarks, was Most of the contributors are not members formed for the purpose of supporting a of the church; and they require not only missionary in Huntingdon county; and piety and orthodoxy in their preacher, they still expect their funds, together but also a lively and fluent elocution, and with such aid as this Board may give pleasing address. If you can send us a them, to be appropriated to that purpose. young man endowed with the above qua- He has remitted to the Agent $50 from lifications in a tolerable degree, I have no this auxiliary, and expects to forward doubt of his receiving the above support. more before next spring. Mr. Thompson To obtain the subscription, however, the adds, "A few days after you were here, people must first hear him. If the minis. I brought the subject of the General Aster should prove acceptable to the peo- sembly's Missions before our people at ple, and the Lord should bless his minis. Shaver's Creek and obtained 43 subscritrations to the increase of the church and bers." to the promotion of a religious feeling in The Rev. John Peebles has paid the the community, in any considerable de Agent $30 from the Female Missionary gree, the time may be short during which Society of Huntingdon, which has also we should need your aid; but if these become auxiliary to our Board; and gives

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