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the pleasi:g information that thirteen ad. sionary for that important station. They diocnal subscriptions have been obtained propose a salary of $1000 I believe, (not in the church at Hart's Laz.

less than 800 I am sure, and I know they

bave given 81000 in former years) to a TWELETE COMICSICATION.

City Missionary, so that a man of a small Phi'ade phia, Sept. 22d. 1828. family might act in that capacity. No Rev. Dr Ely, Agent, &c.

man will answer in S. C. in city or coun. Dear Sir,-in behalf of the South Caro. try, who does not unite warm and humble lina Domestic Missionary Society, I desire piety, to good sense and good feelings. I to make an application through you to mean something liberal, and generous, in the Executive Committee of the General opposition to barrowness, prejudice and Assembly's Board of Missions on a subject superciliousness, towards a people so far of vital importance to the Society. behind their Northern brethren, in educa.

The two great bodies engaged in Do- tion, and improvement of every kind. mestic Missions, viz. the Assembly's Board and the American Home Missionary

REPLI TO THE REY, MR, DICKSON. Society, present so im posing a character,

Philadelphia, Sept. 29th, 1828. and are so much nearer the seats of theo. Res. John Dickson. logical preparation, that the S. C. Society Dear Brother, -Your letter written in can never hope to obtain missionaries behalf of the South Carolina Domestic while their calis seem to come in compe- Missionary Society was laid before the tition with the claims of those bodies; so Executive Committee of the Board of

studies that we must perish for lack of vision as Missions of the General Assembly; and I sure as their objects are opposed. am instructed to say, that the Committee

In this state of things, I ask now, if your deeply sympathise with you, and your 80-
Committee, do not consider S. Carolina ciety in the difficulties and obstructions

Death also as a part of the field they wish to cui. which you have experienced in your pur

真情 tivate? And if they do, whether they are suit of missionaries. We have found it pot willing to transfer to us some of the impossible to procure half the number of men, whom they have engaged, we be- labourers for our own Board which are urcoming responsible for their support, at a gently solicited from us by destitute rerate not lower than what is proposed by ğions of the country. your Board? And if so, what number Since your application was first com. you can and will relinquish? I should de. municated, our General Agent has used sire to see and become acquainted with his best endeavours to secure some young them before their going out, if we can ob- men for your sec!ion of the church; and, tain any.

so soon as any can be found, we will transIt deserves to be noticed that most of mit them to the care and patronage of the the waste places and destitute congrega- South Carolina Society. tions to whom the S. C. Society affords We will inform Mr. John K. Cunning. aid, are Presbyterian; that many Pastors ham, and Mr. Hugh Caldwell, two mis

. of that denomination are wanted in the sionaries under commission from us, for state, and that it is a primary object of six months each, that so soon as they have that Society to provide for the supply of fulfilled their present engagements they pastors by bringing desirable men on the shall have our hearty approbation to visit ground, in contact with those who are now South Carolina and act under your direcunsupplied, and they desire only such tions. men as would not object, should Provi.

If they should not soon become settled dence open the way for it, to settle in that pastors, it is highly probable that they will part of the country.

resort to your bounds. The Society consists of Presbyterians That the Lord may prosper your Socie. and Congregationalists, though no evan- ty, and fill your state with ihe blessings of gelical people are excluded by the consti; the gospel

, is the prayer of your brethren Cution: their operations are sanctioned of our Board. by the Synod, and some of the most active

E. S. Elr, Cor. Sec, and Gen. Agent. and efficient ministers who have been set.

The General Agent has reported to the tled over Presbyterian congregations with.

Executive Committee a donation of $20 in a few years commenced their labours in from Mr. William Nassau, senior; a con8. C. as their missionaries.

tribution of S23 from the Presbyterian Hoping to hear from you in reply very

Church in Bridgeton, N. Jersey, under speedily, as I am now on my way to the the pastoral care of the Rev. B. Hoff; a South, 1' remain, Dear Sir, yours respect. contribution of S50 takes up in the Third fully,

Joax Dicksos. missionary sermon before the Synod of

Presbyterian Church in this city, after the P. S. The Female Domestic Missionary Philadelphia was preached by Rev. George Society of Charleston, also want a mise Duffield; and $13 from contributors in

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the Lower Tuscarora Church, by the time, to give some account of my serhands of the Rev. John Coulter,


“Nineteen or twenty days immediately THIRTEENTI COMMUNICATION.

succeeding the date of my commission, [The extracts of letters below are in. were necessarily occupied in business of teresting, mainly,ʻas a brief record of the my own, which time I bope, if permitted,

last days and sorrows of Samuel Bryson, a to fill up in the service of the Board. I 3 promising youthful missionary, in the ser. have not yet been actually doing for them

vice of the Assembly's Board, whose eye a full month.
but glanced at the “field of the world" “ As their agent, and recommended by
and then closed in death.

them, I have generally been kindly and
The first agent commissioned by the hospitably treated. Though at the same
Board of Missions to solicit funds for them, time I have generally been denied as to
was Mr. Samuel Bryson, a Licentiate of the object of my coming; and the reason
the Presbytery of Huntingdon. He en- generally assigned is, that they have
tered the Theological Seminary at Prince- given, for the present, or are engaged to
ton in blooming health, and was one of the give, all they can to religious purposes.
most intelligent, active, and pious mem “ Indeed, wherever I have been among
bers of that institution for two years. It the people of our church, the attention of
was his design to have gone through the the people, if not their liberality, has been
full course of three years; but in the drawn to a variety of objects ; so that as
midst of his studies he was affected with one replied, “They have given to this
a cold, which was neglected, until it de- and similar objects, or at least fancy they
prived bim of the use of his voice. In have, all they were able.” Besides, other
ihis situation, unable to study, and able to societies are much better known than this.
speak only in a whisper, he was anxious Indeed, I find many liberal Christians who
to do sometbing for the missionary cause, are entire strangers to this Board of Mis-
which had long engaged the warmest af- sions. But though I might, I shall not
fections of his heart. But what could he trouble you with further reasons for the
do! He was fast hastening to the grave little I have done.
with a pulmonary complaint; and to “ It may be expedient to give a parti-
preach was impossible. A brief state- cular statement of the collections I have
ment was written for him, to show to the mad The names shall give as they
friends of Zion; and with this in his hand, are signed, without titles.
like a beggar with his petition, (but a “Philadelphia, Sept. 17th and 18th, re-
beggar only for Christ's sake) he went ceived of Ezra Stiles Ely $10, of Robert
forth under the auspices of our Board. Ralston $10, of Silas E. Weir $10, of
He made his way as far south as Prince Samuel C. Ely, 50 cents. The two last
Edward County, Va., and there closed his of these donations are subscribed, but
earthly career in the family of Dr. W. S. owing to a sudden call from the city, were

, who had compassion on the dying not collected. Total collected in Philastranger, and for months gratuitously af. delphia 830 50. forded him as good a home as he could "Landisburg, Oct. 10, received of James have found this side of heaven.

M. Olmstead 50 cents, of James Diven 50 The only return for this kindness which cents, of John Diven 50 cents, of Samuel he could make was made by some instruc- Linn 50 cents. Total $2. tion whispered to the child of his 'bene Shippensburg, Oct. 11, Henry R. factors, and by his fervent prayers for Wilson $1, David Nevin S1, Stephen their perpetual happiness.

Culbertson, $1. Total $3. The following extracts from his letters “Chambersburg, Oct, 12 and 13, Solo. will excite sympathy for this young man,

mon Patterson $5, M. Colhoun $5, Susan while they exhibit something of the trials Sloan $2, K. M. Ross 81, Ann Allison $1, of an agent sent forth to promote any of Ann Lindsey S1, Mrs. (G.) Chambers 81, the great benevolent objects of the day. J. B. Ross $1, John King $1, John Callous indeed must be the heart of that Brewster, $1, N. Culbertson 50 cents, man, who for the sake of any one but his Wm. Pym 25 cents. Total 819 75. Redeemer, and for the welfare of souls, “Greencastle, Oct. 13 (Sabbath) and would undertake to solicit funds, even 15, received of one 50 cents, of another from the pious among the rich men of $1, though I made no proper effort in

this place. Total, $1 50. In a letter addressed to Dr. Green, “ Washington, D. C. Oct. 20-24, redated Richmond, Va., Oct. 31st, 1827, he ceived of James M'Clerg 85, Jos. Ander

son $5, Matt. St. Clair Clark 65, Cash “Though I had no particular instruc. $1, P. M. Gallaudet 81, William Wiltions respecting the time and manner of liamson $1, James R. M. Bryant $1, Joreporting, I suppose it expedient, by this siah Bosworth 50 cents, Anne Blagden 25

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this world.

thus writes:

cents, a friend of missions 7 cents, George claims, I can find but few whose liberality Walterton 60 cents. Total $21 32. is not engaged by some other benevolen

" Fredericksburg, Va. Oct. 26 (Sab- object. And thirdly, there are some (1 bath) 29-nothing done. Received of an might mention five or six pastors) who individual $1.

think this Board ought to give place to “ Richmond, Va. Oct. 30 and 31. The the American Home Missionary Society, reply is here as usual. “The people are and who, for that reason, are not free to contributing at present to other objects encourage the former. These obstacla as much as it is prudent to ask of them.' have been in my way from the first, and I Yet received here of John W. Gordon find them increasing southward. In $2, of Benjamin Brand S2, of Charles B. R- I solicited from a few of the mos! Williams S1, of James Gray $1. Total benevolent, though I had been almost $6. May possibly receive more in this forbidden by one of the pastors, and they place.

gave me in all sir dollars; but they have “ Accordingly, if my calculation be it with such a liberal kind of reluctance, right, I have actually received in trust for that I was almost induced by my refcethe Board, $74 57, and have on my do tions afterwards, to carry them back the nation book $85 07. It may be thought respective donations. It was evident that strange, that of the $74 57 which are, or they were doing, and devising to do, nach should be, in my bands, I can only trans in Bible and Domestick missionary operamit $40. But, sir, my expenses have tions. been great, and may be yet greater, and “All these considerations operate in I feel it important in this strange land, to strengthening the conviction that I ought, have something in my pocket. But I if possible, to lay aside every thing which trust the Board will lose nothing by me, would interfere, and submit to the treatthough they may not gain much."

ment of some skilful physician, for the re: “My manner is to lay my business first covery of my voice.' A mode of treatbefore the pastors and elders. If they ment has been prescribed by a number of insist that it would not be prudent to so. respectable physicians, at different times, 1 licit for this purpose at the time, I for. but with one consent; and this mode! bear, judging always of the force of their have never yet adopted; partly because ! objections, and pass on.

If they permit, did not fully credit the prescription, and they give me the names of persons from partly because of adverse circumstances

. whom to solicit. Between Philadelphia But I lately heard of this prescription's and Mifflintown, Pa., I did not call; but effecting a cure in a similar case. I heard all the way from the latter place to this, I of tbis just as I last left home, and it made did what I could in every town and city me pause. But as the Board had taken through which I passed."

me up, and paid me 33 dollars in advance, In a letter, dated at Hampden Sidney, I concluded to come on, and wait the Prince Edward Co. Va. Nov. 5, 1827, he Lord's will to afford me some convenient wrote thus:

place and opportunity to do as that pe ! “ You did me a favour in recommending tient had done. me to the employment which has brought “And now, sir, though I am at a loss me here, and I shall take it as an addi. where or bow to live while taking meditional favour to be permitted to address cine, I feel it a duty to make it my object, you on this business,

and the only object to ascertain.' And “For though I hope it has been a bless the Lord bas smitten me enough, perhaps ing to me, and may be hereafter, and he may be pleased to heal me; though! though I have no complaint to offer re. deserve to be beaten sorely. But, sir, i specting the difficulty or disagreeableness have no wish to trouble you with my con, of my service, yet I feel at present pretty cerns; and my trust is fixed in God.! clearly called to give it up. I have all love him the more as I feel bis rod; and the way been careful to seek direction

I hope, by his grace through Jesus Christ. from those I thought most capable of I shall--but only this, please pray for me. giving it; and the whole tenor of that I find it difficul sometimes to possess mye counsel seems to lead me to this conclu. self in patience. sion. In the first place, I find myself in.

"I expect to make use of my commiscapable, from want of speech, of inform- sion as an introduction on my way home ing the minds, and exciting, to any ex but not to solicit, unless some favourabic tent, the charities of the people respect. opportunity may offer, nor, unless hay information

and excitement afresh on this expect any further allowance than the 33 particular subject, they will give nothing, dols. first advanced. And as soon asi on a few individuals excepted. But in the able, that is

, (if the Lord will allow.) a second place, among those who under. soon as I find a convenient opportunity to stand this object and acknowledge its sell my horse, I hope to remit to the Board

all that I have collected, except what I had a voice. Besides, as to teaching, I have already sent in a letter to Dr. Green. doubt the sufficiency of my strength, un. "But not wishing to relinquish this bụ. less I should have very few scholars. siness hastily, nor without good advice, I “I suppose I have friends who would expect to remain here and wait

, if you will cheerfully pay that which I owe the please to write me immediattly, your ad. Board. But I am too low to borrow, and vice

. Is it not best for the present to re- perhaps too high to beg; at least I am sign this business! I am assured that a not convinced that I am come to the last southern climate will not help my voice, resort, and must solicit for myself.” it must be medicine, and the sooner taken Such as these letters exbibit him, was the better."

Samuel Bryson; and he, being dead, yet In a letter, dated at Prince Edward Co. speaks the language of a truly Christian Va. March 7th, 1828, and addressed to the agent. His debt to the Board does not Corresponding Secretary, he says: exceed 20 dollars, and that his widowed

"I hope, if you have a few minutes lei. mother has determined to pay. With the sure, you will bear with me. I come to you, exception of his want of health, and of a sir, on the same errand as when I came voice to plead our cause, we should be to you fast fall, viz. to ask

your advice. glad to employ fifty missionary agents "I confess I do not imagine how it is in like him. They would make the churches your power, or in that of any body else, know at least, that the General Assembly to advise me wbat to do; nor shall I ex. has a Board of Missions; and that the pect, sir, that even your ingenuity and missionary operations of the Assembly knowledge of things will be sufficient to within the last forty years, have been meet my case. I shall not, however, de chiefly instrumental in forming about 900 spair of obtaining some clue from you by Presbyterian Churches in the United which I may find a way-perhaps through. States. The difficulty is, sir, that I can eat but can. The general agent has received from a not work. This was the substance of my well known and responsible person, whose complaint to you before, and you got an name he is not at liberty to mention, the employment, for which I still thank you: following bond, viz. but I was not able for it.

“I hereby obligate myself to pay to the "I have passed a very soft winter, but Treasurer of the Trustees of the General its effects on me were hard. There has Assembly for the Board of Missions act. been very much rainy, damp weather; ing under said Assembly, one THOUSAND the same kind or similar to that which in. DOLLARS, in ten equal, annual payments of Hicted my present wounds at Princeton,

one hundred dollars each, for the pur. two years ago. I have been situated in pose of spreading the gospel; one half of one of the choicest families, and had every which shall be devoted to the cause of convenience, but ah! this crazy flesh was

Protestant missions to South America ;a great trouble to me; ever, except in the first payment to be made on or be. clear weather, and often then.

fore the last day of December, 1829, on " Besides this, I necessarily felt myself the following conditionsgetting poor in estate, which was a cause

First, That said Board will publish at of some uneasiness. You will please to least quarterly, a journal of missions. understand me, sir, as stating my case in Secondly, That the Corresponding Se. order to solicit your counsel, and nothing cretary and General Agent for the time eise ; if I should wish other aid, I will ask being shall devote himself exclusively to

his agency and secretaryship; and "My desires, sir, you will observe, are Thirdly, That ninety.nine other per. of the fleshi. I feel i' want of two objects; sons will, on or before the 1st day of Ocof the superintendance of a skilful phy. tober, 1829, oblige themselves to pay an sician; and, of funds to pay my detts. equal sum, in similar payments, to the But suppose I should waive these as im.

same treasurer, and for the same object.” practicable; then, if the Lord spare me,


"L. M." as well as I am, I want some employment that will bring me food and raiment. Icon The general agent has received from a less I cannot conceive, nor hear of any way, collection at the monthly concert in the in which I could expect to earn my neces

Third Presbyterian Church in Philadel. saries, unless I should throw myself en. phia, $13.83; and be takes this occasion tirely into the world, and engage in some to commend some heads of families who kind of merchandise, or learn a trade. pay weekly one cent to this monthly con

"I can teach a scholar Greek and cert contribution for each member of Latin

, &c.-perhaps I might teach six their respective families. One cent a without much trouble. But I could do it week for each member of most Christian better with a voice, and therefore I could households might easily be spared; and not ask the same of an employer as if I in the end of a year it would prove a con

it again.

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siderable augmentation of our missionary N. Carolina, for S. Carolina, Georgia, and

The agent reports a donation from Mrs. The Missionaries at present employed
Henry Taylor, of Kishacoquillas Valley, by the Board are forty-fide; and the mo.
of 85.00, forwarded by her pastor, Rev. nies paid by the Executive Committee
James H. Stuart.

since the 16th of June last, amount to
On the 19th of October, the general $3388.7.
agent preached in the morning in the 4th

The Rev. John Rhoads, one of our mis. Presbyterian Church in this city, under sionaries, has laboured in Luzerne county, the pastoral care of the Rev. George C. Pa. since June, 1821, in no less than ten Potts; and ninety-three subscriptions were

different, feeble congregations, scattered obtained before he left the church. Of

over an extent of forty miles. In one place, these 88.00 were paid on subscribing which had only 12 communicants when he In the afternoon of the same day he became their pastor, there are now 46, notpreached in the church at Kensington, From June, 1-21, to June, 1828, he had

withstanding deaths and other removals. under the pastoral care of the Rev. George Chandler; and there he received received lowards his worldly maintenance scriptions in all, payable on or before the sion for our Board, of two months, thus: 88.01 in band, with seventy-two sub. in produce and money, no more than $7.49.

He concludes the journal of his last mis25th day of December. We expect all arrearages from our sub. 34 times ; administered the Lord's supper

“ During my mission I have preached scribers, as a Christmas present to the 3 times, baptized 10 children, and travelled Board of Missions.

400 miles.' The state of religion in LuSolomon Allen, Esq., the Rev. Ashbel

zerne co. from present appearances, canGreen, D. D., and the Rev. Ezra Stiles not be said to be languishing, although no Ely, D.D., have agreed to pay to the particular indications of a revival are visi Board of Missions of the General Assem. ble. Meetings on the Sabbath are generalbly, one hundred dollars a year, for ten

ly well attended, in good order and soyears in succession, for the general pur. lemnity. The churches in which I have poses of the Board, provided ninety-seven laboured, have been blessed with small adother subscribers will agree to the same ditions, and many of their members appear terms; it being understood that the death

to be enjoying that comfort and peace of any subscriber shall render void his within, which ihe world can neither give subscription.

nor take away. The many waste places
in this county, present to our view an OC-

casion for mourning and lamentation.The General Agent has received from The inbabitants are not only poor and unthe Female Missionary Society of Rocky able to support a regular and orthodox miSpring Congregation, under the pastoral nistry, but are overrun with heresies; and, care of the Rev. John M-Knight, the sum of from want of proper instruction, greatly $20. “The resuscitation of the Board of perver: the Scriptures." Missions is," says Mr. M‘Knight, "agree The Executive Committee have apably to my calculations, a very popular pointed Mr. R. for two additional months, step in this region of country.”

to perform service in his circuit; and thus Å few churches have begun to remem by contributing annually $132 towards his ber our Board in their prayers and contri

suppori, he will be enabled to continue in butions at the monthly concert. The 8th his humble, faithful tours of duty through Church in Philadelphia, has remitted to the whole year. us from this source, $9.65; and the 3d

During the four past years the Board of Church from the last concert and Sabbath Missions have assisted in the support of evening rotation service, has paid $9.61. the Rev. Alvan Coe, as a minister of the The Church al Newtown, Bucks coun.

gospel, and teacher of an Indian School in ty, Pa. observe a season of thanksgiving the Territory of Michigan. His present after harvest ; and on the last meeting of location is at Sault de St. Marie, (the Falls the kind, collected $15 for charitable obv. of St. Mary,) near the outlet of Lake Sajects; $5 of wbich their pastor, the Rev. pe:ior. He has received from us, mission: Alex. Boyd, has paid to our treasury. The ary pay for three months in a year; and remaining $10 have been equally divided for the remainder of his support has, we between the Bible and Tract charities.

believe, depended on his own industry. Sundry contributors in the 1st Church in He has frequently preached in the garrithis city have paid $22.75; and $6.25 have

son at the Fort of St. Mary, and has been been paid by annual subscribers in the

very acceptable to the few pious persons church at Neshaminy, in Bucks co. Pa.

whom he has found at that station. In the The Rev. Thomas Barr, of Wooster, conclusion of his last journal, lately reOhio, has accepted of an agency in behalf ceived, he says: of the Board of Missions, for that state; and the Rev. Joseph Labaree, of Oxford, usually on week-days, except Saturdays.

“ I have attended my Indian School


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