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are indebted to the following firms for permission to use poems mentioned: :

Frederick Warne & Co., for poems of George Herbert and Reginald Heber; Small, Maynard & Co., for two poems by Walt Whitman, and The Tax-Gatherer," by John B. Tabb; George Routledge & Son, for “Sir Lark and King Sun,George Macdonald; Longmans, Green & Co., for Andrew Lang's Scythe Song "; Lee & Shepard, for A Christmas Hymn,Alfred Dommett,and Minstrels and Maids," William Morris; J. B. Lippincott Co., for three poems by Thomas Buchanan Read; John Lane, for The Forsaken Merman," Matthew Arnold, and " Song to April,William Watson; The Skylark,Frederick Tennyson; E. P. Dutton & Co., for O Little Town of Bethlehem,Phillips Brooks; Dana, Estes & Co., for July," by Susan Hartley Swett; Little, Brown & Co., for poems of Christina G. Rossetti, and for the three


The Grass," " The Bee," and " Chartless by Emily Dickinson; D. Appleton & Co., publishers of Bryant's Complete Poetical Works, for March,Planting of the Apple Tree," To the Fringed Gentian,” “Death of Flowers, To a Waterfowl,and The Twentysecond of December ; Charles Scribner's Sons, for The Windand A Visit from the Sea,both taken from A Child's Garden of Verses "; The Angler's Reveille," from The Toiling of Felix ; Dear Land of All My Love,from Poems of Sidney Lanier," and " The Three Kings," from With Trumpet and Drum,by Eugene Field; The Churchman, for Tacking Ship Off Shore," by Walter Mitchell; The : Whitaker-Ray Co., for Columbus and Crossing the Plains," from The Complete Poetical Works of Joaquin Miller; The Mace millan Co., for At Gibraltar," from "North Shore Watch and Other Poems," by George Edward Woodberry.

The following poems are used by permission of, and by special arrangement with, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., the authorized publishers:

T. B. Aldrich, A Turkish Legend,Before the Rain," " Maple Leaves,and Tiger Lilies "; Christopher P. Cranch, The Bobo

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links "; Alice Cary, The Gray Swan"; Margaret Deland, While

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night; Ralph Waldo Emerson,

Forbearance," The Humble-Bee," Duty," The Rhodora, Concord Hymn,"

The Snow Storm,and Ode Sung in the Town Hall, Concord; James T. Fields,Song of the Turtle and the Flamingo "; Oliver Wendell Holmes, Old Ironsides and The Chambered Nautilus "; John Hay, The Enchanted Shirt "; Julia Ward Howe, Battle Hymn of the Republic "; Bret Harte, The Reveille " and A Greyport Legend?; T. W. Higginson, The Snowing of the Pines ; H. W. Longfellow, The Wreck of the Hesperus," The Psalm of Life,Home Song,The Three Kings,and The Harvest Moon; James Russell Lowell, Washington," extracts rom The Vision of Sir Launfal,The Fatherland," "To the Dandelion," Singing Leaves,and Stanzas on Freedom "; Lucy Larcom, Hannah Binding Shoes "; Edna Dean Proctor, Columbia's Emblem "; T. W. Parsons, Dirge for One Who Fell in Battle; E. C. Stedman, The Flight of the Birdsand Going A-Nutting "; E. R. Sill, Opportunity "; W. W. Story, The English Language "; Celia Thaxter,


The Sandpiperand Nikolina ; J. T. Trowbridge, Evening at the Farmand Midwinter"; Bayard Taylor, A Night With a Wolfand The Song of the Camp "; J. G. Whittier, The Corn Song, "The Barefoot Boy,Barbara Frietchie,extracts from Snow-Bound,” “ Song of the Negro Boatman," and " The Pipes at Lucknow"; W. D. Howells, In August ; J. G. Saxe, Solomon and the Bees."

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