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The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour

Jesus Christ, in French, (the pure Protestant) termed the Ostervald
Translation, for Schools. 32mo, pocket size, 28. 6d. bound.

Assembly's (the) Shorter Catechism, Presented by the

Assembly of Divines at Westminster to both Houses of Parliament: containing the Principles of the Christian Religion, with Scripture Proofs. 32mo, 6d. cloth. Adapted for Boarding Schools and Private Families teaching the Young.

Evans' (Rev. Christmas, of Wales,) Memoirs. By the

Rev. DAVID RHYS STEPHEN. 12mo, cloth, price 5s.

Hart's Hymns, with a Memoir of the Author. They

are perfect Gems of a True Christian, a book that every family should possess 119 Hymns; 82 ditto in Supplement; 13 ditto in Appendix; 234 in all. 32mo, bound, gilt edges, ls., or 10s. per dozen.

Jesus, Jehovah, Lord of heaven and earth,
To whom I owe my first and second birth,
Whose hands first formed me, and whose precious blood
Redeem'd my soul, and gives me peace with God;
My faithful Friend, my Father reconcild,
Accept an off ring from thy feeble child,
Whose helpless hand this

token, mean and small,
Would fondly give to thee, who gav'st him all.
Take both the gift and giver to thy care :
May both thy bounty and thy love declare;
By thee be both directed to fulfil
The holy counsels of thy heavenly will.


Watchwords of Gospel Truth. By Rev. W. Goode.

356 pp. 3s. cloth.

Three Hundred extracts from the published discourses of a Clergyman, each supported by many scripture passages, and the whole made easy of reference by a good index. Local preachers will find some help in this volume.

Memoirs of Mrs. Elizabeth Fry, with a Biographical

Sketch of her brother, J. J. Gurney, Esq. By T. TIMPSON.

A well-written life of this “ Female Howard." Her extraordinary labours have made her eminent, not only in the records of the “Society of Friends," but among the lovers of earnest Christianity everywhere. She died in her sixty-sixth year, and her “name is as ointment poured forth.” 12mo, 357 pp. cloth, 3s.

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Timpson's British Female Biography: being Select

Memoirs of Pious Ladies in various ranks of public and private life. An interesting gathering of illustrious British females The book is particularly attractive to them, and furnishes abundant example how female influence may become productive of good. 12mo, 388 pp. cloth, price 38.

British Ecclesiastical History. By T. Timpson,

12mo, 660 pp., Reduced to 3s. A condensed, comprehensive, and faithful epitome of Ecclesiastical History in Britain, from the pen of an industrious dissenting minister. Reduced to three shillings, it will be more likely to circulate among local preachers and Sabbath-school teachers, for whom it is every way suitable. 12mo, 600 pp. in cloth, price 3s.


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Timpson's (the Rev. T.) Angels of God: their Nature,

Character, Rank, and Ministerial Services, as exhibited in the Holy Scriptures. Arranged by the Rev. T. Timpson. 8vo, 530 pp. in cloth, price 4s.

Mortimer.- Life and Letters of the Rev. George

Mortimer, M.A., Rector of Thornhill, in the diocese of Toronto, West Canada. By the Rev. John ARMSTRONG, British Chaplain at Monte Video, South America. 12mo, 308 pp. in cloth, price 5s.

Twelve Discourses upon the Law and the Gospel,

preached at St Dunstan's Church, in the City of London, by the Rev. W. ROMAINE. 12mo, in cloth, price 3s. 6d.

"For the Law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." John i. 17.

Fox's (W.) History of the Wesleyan Missions on th

Western Coast of Africa. 8vo, 10s. 6d. cloth.

Fox's (W.) Surgestions on the Best Means of Exter.

minating the Slave-Trade. 8vo, 2s. 6d. sewed.

Now publishing, price 6d, each Number,
The Manual of Needlework ; containing every

Novelty in the Art of Needlework, with numerous illustrations. Con-
ducted by CORNELIA MEE.

God the Guardian of the Poor, and the Bank of

Faith. By the Rev. W. HONTINGTON, S.S. 12mo, cloth, price Is. 6d.

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Richards'(A. B.) Essays and Opinions. 4 vols., 12mo,

cloth, 10s.

Watts' (Dr.) Guide to Prayer; or, the Gift, Grace,

and Spirit of Prayer, with plain Directions how every Christian may attain them. 12mo, price 28. 6d. cloth.

Berridge's Christian World Unmasked.

sewed; Is. 6d. cloth.

12mo, ls.

Five Hundred Psalms, Hymns, and spiritual Songs.

18mo, Is. 6d. cloth; 2s. 6d, bound.

Forester's Memoir of Mrs. Sarah Judson, Wife of

the late Dr. Judson. With an Introductory Notice by EDWARD BEAN UNDERHILL. 12mo, 28. cloth.


Henry (Rev. Matthew) the Communicant's Com.

panion; or, Instructions for the Right Receiving of the Lord's Supper. 12mo, 2s. cloth,


Herschell (Ridley H.) Jewish Witnesses that Jesus

is the Christ. 12mo 3s. cloth.

Herschell (Ridley H.) the Mystery of the Gentile

Dispensation and the Work of the Messiah. 12mo, 4s. cloth.

Invalid's Own Book; comprising Consolatory and

Edifying Passages, in Prose and Verse, from various Christian Authors, by a Fellow Sufferer. 32mo, 1s. cloth gilt.

Church's Gospel Victories; or, Missionary Anecdotes

of Imprisonment, &c., of Primitive Methodist Preachers. 12mo, 18. 6d. boards.

Dale (R. W.) the Talents; Man's Nature, Power,

and Responsibility. 12mo, 28. 6d. cloth.

The Inquisition Revealed, in its Cruelties and His.

tory; with Memoirs of its Victims in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, India, and other countries. By Rev. T. TIMPSON. 12mo, cloth, price 5s.

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Tho Sherwood Gipsy; or the Blessed Results of the

Meeting of a Sunday School Superintendent and a Gipsy Girl, on Sherwood Forest. 28th edition, price one penny, or 7s. per hundred.

A Brief Account of the Last Days and Dying Sayings

of Mr. Anthony Hervey, Author of the “Sherwood Gipsy." Price two-
pence, or 148. per hundred.
These two books will be found valuable for Sabbath Schools.

Little Children's Prayers Answered. By the Rev.

R HOLLINGS, B.A., Incumbent of St. John's, Newport, Isle of Wight, and
Chaplain to the Right Hon. Lord Erskiné. “Jesus said, Suffer little
Children to come unto me”-Matt. xix. 14. Seventh edition, 18,500
copies. Twopence, or 14s. per hundred.

Clarence House, by Anna Maria. 12mo, cloth, price

38. 6d.

Blood's (Rev. William) Sermon on the Loss of the

Amazon. Preached in St. Andrew's Church, Plymouth, on the second

Sunday after his escape from the terrific catastrophe. 8vo, price 6d. “A heart-rending narrative of facts by one almost miraculously saved."--Evangelical Magazine.

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A Plea for the Outcasts of Israel.

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This Plea is respectfully inscribed, in token of admiration of that feature in their pastoral characters, which leads them into the “highways and hedges" in search of those whom no man seeketh after."

That, in carrying the Gospel of their Master's love to the ignorant and degraded Gypsies, they may prove to be chosen messengers of “The Chief Shepherd's mercy to the “Lost Sheep of the House of Israel," is the hopeful belief of

Pailo-Rhoma. 18mo. Price 6d., or 68. per dozen.



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The Salvation of Israel. A Sermon on behalf of the

Jews. Delivered in the Weigh-House Chapel, London, by the Rev. GEORGE Suith, of Trinity Chapel, Poplar. 18mo, price 6d., or 58. per dozen.

Corbet's Knitted Stocking and Sock Book. 18mo,

sewed, price 8d. Stewart's Popular Superstitions and Festive Amuse

ments of the Highlands of Scotland. 12mo, 4s. cloth. The Warriors of our Wooden Walls and their Vice

tories. By J. BRADSHAWE WALKER. 12mo, boards, ls. “Although the victories of British arms at sea have already furnished material for many works of great historical value, the subject is by no means exhausted. The author has presented the public with a work which embraces, in a small compass, all the main features of a naval history. The author commences with a sketch of the first naval action after the Norman conquest, and traces the various victories of the British fieets down to the death of Aelson. There is also a short biography of the most celebrated naval commanders now living, with a graphic account of the principal events in which they were engaged. Mr. Walker has paid considerable attention to the accuracy of dates and names, with the view of making the work as valuable as a book of reference, as it is interesting as a record of British enterprise and valour.”—Morning Post, Dec. 12 The Irish Church; being a Digest of the Returns of

the Prelates, Digni aries, and Beneficed Clergy, to the queries addressed to them by the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Ecclesiastical Revenues and Patronage of Ireland, appointed A D 18:33, of the Annual Reports of the Commissioners since that date, and of the Commissioners of Religious and other instruction in Ireland, A.D. 1834; showing the Revenue, the Monies expended on the purchase, Building and Improvement of the See-house, the Acreage and Rental of Church Land, and the Church Patronage of every Bishoprick; the Income and Spiritual Duty of every Dignity; the Church Revenue, Cost of Glebe House and of Parish Church, Acreage of Glebe Land, Church Accommodation, and Population, Pro. testant, Presbyterian, and Roman Catholic, in every benefice : with an introduction, consisting of a sketch of the History of the Church of England in Ireland, Notes explanatory of the law relating to the Church Temporalities, and suggestions for their future appropriation. by WIL

LIAM SHEE, Serjeant at Law, M.P. 8vo, cloth, price 5s. Preliminary Treatise on the Resources of Ancient

Mauritania, or the Territory of Western Zahara-Suz; describing its Rich Productions, Healthful Climate, Fertile Soil, Valuable Mines, Commercial Advantages; Inhabitants--their ancient Descent, Laws, Manners, Habits, Foim of Government and Independence, with observations on the introduction of Christianity, the Promotion of Civilisation, and the Suppression of Slavery. By Captain ADDERLEY W. SLEIGH, K T.S., (Hon. M.R.H.S., late R N) Author of “Nautical Reorganization,” “Climatic Statistics of Great Britain,” “Treatise on Military Telegraphic and Outpost Com."

munication,” Prince of Panama," &c. 8vo, cloth, price 5s. One Hundred Original Tales for Children, a Class

Book to teach the Art of Reading, in less time and with greater ease than the usual methods, and to cultivate at an earlier period the imaginative and reasoning faculties of youth; to which are prefixed remarks on the. treatment, training, and capacities of learners; illustrated with 52 engra

vings. By JOSEPH HINE, 12mo, cloth, price 48. Germ Thoughts in Morals, Politics, Education, and

Philosophy. By JOSEP# Hine, Author of “ Original Tales for Children."" 18mo. cloth, price 1s.

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The Local Preachers' Magazine



The authorised organ of the Wesleyan Methodist Local Preachers' Mutual-Aid Association. Published Monthly, price 4d. Fourth year of pub. licațion. All the back numbers may be had. The l'rofits of this Periodical are devoted to the Funds of the Local Preachers' Mutual Aid Association.

Lectures by the Rev. R. W. Dibdin, M.A., Minister

of West Street Episcopal Chapel.


The Poet Cowper
3d. Swedenborg

3d. Table Turning 6d. Early Closing

3d: China

City Mission

3d. The Death of Abel. By Solomon Gessner. In Five

Cantos. Translated from the German by DE BENHAM-YACOBY. 18mo,

cloth, price ls. 6d. The Force of Truth; a Treatise on Growth in Grace; A Discourse upon Repentance; and

a Sermon on Election and Final Perseverance. By Thomas Scott, Rector of Aston Sandford, Bucks.

18mo, price 4s. Joyce's cientific Dialogues. Intended for the in,

struction and entertainment of Young People; in which the First Principles of Natural and Experimental Philosophy are fully explained. With Corrections and Improvements by Dr. OLINTHUS GREGORY. A new and enlarged edition, containing the recent additions to science, by CHARLES V. WALKER, Esq., Secretury of the Electrical Society,. Engineer and Superintendent of Electric Telegraphs to the South. Eastern Railway Company, Author of " Electrotype Manipulation," &c.

&c.; with several New Engravings on Wood. 12mo, cloth, price 6s. Peacock's Visit for a Week; or, Hints on the Im

provement of Time. Containing Original Tales, Anecdotes from Natural

and Moral History, &c. &c. Twelfth Edition. lumo, cloth, price 4s.' Paley's (Archdeacon) Works; and an Account of the

Life and Writings of the Author. By the Rev, EvMUND PALEY, A.M.,
Vicar of Easingwold. With a Portrait. A new, and the only complete

Edition. 4 vols., 8vo, cloth, price £1 16s. .
Hutton's Course of Mathematics ; composed for the
V 'use of the Royal Military Academy (formerly Professor of Mathematics

in that in titution). Continued and amended by OLINTHUS GREGORY, LL D., F.R.A.S. Twelfth Edition, with considerable alterations and additions, by Thomas STEPHENS DAVIES, F.R.S., L. & E., F.S.A., Royal

Military Academy. 2 vols., 8vo, cloth, 24s. Solutions of the Principal Questions of Dr. Hutton's

Course of Mathematics, forming a General Key to that work. Designed for the use of Tutors and Private Students. By THOMAS STEPHENS DAVIES, F.RS. London and Edinburgh, Royal Military Academy, Wool

wich. . 8vo, cloth, price 24s. Ainsworth's (Abridgment of) Latin Dictionary;

designed for the use of Schools. By THOMAS MORELL, D.D. - Materially improved by JOHN CAREY, LL.D. New Edition. 8vo, bound, price 108, 6d.


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