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AYLOTT and Co. have always on Sal; every New Work of interest in all classes of English Literature, as well as an extensive supply of Books adapted for Colleges and Schools; also, Export Orders executed on very advantageous Terms.

Daily Prayers for Christian Honseholds, for a Forti

night, with Forms for Special and Private Occasions. By the Rev. Thomas L. GLEADOWE, M.A., Rector of Frodesley, Salop. In post 8vo, price 3s. 6d., purple cloth, with Register.

These Prayers are studiously plain, and are divided each into five partsInvocation, Confession, Petition, Intercession, Praise, and Thanksgiving.

Some sentences of Scripture are placed at the beginning of each prayer, one or more to be read by the master, all standing : there are also inserted in each prayer a few short and familiar responses to be repeated aloud by the members of the Family. The plan is adopted with the view of preparing the minds of the assembled worshippers for the solemn service in which they are about to engage, and of keeping up their attention; points essentially necessary, but rarely attained in Family Prayer.

“We fully appreciate the earnest piety of these prayers."Britannia, Jan. 29.

"The prayers themselves are scriptural and devotional, having that valuable characteristic simplicity of expression, and are not so extended as are many other forms of prayers, so as to become a weariness to the flesh, however willing may be the spirit of the worshipper."-Christian Guardian, April 1, 1853.


Elijah the Tishbite. By the Rev. F. W. Krummacher,

D.D., Author of " Elisha.”

“ Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed carnestly that it might not rain : and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gavo rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit."-JAMES V. 17, 18.

This is the only complete Copyright Edition, and its cheapness well its it for Sabbath School Libraries. Printed in large 8vo, price 25. 6d. 12 copies for 246,


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Biographical Memoir.

1736. April 29. Motion for an address on the Marriage of the Prince of Wales.

1739. March 6. The Spanish Convention.

1741. March 6. Sir Charles Wager's Bill for the Increase of the Navy.

1742. March 9. Lord Limerick s Motion for an Inquiry into the Conduct of

Public Affairs during the last Twenty Years.

March 23. Lord Limerick's Motion for an Inquiry into the Conduct of

the Earl of Orford during the last Ten Years of his


Dec. 10. Debate on taking the Hanoverian Troops into British Pay.

1743. Dec. 1. Debate on the Address of Thanks.

1755. Dec. 5. The Augmentation of the Army. Apprehension of a French


1762. Nov. 29. The Preliminary Treaty of Peace with France and Spain.

1763. Nov. 24. Proceedings respecting Mr. Wilkes.

1766 Jan. 14. The American Stamp Act.
1770. Jan. 9. Debate in the Lords on the Address in Answer to the Speech

from the Throne.

1770. Jan. 22. The Marquis of Rockingham's Motion for Appointing a Day

to take into consideration the State of the Nation.

Feb. 2. The Marquis of Rockingham's Motion respecting the Ju lica.

ture of the House of Commons in Matters of Election.

March 14. Debate in the Lords on the State of the Civil List.

Nov, 22. The Duke of Richmond's Motion respecting the Seizure of

Falkland s Island.

1774. May 27. Debate in the Lords on the Bill for Quartering Troops in

North America.

1775. Jan. 20. Lord Chatham's Motion to withdraw the Troops from Boston.

1. Lord Chatham's Bill for Settling the ubles in America.
1777. May 30.

Lord Chatham's Motion for an Address to the Crown to put a

Stop to Hostilities in America.

Nov. 18. Debate in the Lords on the Address of Thanks.

Dec. 2. The Duke of Richmond & Motion for an Inquiry into the State

of the Nation..

Dec. 5. The Earl of Chatham's Motion for General Burgoyne's Orders

and Instructions.

Dec. 11. The Earl of Oxford s Motion of Adjournment.

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The Speeches of the Right Honourable Richard

Brinsley Sheridan. Royal 8vo, cloth, price 48.


1784. Feb. 3.

1786. Feb. 27.

In support of the motion of Mr Coke, "That the resolution

come to by the House on the previous day, condemna.

tory of Mr. Pitt s continuance in office, be laid before

his Majesty."

On the motion of Mr. Pitt, for the fortification of the dock-'

yards of Portsmouth and Plymouth.

On moving for the impeachment of Warren Hastings, Esq.,

on the fourth charge.
On moving for the impeachment of Warren Hastings, Esq.,

on the seventh charge.

1787. Feb. 7.

9. April 2.



1788, June 6,

June 13. 1794. Jan. 21.

1795. Jan. 5.

1798. Jan, 4.

In support of the impeachment of Warren Hastings, Esq.,

on the second charge. Same speech continued. In reply to Lord Mornington, on the Address to the King

on the opening of Parliament. On moving to bring in a bill to repeal an Act for the suspen

sion of the Habeas Corpus Act.
In opposition to Mr. Pitt's bill for increasing the assessed

In support of a motion of Mr. Yorke, the Secretary at War,

on the subject of the Army estimates.
In opposition to the motion of Mr. Pitt, for a bill for raising

and supporting an additional permanent Military Force. List of Members of the Administrations during the reign of

George III.

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The Speeches of Lord Erskine. Royal Svo, cloth, price 5s.



1778. Nov. 24. On showing cause against a rule for an information against

Captain Baillie, for a libel. 1781. Feb. 5. In Defence of Lord George Gordon on his trial for High

Treason. 1784. Nov. 15. In support of a Rule for a New Trial of the indictment

against the Dean of St. Asaph, for publishing a seditious

libel. 1789. Dec. 9. In defence of John Stockdale. 1793. Hilary Tm. In defence of John Frost. 1794. Nov. 1. In defence of Thomas Hardy, indicted for High Treason.

The Speeches of the Right Honourable Charles

James Fox in the House of Commons. Royal 8vo, cloth, price 16s.


Memoir. 1770. Dec. 6. Mr. Serjeant Glynn's Motion for a Committee to inquire

into the administration of Criminal Justice, and the proceedings of the Judges in Westirinster Hall, in cases relative to the Liberty of the Press, and the

power and duties of Juries. 1771. March 25. Debate on comiritting the Lord Mayor and Mr. Alderman

Oliver to the l'ower, for discharging the printers appre

hended by order of the House of Commons. 1777. Feb. 10. Bill to empower his Majesty to secure and detain persons

charged with, or suspected of, the crime of High Treason committed in North America, or on the high seas,

for the crime of Piracy. 1778. Feb. 2.

Mr. Fox's Motion, in a Committee on the State of the Nation,

“That no more of the Old Corps be sent out of the

Kingdom * 1, April 10. Mr. Powyss Motion, “That the powers of the Commissioners

to treat with America be enlarged; and that they be authorised to declare the Americans absolutely and for

ever independent." Nov. 26. Mr. Thomas Townshend's Amendment to the Address on the

King's Speech at the opening of the Session.



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1779. April 19. Mr. Fox's Motion for the removal of the Earl of Sandwich,

First Lord of the Admiralty.
Nov. 25. Lord John Cavendish's Amendment to the Address on the

King's Speech at the opening of ihe Session.
Dec. 6. The Earl of Upper Ossory's Motion on the Discontents in

Dec. 15. Mr. Burke's plan of Economical Reform.
1780. March 8. Mr. Burke's Establishment Bill.

Nov. 6. Address in answer to the King's Speech. 1781. Feb. I. Mr. Fox's Motion relative to the Appointment of Sir Hugt

Palliser to the Government of Greenwich Hospital. May 30.

Mr. Hartley's Motion for a Bill to restore Peace with America. Nov. 27. Mr. Fox's Amendment to the Address of Thanks on the

King's Speech at the opening of the Session 1783. Dec. Mr. Fox's East India Bill. Dec 17. Mr Baker's Motion relative to the report of the King's

opinion on Mr Fox's East India Bill. 1784. June 8. The Westminster Scrutiny.

Me. Fox's Addresses to the Electors of Westminster (Note). July 16 Mr. Pitt's East India Bill 1785. May 12. Irish Commercial Propositions.

June 1. Articles of Charge against Mr Hastings—Rohilla Charge. 1788. Dec 10. King's Illness --Regency Qnestion 1789. Mar. 8. Mr Berufoy's Motion for the Repeal of the Test and Cor.

poration Acts 1790. Mar. 2. Mr. Fox's Motion for the Repeal of the Test and Corpora

tion Acts. Dec. 23. Abatement of an Impeachment by : Dissolution of

Parliament. 1791. April 19. Abolition of the Slare Trade.

8. Quebec Bill--Separation between Mr. Fox and Mr. Burke. May 10, Motion for a Repeal of the Test Act as far as it extends

to Scotland. 20. Mr. Fox's Libel Bill. 1792. Mar. 1. Mr. Whitbread's Motion respecting the Armament against

April 2. Abolition of the Slave Trade.
Dec. 13. Mr. Fox's Amendments to the Address on the King's

Speech at the Opening of the Session. 1793. Feb. 12. Address on the King's Message respecting the Declaration

of War by France. May 7.

Mr. Grey's Motion for a Reform in Parliament. 1794. Mar. 10. Mr. Adams Motion respecting the Trials of Messrs. Mair

and Palmer, 1795. Mar. 28. Mr. Fox's Motion for a Committee on the State of the


Treason and Sedition Bills. 1796. May 10. Mr. Fox s Motion on the conduct of the War with France. Dec. 30. King's Message respecting the Rupture of the Negotiation

for Peace with France (Lord Malmesbury s Mission to

1797. Feb. 28. Stoppage of Cash payments at the Bank.

Mar. 23. Mr. Fox's Motion on the State of Ireland.
May 19. Mr. Fox's Motion for the Repeal of the Sedition Act.

26. Mr. Grey's Motion for a Reform in Parliament. 1800. Feb. 3. King's Message respecting Overtures of Peace from the

Consular Government of France. 1801. Mar. 25. Mr. Grey's Motion on the State of the Nation. Nov. 3. Address on the Preliminaries of Peace with the French

Republic. 1802. Mar. 16. Character of the Duke of Bedford.

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A few Copies left of the complete Collection of

the most Celebrated Speeches of the Earl of Chatham, the Right Hon. Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Lord Erskine, the Right Hon Edmund Burke, and the Right Honourable Charles James Fox. With short Explanatory Notes, Title, and General Index. Two Vols., royal 8yo, cloth, price 32s.

Truth Maintained, by James Biden, Svo, cloth,

10s. 6d.

Biden's Truth Maintained, in Nine Parts, and may

be had separate as under.

No. I.–The Antichrist, not Atheistic Anarchy, but a

False Ecclesiastical System. Price 6d.

No. II.-The Church on Earth, not a Body having

an Ecclesiastical Organisation, but composed of Members of Christ's Body, in Spiritual Union. Price ud.

Ne. III.-The Kingdom of Heaven. The term

“Kingdom of Heaven," as used by our Lord has Two Meanings : one for the Nominal Kingdom, the other for the Spiritual or True Kingdom. The one Meaning, as applied to the Nominal Kingdom, including Good and Bad, is not the Church. The other, as applied to the Spiritual Kingdom on Earth, is the Church. Price 6d.

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No. IV.-Priesthood. In the Nominal, or Catholic

Kingdom, are Rulers and Teachers, but not Ecclesiastics; in the True
Kingdom, or the Church, is Universal Priesthood Price ls.

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No. V.-The Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. The

Power of the Keys, as it is called in Ecclesiastical Language, is not granted to a Ministry, but is granted to the Church-the Faithful in Christ. Price 6d.

No. VI.-Baptism. Water Baptism admits to the

Outer, or Nominal, Kingdom; Spirit Baptismi, to the Inner, or True Kingdom.-the one Baptism being Independent and Irrespective of the other Price 2s. 6d.



No. VII.-The Eucharist not a Sacrifice, but a Com.

memoration of a Completed Sacrifice. Price ls.

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