Christian Epitaphs of the First Six Centuries

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W.C. Chewett, 1869 - 72 strán (strany)

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Strana xviii - It may be asked, wherefore this anxiety to rediscover with certainty the tomb? Besides motives of natural piety, there is one constantly recorded on sepulchral inscriptions. In England, if want of space prevented the full date of a person's death being given, we should prefer chronicling the year, to the day of the month, when it occurred. It is more historical. No one cares about remembering the day on which a person died, without the year ; but the year, without the day, is an important recollection....
Strana 18 - Hope, which we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth within the veil; whither the forerunner is for us entered ; even Jesus, made an High Priest for ever after the order of Melchisedec.
Strana 18 - Several carissimce posuit et spiritui sancto tuo. Mortua annorum LV et mensium XI dierum X. " In the Consulship of Claudius and Paternus (ie 269, AD), on the Nones of November (ie November 5th), on Friday, the 24th day of the Moon, Leuce erected (this memorial) to her very dear daughter, and to thy holy spirit. She (died at the age) of fifty-five years, and eleven months, (and) ten days.
Strana 3 - Here rests, in the sleep of peace, Mala, who lived thirty-eight years, five months, five days. Received before God, on the fourth day before the Ides of June, in the Consulship of Aetius,
Strana xxx - ... April, (in the year) after the Consulship of John and Varanes," ie April 2nd, 457, AD I have uniformly translated depositus by our ordinary word, "buried." There are some, who think that it is used with a special reference to the resurrection. Thus Northcote, " The Roman Catacombs," p. 143, remarks : " Each body, as it was laid in its grave, was said to be deposition there; deposited, that is, only for a while, to be reclaimed again in that day when the sea and the earth shall give up their dead.
Strana x - Deposited in peace," *' the deposition of — ," are the expressions used ; that is, the dead are but left there for a time, till called for again, as a pledge, or precious thing, intrusted to faithful but temporary keeping. The very name of cemetery suggests that it is only a place where many lie, as in a dormitory, slumbering for a while till dawn come, and the trumpet's sound awake them. Hence the grave is only called " the place," or more technically, " the small home,
Strana 41 - Here rests my flesh ; but at the last day, through Christ, I believe it will be raised from the dead.
Strana 21 - VVCCSS NONAS NOBEMB. You, our nursing father, occupy a perpetual seat, being dead, and deserving an end of your great dangers. Here happy, you find rest, bowed down with years. Here lies the...
Strana xxiii - Some clocks not only tell the hour and minute of time, but the year, the month, the day of the month, the day of the week, and the like.
Strana 8 - Augusto II et Merobaude, Viro Clarissimo, III. " Here has been laid a sweet spirit, guileless, wise, and beautiful, by name Quiriace, who lived three years, three months, eight days. Buried, in peace, on the fourth day before the Ides of January, in the Consulship of our Lord Theodosius Augustus, for the second time, and Merobaudes, a most distinguished man, for the third time," ie January 10th, 388, AD The name Quiriace is another form of Cyriace, both being Kupiaioj Latinized.

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