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(3) dered ! my first Husband murdered! And by the cursed arts of his murderer I have often been betrayed, fearing that I was wrong in listening to the voice of my dear dying Lord; as Satan's arts have often told me, to deceive me, that he came as a friend, to persuade me against my Lord; therefore I am the Woman that hath had my Lord and Master murdered; and am daily pursued by his murderer : and now my soul crieth aloud for vengeance ! Blessed be the LORD for his LITTLE FLOCK OF SHEEP, that have now jumped over the hedge to free me from the murderous wretch who slew my dear Lord, at first, whom my soul loved and now my soul shall love him last. Oh ! how often has that cursed wretch persuaded me there was no God, and that he alone was all in power; but now, blessed be the LORD, the murderer will be brought to justice. For I feel that my Bible will burst from this Parable.—But how can I bear the reflections of my soul, to think I was ever in the hand of the devil, that he should have power to tempt me, through unbelief, that he was not the wretched murderer, nor his guilt would ever be brought to light ? But from this Parable I know he will; and I would sooner now give up my life, than I will give up my just revenge against the cursed murderous foe

So now I trust the sheep will stand
To join with me in heart and hand,
And then the Trial I'll go through,
And bring the Vurderer to their view,
When by both JURIES he is cast;
For so I know the end will burst;
And I shall see the traitor fall,
Who by disguise hath conquerd all
That judg‘d him innocent io stand.
But now the Little Flock's at hand
That will his footsteps all betrav,
And shew the Fall where it ad lav;
And shew what arts he doth pursue
To murder GENTILES and the Jews;
For in like manner both he east,
And in my Master's room he plac'd

Himself in power to appear
But now the LITTLE FLOCK is near
That will betray his every guilt;
And he shall know that he has spilt
The Blood of Jesus, my dear Lord,
Who all his cursed arts abhorrid;
And yet he let them to go on
Until his Little Flock was come,
In the same place for to appear;
And then his Flock he did ensnare.
Whatever way the wretch would turn
My Flock before him still would come
Then bless'd be my avenging God,
That now will make him feel his rod;
And he in prison now is cast,
And so his trial now must burst.
No Judges here can ever do
For to believe him just and true,
That he the world has not deceiv'd.
All this they vainly may believe;
But I've a JURY nigh at hand
That will for me the Trial stand;
And so they'll çast the murderous foo:
No longer will they let him go

To reign in power as before,
He's bound in prison I see clear;
And from his prison he may burst,
And then I know he will be cast,
Just like the Parable that is here.
God's hidden wisdom I see clear
In secret tracks conccal'd from man;
God's wisdom they can never scan;
Because all things he'll bring to light
Clear as the sun before your sight;
“ And in more lustre it shall shine
When I have told thce all my mind,
The way the Thief shall now appear,
And then my LITTLE FLOCK I'll clear,
How innocence did guilt betray:
I meant to bring it round this way.
And so the thing ordain'd at first
That at the end it so should burst:
And now's the time I'll burst the whole,
And all his subtle arts shall fall,
No more your Husbands to betray,
Nor get your Wives in love with he;
For I will break his every band,
And he the trial now shall stand,
The way he slew me at the first;
For now my Little Flock will burst,
And then my BRIDES they all will sce
Hlow they have been in bonds with be.
But when the Trial doth appear,
He'll find the LITTLE FLOCK is nçar

( 5 )
That I'll confess he cannot steal.---
The Mysteries now I shall reveal:
They're innocent, by my command;
And there the tempter bold may stand
To say their hearts he could not steal.
For deeper Mysteries I'll reveal:
'Twas I that made my Flock to go
So strong before him, he shall know,

That let him turn which way he will
They'll find a way to battle still,
That they before him still will stand,
And so the Trial they'll command,
To make him stand and hear the sound
That he in all

is guilty found;
That first the HUSBAND he did slay,
And then the Wife he did betray.
To make her judge her LORD was dead,
And then by arts he her betray'd
To make her think her LORD was gone,
And he her Lover was become,
To lead her faithful heart astray.
I know he has seduc'd this way,
To make thy fervent love grow cold
For now the mysteries I'll unfold:
He slew thy Saviour at the first,
And then in power he strong did burst,
To take possessiớn of the whole.
And now I'll prove how this did fall:
My Christian Friends he first did slay,
And so his arts come round that way;
Because they judg’d it could never be

My faithful Friends were slain by he."
June the 15th, 1804.
Sahırday June (6und before this, the bilproft

Frage at the begin Here I shall give the verse in continuation of the Ining Flock of Sheep. After I had arisen from a bed of here began' sorrow, I was ordered to take my pen in hand, and from 24 the Lord would answer me further of the Parable.

« Now Joanna, thee I'll answer:

From the Parable appears,
I that am thy Lord and Master

Know the Thief hath enter'd here,
After he had arts to murder

My alarming Love to thee,
Well I know his arts went further,

And that way inflamed thee;
Because in all he strong did fall

Their sorrow to express;
For he, like Judas, work'd in all

And brought on thy distress.
The Man the Husband did allow,

That was pronounced dead;

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But by what arts he did not know

The death on him was laid;
And then by arts he did contrive

Unto her close to lay.
But now from thee the cause I'll free,

As it thou canst not bear,
To think the wife was plac'd in THEE,

The murderer's guilt to share.
No, 'tis not thee, they all shall see,

That did the wretch caress.
No: thou art with the FLOCK OF SHEEP,

That did before them burst;
So thee I'll clear; thou canst not bear

To have the thing brought home.
Then I shall come another way,

And bring it to the Groom.
In foreign Land where it doth stand

A prince in power to reign:
A Bcthsheba for to command

The Groom was surely slain; And then her love did never prove,

To seek her vengeance there;
Because that she, by gold from he,

Ne'er let the cause appear,
But all let die: I'll tell thee why-

The great would all conceal,
And sooner let their gold to fly

Than have their deeds reveal'd. And where's not love the cause to prove

I know the dead must lie
Without their blood to be aveng'd-

And wilt thou act like she?
Thou answerest, No: the truth is som

No Black Prince here shall reign, That prov'd thy HUSBAND'S overthrow;

But now he shall be slain.
Then do not fear, for thou art here

Amongst the Sheep that burst;
For when the GAP I had made clear

I know thou wert the first, That from the gap began to hope

That there was room to burst,
And go before and make it clear

The way the murder came.
The Day of Vengeance now is near

The Devil to condemn.-
And here's the Bride now by my side

That shall in fury break;
For I shall place the Parable

To bring thee to the SHEEP,
Where thou didst burst, I tell thee, first

And let iny SEALED come
And in the Field with thee appear,

Satan shall fall like him.

( ) For now I say to thee this day

The TRIAL so, must come.
My SHEEP have been turn'd every way

By Satan's artful hand;
But still before, I tell thee here,

My SHEEP did surely go ;
And now I'll let the JUDGE appear,

And prove the world is so.
When I was cast the Judges burst

My Murderer then to free;
And my FIRST JURY then was cast,

That boldly stood for me.
But now again, the second time,

MY JURY do appear
My every KINGDOM for to claim,

And cast the Murderer here.
But now the same the Judges came

That is, the world I mean; They'll try to free the infamy,

The Juries to condemn; But I'll appear to make it clear

That of the Sheep he's free. All ways he 'th tried to turn them here,

But this could never be,
Because before my Spirit there

Stood strongly in the men,
That he his guilt can no way clear ;

For now the time is come,
That I am here and do appear

Now in the Woman's form;
For there at first the Thief did burst-

And now I've burst the same,
I tell thee, in the FLOCK OF SHEEP,

Where first the murder came.-
But unto thee the thing, 1 see,

In agonies thou'st plac'd,
Because thy heart reproached thee,

And I that way did burst
To say thy heart had felt the dart

Of Satan's artful hand;
Because that thee, through jealousy

The TRIAL could not stand.
Always to bear, he did ensnare,

I know, thy heart with grief, Until my SHEEP they did appear

For to give thee relief;
Because alone thou madest thy moan,

Before my SHEEP did come,
And all together did agree
To bring thy Trial

For I'll reveal and not conceal,

'Tis bringing round this way, As though my SHEEP he here did steal;

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