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That now do stand then in this land,

As she did then appear; They are going out by Hell's command

To meet their murderer there.
But now, whose Fan is in his hand,

I'll surely purge this floor,
And trembling make the Rebel stand,

And keep the prisoners here;
For some l'sce like her to be,

Going out to meet their doom;
But I shall stop them now this way,

Or Satan in their room
Shall surely fall, I tell you all,

If they will stand like she.
And trenible now to hear the call,

And judge the words from ME,
THAT I DID SPEAK, in fury break,

As mon so inock'd MY NAME;
And say, they fear for to appear,

Did we our God blaspheme?
I kyow that some will now begin

That way for to appear“ We judge our God is in the sound,

“T'is time to tremblc hcre. “ Now we see plain we are but men,

« Our Bibles did not know, « This way

the Lord would ever come, “ We ne'er discern'd it so: “ So it is said, we are misled,

“ We ne'cr did undertsand " That perfect in the Woman's Form

“ He'd come again to Man« To free the Law, we all do know

We judg'd it at that time; « When to the Cross He sure did go

What folly filled our minds ? “ To judge it then, as sinple men,

“ We cannot make it clear: . Under the Law, we all do know,

« The Jews do now appear-, “ Under the fall we do sce all

“ In Adam's guilt to stand." • Then how can we our Bibles clear

“ And prove that now we stand: “ Can we contrive to say alive

" In Christ all surely be? “ As then in Adain all did dic!!!

“ It cannot be provid by we: 4 Then we may fear the Lord is herc

“ Provok'd in every sound: " And if 'tis Ilim we mock so hero

In guilt we shall be found. “ We know at last the die is cast,

« The worst crror is come ** Thcsin against the IloLY GHOST

" Will not be forgiven by Himt,

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( 59 )
" Then we may fear for to appear
2. “ One step further to go,–
And like the woman trembling there,

I know, will many dom
Then I'll repent, and will relent

The threatenings I have made!!!
Though Jezebel, a Type of Hell

I have like my Shepherds laid,
Because that here they did appear

To mock me so with scorn!!!
But yet their sins I now will clear

That humbly will return,
And say like Paul “ we now must falt

At our Emanuel's feet,
For the dispatch is gone for all

The Midnight Hour to meet."
So I'll end here and say no more,

But let the night pass through ;
Then other wonders will appear

To bring before thy view.
Saturday Night, June 23d, 1804.


Sunday, June 24th, 1804 Joanna waked with great joy and happiness in her, and began to plan a simple scheme in her own head, the way she thought she should hear the voice of the Lord call her aloud, as she often heard her name called aloud, and was promised she should again ; and she thought it might be in the simple plan she had placed in her own mind; but finding herself disappointed, she laughed at her own folly, and told us her plan and her thoughts. The plan we saw, but her thoughts were unknown to us, before she told them, and then laughed at her simple thoughts that she had been placing in her own mind, and how she was disappointed, but did not feel

any sorrow at her disappointment; but all was joy and happiness within ; and she was admiring the beauty of the Wisdom of the Lord, in what wolldrous manner he was working; and that she would not go one step from his directions, for the whole world. She was remarking the impudence and ig

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norance there was in men, from an impudent ignorant clergyman, that had the assurance to write to Miss Townley, that she spent her money in the work of the Lord, for so it is, whatever the wretch may judge it. He said he should not be surprized, if the Chancellor took care of her fortune. But none of these threatenings are ever sent to ladies of fashion, who ruin their fortunes in the works of the devil, by gambling .at cards, operas, balls, assemblies, masquerades, and every catalogue of vice, that the devil can invent. These are very well to be supported, and every luxury and extravagance are very well to be upholded, till their shattered fortunes are gone ; and the poor, honest, industrious tradesmen, are often ruined by their extravagancies ; for they not only run through their own fortunes, but they run through the fortunes of others, and then think it very well to say they are broke, therefore the people must forgive them, and they remain as gentlement the same, and with im. pudence and confidence demand it, because of their Rank and Title. After making 'these remarks to us in part of the words, rivers of joy run through her mind ; joy that she cannot express, and she felt her heart too full to keep silence; she came out of her bed and walked up and down the room as fast as possible, and said she felt herfelf so full she should burst if Miss T. did not put down the communication she was copying and send it to her brother to copy off'; and call Underwood to sit to writing; for she says, the world is at an end ; the days of Sodom and Gomorrah are come, in a day they little think of; and in a day unawares the Lord will come with a SHOUT FROM HEAVEN, as the voice of many waters; for his Ambassador is gone forth; HIS HORN IS BLOWN; THE HORN OP SALVATION to all them that are waiting the Coming of the Lord. His Ambassador is gone: forth, and His Horn of Salvation is come,

( 61').
« The midnight hour of joy is come,
To my Beloved it is known,
Because at first you saw it here;
I said the Woman should appear, 2015
To warn my brethren all the same--
And so to Foley this did come,
A midnight hour of joy to he;
And so to Sharp this thing might be;
For I'll send it by no post,
Because by silence men are lost;
Therefore My Horn, must blow aloud
For to awake the sleepy crowd
And this Express they all must know
Does from their God and SAVIOUR

To warn the people I'm at hand:-
The days of Sodom now command,
And now Gomorrah all shall see,
It is like Lot that you must fee;
The day and hour when I do wain,
I tell you all, you don't discern:
For like the thoughts that were in thee
I tell thee perfect is in ME.
They saw the plan I did prepare,
But yet my thoughts no man did hear,
The thing that I had in my view;
I'll bring the shadow now from you
Because the shadow there I plac'd,
And in thy heart 'twas I that burst
To shew thy plan, but yet conceal,
Till afterwards thou didst reveal
The very thoughts that were in thee.
And now I'll tell the thoughts of ME,
My plan before you I did lay,
But all my thoughts conceal'd like thee,
Till now's the time I do appear
For to reveal the mysteries here.
I said my BIELE TRUE must come,
Then now discern it, simple men,
How Noah's Ark doth now appear-
And from the man I've taken her,
Now waiting for her COMING LORD,
And listening for to hear his word,
As he did say, to call aloud;
Then tremble all, ye busy crowd,
Who now stand waiting at the door
To have your lover murderd here,
As Satan's ways you so do love!!!
Then now the truth to all I'll prove
That like the Gardener he doth call,
And deep he's digging pits for all.
And yet he tells you, tis in love,


ou 7 MiFoten tool

to be read first

If that MY HØRN do not awake
The trembling hearts of men to shake,
'That like the woman they may stand;
For they're defil'd by Satan's hand,
Just as that woman, then with child,
I tell you all, he has begail'd ;
And now by arts he'd lead them on
To bring the midnight hour for man
Into his cursed pit to fall;
The day of vengeance so he'd call
To bring the fatal pit for man;
And like that woman men do stand,
That now are listening to bis sound,
And in his fetters strong are bound,
As she was then bound to the man.
By his pretended love 'twas done;
And now by his pretence the same
They've all'despisd their Saviour's Name;
And like that woman they do say“
Satan their lover won't betray.
For though I meet them at the door,
And tell them dangers they are near,
If they go on like her that way,
They'll meet their ruin said by he.
And so by violence he kept her back,
Until he'd been and seen the wreck,
And shew'd her plain his dream was true:
Unto the grave he bid her go
When he had made the villain fly,
He shew'd her plain her death was nigh,
If he had let her gone alone,
She plainly saw she was undone.
And now to man I say the same,
The arts of Satan you inflame,
Stoutly to stand against your God
And tell the paths you all have trod,
And in them you will still go on),
You can't turn back, nor shun the man
That now is digging pits for all,
Wberein I say you all must fall,
And bring the day of vengeance here.
It is for man he doth

To-flatter on, far man must bc,
It never was design'd for he
To bring the curse upon his head
As in my Bible it is said.
This is the way he flatters here;
"T'was he beguild the woman there,
And now by him that she must stand
But I have pluck'd ber from his hand,
And warnd her of the midnight hout,
And Hell shall feel my every poitre
He dig'd a pit for her at first,

1 Hand S.A And by that pit he now is cast;

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