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1900), Sidgwick (1894–1897), and the excellent edition of Papillon and Haigh (1892), whose dignified renderings make one wish that these editors would prepare a prose translation of the entire works of Virgil.

Thanks are due to Professor John C. Rolfe, of the University of Michigan, for many helpful suggestions and for assistance in reading the proof, and to Professor Francis W. Kelsey for valuable hints and for the critical examination of the entire book.

The reviser has constantly been impressed with the scholarly character of the last edition to which Dr. Frieze put his hand. It was something inore than a mere schoolbook. The preparation of this new volume has therefore been a privilege as well as a pleasure.

W. D.


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1. Judgment of Paris - From an ancient bas-relief. Baum.
2. Juno (Ludovisi). Photo.
3. Neptune (of Melos) – From a statue in the National Museum at

Athens. Photo..
4. A Triton — From a Roman lamp. · Harper
5. Roman clad in the Toga. G. and K.
6. Diana of Versailles — From a statue in the Louvre. Photo.
7. Venus (Kaufmann). Furtw.-U. .
8. An Amazon — From a statue in the Vatican. Photo.
9. Necklaces from Troy. Schlie. I.
10. Diadem from Mycenae. Baum.
11. Bronze Hanging Lamp from Pompeii. Mau.
12. Athena (Farnese) — From a statue in the Naples Museum.

Furtw. M. 13. Head of Bull adorned with Vittae From a bas-relief. Rich. 14. Diomedes and Ulysses carrying off the Palladium. R. . 15. Laocoön and his Children attacked by the Serpents — From a

Pompeian wall painting. Annali 16. The Greeks descending from the Wooden Horse — From an ancient

gem. Baum. 17. Achilles dragging Hector's Body about the Walls of Troy — From

an ancient bas-relief. Baum. 18. The Tabula Iliaca. Schreiber (VI ED.)


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19. Cardines, etc. Harper

N 71 20. Menelaus pursues Helen — From a vase painting. R. .

N 75 21. Gorgon (Medusa Rondanini). Baum.

N 76 22. Aeneas fleeing with Anchises and Ascanius — From an ancient coin. Duruy

N 80 23. Present View of the Heights upon which Troy was built. Schuch. N83 24. Ancient Vessel under Sail and Oars - From an ancient wall painting. Schreiber .

N 85 25. Offerings at a 'Tomb — From a vase painting. Baum. .

N 87 26. Apollo Citharoedus - From a statue in the Vatican. Photo.

N 89 27. Harpies — From a vase painting. Roscher 28. Sacrificial Scene, showing use of the Patera - From an ancient

bas-relief. Rich. 29. Cortina and Tripod. R. 30. Scylla — From an ancient terracotta. Baum. . 31. Chain Mail. Baum. 32. The Fountain of Arethusa in Modern Times. Photo.

NII2 33. Cupid bending his Bow — From a statue in the Capitoline Museum. Photo.

NI13 34. Jupiter Ammon - From a coin. B. M. C.

N 119 35. Phrygian or Trojan Youth — From a vase painting. R.

N119 36. Mercury 37. The Rising of Helios — From a vase painting. Baum.

N 136 38. Carchesium. Harper

N 137 39. Painting from a Pompeian Lares Chapel. Photo.

N 137 40. The Suovetaurilia — From an ancient relief. Baum.

N 138 41. Rostrum. Schneider

N 140

Middleto 42. Plan of an Ancient Roman Circus. Middleton 43. The • Maeander' Pattern From a vase painting. Baum.

N 143 44. Ganymede carried up to Heaven — From a statue in the Vatican.

Photo. 45. The Caestus

N 148 46. An Ancient Bowman From a vase painting. Baum.

N 150 47. A Bronze Lar. Roscher

N 158 48. Neptune attended by Tritons and Nereids - From a bas-relief.

Baum. 49. Ulysses and the Sirens — From an ancient gem. Baum.

N 162 50. Map of the Vicinity of Cumae

N 163 51. View of the Vicinity of Cumae. Photo.

N 163 52. Hecate — From an ancient bas-relief. Baum.

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