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THE WORLD'S GREAT LITERARY CRITIC. FERDINAND BRUNETIÈRE, the famous editor of the greatest of French reviews, the Revue de Deux Mondes. is undoubtedly the foremost literary critic in all the world. He is one of three hundred of the celebrated living men of letters who have made the Charles Dudley Warner Library the most remarkable literary work of the age.

THE WARNER LIBRARY ABOUT COMPLETED. CHARLES DUDLEY WARNER'S monumental from devoting no more than half an hour a day to

u undertaking is almost finished. The great following the literature of one great nation after anLibrary is all but done.

other, from the Roman and the Greek down to the Its preparation has been a wonderful task. most notable writers of our own time. Think what is here accomplished. The most dis Remember that the arrangement with Harper's tinguished scholars, thinkers, and writers of France, Weekly Club whereby the Library is now offered at England, and America have been brought together a reduced price and under special terms will soon to write the fascinating interpretative and explana be ended. When the Library is complete, the optory studies which accompany the sections devoted portunity you now have will no longer be open. to each of the masters of the world's literature. The introductery work of the Club will be ended, Every essay has been written by the one man now and the regular subscription canvass will begin. living most competent to portray the personality In view of this approaching event, the special and work of the author whom he treats.

price at which the work is now obtainable will be These essays, a thousand in number, constitute advanced on February ist. If you wish to place in the most delightful and most instructive presenta your home the most perfect library of literature tion of the greater literature of every epoch and of that has ever been made, it is certainly to your inevery race.

terest to act now. If you were the possessor of this splendid Library, A postal card, addressed to Harper's Weekly consider the endless hours of recreation and enjoy Club, 93 Fifth Avenue, New York, will secure full ment you might gain from its pages in the coming information, both as to the Club arrangement and year. What an inspiration and uplift might come l the Library itself.

Misspelled words in advertisements are intentional, See prize offer on another page



Current Literature

25 Cents a Number; $3.00 a Year

(Monthly, $1.00 a year)

Saves its price many times over during a year by its sensible recipes for wholesome food, its suggestions of better ways to work, and its condensations of the latest scientific investigations along domestic lines.

It is Practical and Educational, and each issue contains articles of interest to all classes of women.

Send for a free sample to

My heart's congratulations to you Current

in the wholesome and vital method of

your magazine. An impulse renewed Literature

every month to sound thought and good letters among our people."


" Full of interesting and instructive Current matter ... not easily found else

where." Literature -I. COLYER. Department Public In

struction, Brooklyn. " The net you spread for newspaper

verse is invaluable. The Old Canoe' Current is beyond praise. I feel like one of the Literature

family,' having bought and kept every copy since the start.

-W. H. HUBBARD, Duluth, Minn.

“ The classifications and departments Current

of this magazine make it one of the Literature most instructive periodicals a busy man

can carry with him."

- Boston Globe of recent date. Current

“I think that Current Literature

must be a blessing to the world." Literature -Mrs. S. W. POWELL, West Beckett,


Bryant Building, NEW YORK. Sample copy free if this advertisement is mentioned.

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The sayings of the press on every topic of interest at your disposal through our Bureau. We read practicaly all the daily and weekly newspapers of the country and supply clippings on any subject, for class and trade papers, public and professional men, business and supply houses.

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ARTHUR CASSOT, Manager NEW YORK (Knickerbocker Building) LONDON

Cor. Fifth Ave. and 14th St., New York Will supply you with all personal reference and clippings on any subject from all the papers and periodicals published here and abroad. Our large staff of readers can gather for you more valuable material on any current subject than you can get in a life-time.

TERMS: 100 clippings, $5.00; 250 clippings, $12.00 ; 500 clippings, $22.00; 1000 clippings, $40.00.

Misspelled words in advertisements are intentional. See prize offer on another page.


Misspelled words in advertisements are intentional. See prize offer on another page.

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Misspelled words in advertisements are intentional. See prize offer on another page.

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