Manual of Mineralogy and Geology: Designed for the Use of Schools and for Persons Attending Lectures on These Subjects : as Also a Convenient Pocket Companion for Travellers in the United States of America

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Websters and Skinners, 1826 - 229 strán (strany)

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Strana 227 - Secret proceedings and debates of the convention assembled at Philadelphia, in the year 1787, for the purpose of forming the Constitution of the United States of America; from the notes taken by the late Robert Yates, esq., chief justice of New- York, and copied by John Lansing, jun., esq., late chancellor of that state, members of that Convention. Including
Strana 220 - July 1824, and which concludes in these words : " Under the unassuming title of Elements of Medical Jurisprudence, Dr Beck has presented us with a comprehensive system, which embraces almost every valuable fact or doctrine relating to it. Each of its diversified departments has been investigated so minutely, that few cases can occur in practice, in which it will be necessary to seek elsewhere for farther information.
Strana 219 - In 1815 he was appointed Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence in the College of Physicians and Surgeons established at Fairfield, in Western New York.
Strana 7 - The specific gravity of a body is its weight, compared with that of another body of the same magnitude. Thus, if a cubic foot of water weigh 1000...
Strana 229 - Nicholson, John, of Herkimer Co., N. Y. ^The farmer's assistant; being a digest of all that relates to agriculture, and the conducting of rural affairs; alphabetically arranged, and adapted for the United States. 2d ed., cor. and enl. 1820. S411 N6. 4783 phio. State board of agriculture. The farmers' handbook containing laws of Ohio relating to agriculture and of use and interest to all country residents.
Strana 169 - Sometimes referred to the preceding sometimes to the succeeding class by writers of these schools; very often the coal-measures are referred to the former — the subjacent limestone and sandstone to the latter.

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