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Élse, my pretty swallow,
Thou wouldst not so gaily
Twitter át my window
Júst before the sunrise,

Bút wouldst go and hide thee
Sádly in some córner
With the moping ówlet
And ill - bóding ráven.

Yés he's coming hómeward,
Pretty cleft-tailed swallow,
Tell me the whole story,
Twitter, twitter, twitter.

Walking from BAILLEUL to EBBLINGHEM, DEP. DU NORD (FRANCE); Nov. 19, 1854.


your oáts, my póny;
"Tís your máster brings them,
Feeds you with his own hand,
Lóves to heár your whínny.

Outside it 's a rough night,
Rainy, cold, and blowing;
Here you 're snúg and cozy,
Tó your knees in fresh straw.

With old háy your ráck 's filled,
Eát and sleep till mórning,
Then I 'll bring you móre oats
Pleasant dreams, my póny.

TOURNAY (BELGIUM); Nov. 15, 1854.

Emigrant sings.

Nór a dáy from heaven comes
Bút I think a dózen times
Óf those Í 've behind me
Léft in my old country,

Of my father, mother,
óf my sisters, brothers,
Óf my aúnts and cousins,
Wondering how they áll are;

Bút of theẻ, my Nanny,
Each day Í but once think,
Fór thou 'rt ábsent néver
From my mind one móment.

St. OMER, PAS DE CALAIS (FRANCE); Nov. 20, 1854.


BLÉSSINGS on my báby,
Gód preserve and love it,
From all dánger keep it,
Wáking, sleeping, álways.

Dón't make it a great man,
Grácious Gód, I pray thee;
Greatness is uncertain,
Óf itself down tứmbles.

Dón't make it a wise man;
Wisdom is mere folly
Pérsecúted álways,
Háted by the whole world.

Bút make it a kind man;
Kindness still is happy,
Éven while it 's cheáted,
ill used by the whole world.

TOURNAY (BELGIUM); Nov. 15, 1854.


“Lawless róbber, bloody cút-throat,”
Said the soldier to the brigand,
“Í shall see thee hánged I hópe yet,
Wére it bút as an example
Thát slow-footed jústice sometimes
Overtakes the málefactor.”

"Licensed robber, wholesale cút-throat,"
Said the brigand to the soldier,
“I shall seé thee shot I hope yet,
Wére it bút as an example
Thát one-sided justice sometimes
Ís by accident impártial.”


To my gray beard.

Ir 's a bárgain, yráy beard,
Signed and sealed and públished,
Thoú and Í the opposite
High contrácting parties.

Thou on thý part, gray beard,
Únderták'st to cover
Ánd, as far as máy be,
Hide from view the fúrrows

Tíme has on my súnk cheeks
Ánd aboút my lips ploughed,
Ånd before my toothless
Shrúnk gums háng a thick veil.

Thou shalt fúrther, gráy beard,
Áll the livelong winter
With thy friendly múffle
Shield my throat and lánk jaws,

Máking me feel warmer
Thán if round my neck tied
Comforter of lámb's wool
Ór chinchilla típpet.

Lástly, thoú engagest
Thát no one shall henceforth
Táke me for a woman
Ór dwarfed, wíthered schoolboy.

Í, on mý part, bind me
Every dáy to trím thee,
Wásh, comb, oil and brúsh thee
And in order keep thee;

Álso tó my last gasp
Stoútly to defend thee
From the extérmináting
Bárber's soáp and rázor.

Só in strict alliance
Wé shall live together,
Shéltering and protecting
Until death each other.

óf our solemn treaty
Thís the protocol is.
Keep thou thị word, gray beard,
And I 'll trúly mine keep.


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