Letters ... to Varnhagen von Ense, together with extr. from Varnhagen's diaries, and letters from Varnhagen and others to Humboldt [ed. by L. Assing Grimelli].

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Strana 70 - Save base authority from others' books. These earthly godfathers of heaven's lights. That give a name to every fixed star, Have no more profits of their shining nights, Than those that walk, and wot not what they are. Too much to know is to know nought but fame; And every godfather can give a name.
Strana 125 - Although I have not the honour of being personally known to you, I hope you will excuse the liberty I now take, in addressing you on the subject of a transaction more than once alluded to by you, in which an ancestor of mine was unhappily concerned. I allude to the slaughter of Lord Kilpont, son of the Earl of Airth and Monteith, in 1644, by James Stewart of Ardvoirlich.
Strana 91 - ... quo magis socordiam eorum inridere libet, qui praesenti potentia credunt extingui posse etiam sequentis aevi memoriam. nam contra punitis ingeniis gliscit auctoritas; neque aliud externi reges, aut qui eadem saevitia usi sunt, nisi dedecus sibi atque illis gloriam peperere.
Strana 57 - Nunc demum redit animus; sed quamquam primo statim beatissimi saeculi ortu Nerva Caesar res olim dissociabiles miscuerit, principatum ac libertatem, augeatque cotidie felicitatem temporum Nerva Traianus...
Strana 58 - Quod si vita suppeditet, principatum divi Nervae et imperium Traiani, uberiorem securioremque materiam, senectuti seposui, rara temporum felicitate ubi sentire quae velis et quae sentias dicere licet.
Strana 163 - ... comme j'entends toujours dire, il n'ya pas de savant qui n'ait quelque chose à apprendre de vous, il est peu d'ignorants à qui vous n'ayez appris quelque chose. A ce propos, et au risque d'abuser de votre...
Strana 182 - Humboldt writes (27th February, 1847). 'and this man made an uncomfortable impression upon me at Stolzenfels. "I know," ho said to me, "that you sympathise greatly with the misfortunes of the Russian Poles. Unfortunately, the Poles are as little deserving of our sympathy as the Irish.
Strana 336 - I have sought to acquire and to reproduce a definite image of the living man, and not simply of the man as he appeared in all the reticences of print. For this purpose I have controlled and completed the testimonies of print by means of papers which have never seen the light, and papers which, in all probability, never will see the light...
Strana 15 - Court from personally informing myself as to my friend's health, I am driven, alas ! to writing to beg you will kindly send me back the letter of the Duchess of Dessau, containing the kind expressions about our dear beatified friend. A. v. HUMBOLDT. Thursday. XVI. HUMBOLDT TO VARNHAGEN. Berlin, 27 October, 1834. I am going to press with my work, — the work of my life. The mad fancy has seized me of representing in a single work the whole material world, — all that is known to us of the phenomena...
Strana 209 - I leave the world,' writes Humboldt in 1853, ' I who remember 1789, and have shared in its emotions-? However, centuries are but seconds in the great process of the development of advancing humanity. Yet the rising curve has small bendings in it, and it is very inconvenient to find oneself on such a segment of its descending portion.

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