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equivalent words of more modern use. In these attempts to lessen the labour of the reader, care has been conscientiously taken, that the sentiments of Dr OWEN should not be at all affected. In some passages, after trying to exhibit the thoughts more distinctly, the Editor has left them as he found them; because the only alterations which he could make, either introduced a new idea, or excluded some part of the author's sentiments.

Many typographical errors of the former edition have been corrected, and very considerable care has been taken in the printing and correcting of the present edition. The learned reader will however find room for the exercise of his candour.

As the portion of labour bestowed in revising this work, is not of itself a proof that the office of an editor has been discharged with success, it is unnecessary to mention the time which has been devoted to it. But I may be allowed to say, that my obligations to the author are many; that a minute examination of this work, accorded well with my favourite studies; and that I have not withheld from this edition any efforts, which very moderate qualifications, and which some leisure, could afford.

Markinch, April 25. 1812.


P. S. The attempts which the Editor has made to render the style more perspicuous, have as yet been confined to the Exercitations. In these he was the more inclined to make the attempt, as he hopes that these two Volumes may be read by many, who may not find leisure to study the Exposition. As good men, zealously affected in a good cause, have so powerfully called the public attention to the religious in

terests of the children of Abraham, this first Volume will be found interesting in no common degree to the friends of the Jews. To aid them in their benevolent efforts for the conviction of these men, who have so long been "blinded by the god of this world;" they will not easily find another collection of information and of argument equal to this. No reader needs to be discouraged at the sight of so many quotations in the Hebrew character, as a translation always follows them.

As the Editor's distance from the press, has increased the difficulties of this undertaking, a few errors have crept into the work. It is hoped that they are but few. There is one however which he must beg the reader to have the goodness to correct. It occurs in page 340. line 37. where, instead of eleventh, read two hundred and eleventh. The work will be again carefully examined, and a Table of Errata will be given, if the errors are found to affect the argument.

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