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William Pickering, 1825 - 151 strán (strany)

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Strana iv - Lo, there th' unthankful swallow takes her rest, And fills the tunnel with her circled nest. " His satires are neither cramped by personal hostility, nor spun out to vague declamations on vice ; but give us the form and pressure of the times, exhibited in the faults of coeval literature, and in the foppery or sordid traits of prevailing manners. The age was undoubtedly fertile in eccentricity.
Strana 89 - Satyrs should be like the Porcupine, That shoots sharpe quils out in each angry line, And wounds the blushing cheeke, and fiery eye, Of him that heares, and readeth guiltily.
Strana 12 - One higher pitch'd doth set his soaring thought On crowned kings, that Fortune hath low brought: Or some upreared, high-aspiring swaine, As it might be the Turkish Tamberlaine...
Strana xiii - These satires are marked with a classical precision to which English poetry had yet rarely attained. They are replete with animation of style and sentiment.
Strana 93 - Megwra in the tragedie, Threatning her twined snakes at Tantales ghost ; Or the grim visage of some frowning post, The crab-tree porter of the Guild-hall gates ; Whiles he his frightfull beetle eleuates, 10 His angry eyne looke all so glaring bright, Like th...
Strana 60 - And tells how first his famous ancestor Did come in long since with the Conquerour. Nor hath some bribed herald first assign'd His quartered arms and crest of gentle kind ; The Scottish Barnacle, if I might choose, That, of a worme, doth waxe a winged goose.
Strana 74 - All scarfed with pied colours to the knee, Whom Indian pillage hath made fortunate, And now he 'gins to loath his former state...
Strana 126 - Halifax, next after such his apprehension, and being condemned, be taken to the Gibbet, and there have his head cut off from his body.
Strana 34 - Could no unhusked acorn leave the tree But there was challenge made whose it might be And if some nice and...

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