An Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern, Form the Birth of Christ, to the Beginning of the Present Century, Zväzok 1

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Strana 206 - Had the justness of his judgment been equal to the immensity of his genius, the fervour of his piety, his indefatigable patience, his extensive erudition, and his other eminent and superior talents, all encomiums must have fallen short of his merit. Yet such as he was, his virtues and his- labours deserve the admiration of all ages...
Strana 204 - ... addicted to many other vices that cast an undeserved reproach upon the holy religion of which they were the unworthy professors and ministers. This is testified in such an ample manner by the repeated complaints of many of the most respectable writers of this age, that truth will not permit us to spread the veil which we should otherwise be desirous to cast over such enormities among an order so sacred.
Strana 88 - For, not long after Christ's ascension into heaven, several histories of his life and doctrines, full of pious frauds, and fabulous wonders, were composed by persons, whose intentions, perhaps, were not bad, but whose writings discovered the greatest superstition and ignorance. Nor was this all : productions appeared, which were imposed on the world by fraudulent men as the writings of the holy apostles.
Strana 208 - But the Christian doctors, who had applied themselves to the study of letters and philosophy, soon abandoned the frequented paths, and struck out into the devious wilds of fancy.
Strana 276 - The reins being once let loose to superstition, which knows no bounds, absurd notions and idle ceremonies multiplied every day. Quantities of dust and earth, brought from Palestine and other places remarkable for their supposed sanctity, were handed about as the most powerful remedies against the violence of wicked spirits, and were sold and bought everywhere at enormous prices.
Strana 216 - Long before this period an opinion had prevailed that Christ was to come and reign a thousand years among men, before the entire and final dissolution of this world. This opinion, which had hitherto met with no opposition, was differently interpreted by different persons.
Strana 146 - They all attributed a double sense to the words of Scripture, the one obvious and literal, the other hidden and mysterious, which lay concealed, as it were, under the veil of the outward letter.
Strana 56 - Mosheim gives it as the result of his researches, that " the stories often told respecting their travels among the Gauls, the Britons, the Spaniards, the Germans, the Americans, the Chinese, the Indians, and the Russians, are too recent and fantastic to be received by an inquisitive lover of the truth.
Strana 319 - He asserted that Jesus Christ was born of the Holy Ghost and the Virgin Mary ; that a certain divine emanation, which he called the Word, descended upon him ; and that, because of the union of the Divine Word with his human nature, he was called the Son of God, and even. God himself; and that the Holy Ghost was not a person, but merely a celestial virtue proceeding from the Deity.
Strana 288 - Christians at this time we find, as formerly, a mixture of good and evil, some eminent for their piety, others infamous for their crimes. The number, however, of immoral and unworthy Christians began so to increase, that the examples of real piety and virtue became extremely rare.

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