Four Thousand Miles of African Travel: A Personal Record of a Journey Up the Nile and Through the Soudan to the Confines of Central Africa, Embracing a Discussion on the Sources of the Nile, and an Examination of the Slave Trade

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Baker, Pratt & Company, 1875 - 381 strán (strany)

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Strana 23 - His dream of a nocturnal journey is seriously described as a real and corporeal transaction. A mysterious animal, the Borak, conveyed him from the temple of Mecca to that of Jerusalem. With his companion, Gabriel, he...
Strana 22 - Jewish oeconomy, had indeed been despatched on the most important errands ; and this trusty messenger successively revealed the chapters and verses to the Arabian prophet. Instead of a perpetual and perfect measure of the divine will, the fragments of the Koran were produced at the discretion of Mahomet ; each revelation is suited to the emergencies of his policy or passion ; and all contradiction is removed by the saving maxim that any text of scripture is abrogated or modified by any subsequent...
Strana 24 - Magians, and the idolaters, are sunk below each other in the abyss; and the lowest hell is reserved for the faithless hypocrites who have assumed the mask of religion. After the greater part of mankind has been condemned for their opinions, the true believers only will be judged by their actions.
Strana 23 - The harmony and copiousness of style will not reach, in a version, the European infidel : he will peruse with impatience the endless incoherent rhapsody of fable, and precept, and declamation, which seldom excites a sentiment or an idea, which sometimes crawls in the dust, and is sometimes lost in the clouds.
Strana iv - I esteem, therefore, the traveller who instructs the heart, but despise him who only indulges the imagination ; a man who leaves home to mend himself and others, is a philosopher ; but he who goes from country to country, guided by the blind impulse of curiosity, is only a vagabond.
Strana 379 - In the particular case of the Soudan Railway and its probable traffic, it is a fact which cannot be disputed that the extent of land near its southern terminus, or within reach of it by navigable waters, or land carriage, which is capable of producing the finest crops of cotton, grain, and sugar, is practically unlimited ; and that during the time requisite for the construction of the railway, such area may be brought into cultivation as will furnish immediate and considerable traffic.
Strana 23 - In the spirit of enthusiasm or vanity, the prophet rests the truth of his mission on the merit of his book, audaciously challenges both men and angels to imitate the beauties of a single page, and presumes to assert that God alone could dictate this incomparable performance.
Strana 22 - Koran, according to himself or his disciples, is uncreated and eternal ; subsisting in the essence of the Deity, and inscribed with a pen of light on the table of his everlasting decrees. A paper copy in a volume of silk and gems, was brought down to the lowest heaven by the angel Gabriel, who, under the Jewish economy, had indeed been dispatched on the most important errands ; and this trusty messenger successively revealed the chapters and verses to the Arabian prophet.
Strana 24 - Jerusalem : with his companion Gabriel, he successively ascended the seven heavens, and received and repaid the salutations of the patriarchs, the prophets, and the angels, in their respective mansions. Beyond the seventh heaven, Mahomet alone was permitted to proceed ; he passed the veil of unity, approached within two bow-shots of the throne, and felt a cold that pierced him to the heart, when his shoulder was touched by the hanfr of God.
Strana 24 - According to another legend, the apostle confounded in a national assembly the malicious challenge of the Koreish. His resistless word split asunder the orb of the moon : the obedient planet stooped from her station in the sky, accomplished the seven revolutions round the Caaba, saluted Mahomet in the Arabian tongue, and suddenly contracting her dimensions, entered at the collar, and issued forth through the sleeve, of his shirt.

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