Remarkable occurrences in the life of Jonas Hanway

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Strana 88 - In foreign realms and lands remote, Supported by Thy care, Through burning climes they pass unhurt, And breathe in tainted air.
Strana 120 - Whereas, among the many excellent designs and institutions of charity which this nation, and especially the city of London, has hitherto encouraged and established, no expedient has yet been found out for preventing the frequent murders of poor miserable infants at their birth, or for suppressing the inhuman custom of exposing...
Strana 169 - When it rained, a fruall parqplme defended his face and wig. Thus he was always prepared to enter into any company without impropriety, or the appearance of negligence. His drefs for...
Strana 147 - Act should work, for he himself superintended its working 'With indefatigable watchfulness. He went about from workhouse to workhouse in the morning, and from one member of parliament to another in the afternoon, for day after day, and for year after year, enduring every rebuff, answering every objection, and accommodating himself to every humour. At length, after a perseverance hardly to be equalled, and after nearly ten years' labour, he obtained another Act, at his sole expense (7 Geo.
Strana 89 - In midft of dangers, fears and death, Thy goodnefs I'll adore, And praife thee for thy mercies paft, And humbly hope for more.
Strana 53 - He himfelf had four complete fets, one mounted with. pearls, another with rubies, a third with emeralds, and the...
Strana 130 - ... for bread, and judge of the enormity of his guilt by the evils which it produces. " It cannot be doubted but that numbers follow this dreadful course of life with shame, horror, and regret; but where can they hope for refuge? ' The world is not their friend, nor the world's law.
Strana 4 - He was deprived of his life by an accident, and left his widow with four children. Young Jonas was put to school by his mother in London, where he learned writing and accounts, and made some proficiency in Latin. At the age of seventeen he went over to Lisbon, where he arrived in June, 1729, and was bound apprentice to a merchant in that city. His early life was marked with that discreet attention to business, and love of neatness and regularity, which distinguished his future character.
Strana 165 - • it will be of fervice in your practice, **. or to any one who may come after me, ** I beg you will have my body opened : *<• I am willing to do as much good as is «• poffible.
Strana 177 - He adhered to the strict truth, even in the manner of his relation, and no brilliancy of thought could induce him to vary from the fact. But although so frank in his own proceedings, he...

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